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9am English Service Sermons

on Mon, 13/08/2012 - 18:43

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25/06/2017 09:00Doing a LazarusJohn 11:17-44Colin Limmp3 
18/06/2017 09:00Reformation 2 Through Christ AloneColossians 2:6-15Rev Chris Chanmp3 
11/06/2017 09:00The Grace of PredestinationEphesians 1:3-14Rev Chris Chanmp3 
04/06/2017 09:00The Glory Leaves the TempleEzekiel 8:1-5, 9:3-6 and 10:18-19Jonathan Chongmp3 
28/05/2017 10:00Church Anniversary Service    
21/05/2017 09:00Speaking to StoneEzekiel 2:1-3:15Rev Ben Homp3 
14/05/2017 09:00Glory in ExileEzekiel 1Rev Ben Homp3 
07/05/2017 09:00Currse to Blessing An Introduction to EzekielEzekiel 24:15-24Rev David Tsaimp3 
30/04/2017 09:00Our Extended Spiritual FamilyEphesians 1:15-23, 3:7-13Rev Chris Chanmp3 
23/04/2017 09:00Our Immediate Spiritual FamilyEphesians 3:7 - 4:6Rev Chris Chanmp3 
16/04/2017 09:00Christ has RisenMark 16:1-8Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
13/04/2017 20:00Maundy Thursday Service - The Most Important Meal of the DayMark 14:12-26Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
09/04/2017 09:00The Great SubstitutionMark 15:1-15Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
02/04/2017 09:00A cross shaped lifeMark 8:27-38Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
26/03/2017 09:00Giving and living richly2 Corinthians 8:1-7; 9:6-15Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
19/03/2017 09:00Catering For the MassesMark 6:30-44Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
12/03/2017 09:00Heart Touching and Life ChangingMark 5:21-43Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
05/03/2017 09:00When Demons FearMark 5:1-20Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
26/02/2017 10:00Combined Thanksgiving Service - Building up the Body of ChristEphesians 4:11-16Rev Chris Chanmp3 
19/02/2017 09:00How Does Your Garden GrowMark 4:1-20Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
12/02/2017 09:00Parishioner on the RoofMark 2:1-12Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
05/02/2017 09:00Crucified with ChristGalatians 2:20Rev Chris Chanmp3 
29/01/2017 09:00Resolution No. 4 Living the Forgiven lifePsalm 51Rev Ben Homp3 
22/01/2017 09:00Resolution No. 3 Living for God's Will1 Peter 4:7-11Rev Ben Homp3 
15/01/2017 09:00Resolution No. 2 Resolved for what's aheadPhilippians 3:7-14Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
08/01/2017 09:00Resolution No. 1 Resolve to be transformedRomans 12:1-2Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
01/01/2017 09:00Expecting anything new in 20172 Corinthians 5:14-21Rev Chris Chanmp3 


Year: Current  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012