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9am English Service Sermons 2014

on Mon, 27/06/2016 - 09:21

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28/12/2014 09:00Built from ScratchGenesis 8:1-22Rev. Ben Homp3 
21/12/2014 09:00DeconstructionGenesis 6:9–22,7:11-24Rev. Ben Homp3 
14/12/2014 09:00O How the Mighty Have FallenGenesis 6:1-8Rev. Ben Homp3 
07/12/2014 09:00Four reasons why I'm a ChristianJohn 20:19-31Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
30/11/2014 09:00Compare and ContrastJohn 19:23-37Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
23/11/2014 09:00Overcoming TroubleJohn 16:17-33Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
16/11/2014 09:00The Normal Christian LifeJohn 15:18-27Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
09/11/2014 09:00That's a good questionJohn 13:31-14:11Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
02/11/2014 09:00Washing FeetJohn 13:1-17Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
26/10/2014 09:00Light into Darkness1 Kings 15:9 – 24Rev. David Tsaimp3 
19/10/2014 09:00The Foolishness of Rehoboam1 Kings 12:1-19Rev. David Tsaimp3 
12/10/2014 09:00The Danger of Idolotry1 Kings 11:1-12Rev. David Tsaimp3 
05/10/2014 09:00Solomon's Wisdom and the Temple he built1 Kings 8:22-49Rev. Chris Chanmp3 
28/09/2014 09:00The Flourishing of the Kingdom1 Kings 4:20-25 & 6:37-7:1 & 8:1-13Rev. Ben Homp3 
14/09/2014 09:00Solomon's Wisdom1 Kings 3:1-15Rev. Ben Homp3 
07/09/2014 09:00Establishing a Kingdom1 Kings 2:13-46Rev. Ben Homp3 
31/08/2014 09:00Beauty and the Beast1 Kings 1:1-10, 28-53Rev. David Tsaimp3 
24/08/2014 09:00The Germinator NOT the Terminator Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
17/08/2014 09:00Love Trumphs FearJohn 11:17-33Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
10/08/2014 09:00Jesus, the Shepherd and the GateJohn 10: 1-18Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
03/08/2014 09:00The Light of the WorldJohn 8:12-30Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
27/07/2014 09:00A Good Hearty FeedJohn 6:16-40Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
20/07/2014 09:00The Nicodemus MetJohn 2:23 - 3:17Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
06/07/2014 09:00In the BeginningJohn 1:1-18Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
29/06/2014 09:00Godly Caring for the ElderlyLeviticus 19:1-3, 32Rev. John Tingmp3 
22/06/2014 09:00The King at War2 Sam 18:1-18, 18:32-19:8Rev. Ben Homp3 
15/06/2014 09:00A Charge to the Rich1 Timothy 6:3-21Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
08/06/2014 09:00A Dishonest Man's Good ExampleLuke 16:1-15Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
01/06/2014 09:00You Own NothingPsalm 24Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
27/05/2014 10:00NextPsa78:1-8Rt Rev. David Cookmp3 
18/05/2014 09:00Follow the King2Sam15:13-37Rev. Ben Homp3 
11/05/2014 09:00A Truely Wise MumPr 13:1-9Andrew Kuomp3 
04/05/2014 09:00In-House Evil2Sam 13Rev. David Tsaimp3 
27/04/2014 09:00The Grace of Forgiveness2Sam 12:1-15Rev. David Tsaimp3 
20/04/2014 09:00Thine be the GloryLukek 24:1-8Rev. David Tsaimp3 
13/04/2014 09:00David Anointed King2Sam 2:1-7Rev. David Tsaimp3 
06/04/2014 09:00Prayer and ProclamationCol 4:2-18Rev. Ben Homp3 
30/03/2014 09:00New in ChristCol 3:1-4:1Rev. Ben Homp3 
23/03/2014 09:00Christ Alone is LordCol 2:6-23Rev. Ben Homp3 
16/03/2014 09:00Proclaiming ChristCol 1:24-2:5Rev. Ben Homp3 
09/03/2014 09:00Christ Alone is LordCol 1:15-23Rev. Ben Homp3 
02/03/2014 09:00A Worthy LifeCol 1:9-14Rev. Ben Homp3 
23/02/2014 09:00A Fruitful MessageCol 1:1-8Rev. Ben Homp3 
16/02/2014 09:00Light in the Dark Tunnel1Sam 31Rev. David Tsaimp3 
09/02/2014 09:00Saul - no word, no life1Sam 28Rev. David Tsaimp3 
02/02/2014 09:00The Rise of David1Sam 25Rev. David Tsai-- 
26/01/2014 09:00Westminster Confession of Faith 01 - Holy ScripturePs119:97-104Rev. Ben Homp3 
19/01/2014 09:00Westminster Confession of Faith 08 - Christ as MediatorRev 19:11-21Rev. Ben Homp3 
12/01/2014 09:00Westminster Confession of Faith 29 - Lord's Supper1Co 10:14-22Rev. Ben Homp3 
05/01/2014 09:00Westminster Confession of Faith 28 - BaptismRom 6:1-14Rev. Ben Homp3 


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