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Cantonese senior bible study group 粵語長者查經小組

on Thu, 12/05/2011 - 14:57



  1. 確認他們的基督教信仰
  2. 加深對神的認識
  3. 籍著禱告和行動互相支持
  4. 籍著聚會與個人交通與雪梨華人長老會群體聯合



Our senior members face the challenges of aging, declining physical function and changes in their social situation. They often feel uncertain about their roles and values in the wider church community. We encourage them to remember God’s faithfulness and to rely on His enabling grace to live out their lives for the glory of His kingdom.

The group aims to assist our senior members to

1. confirm their Christian faith

2. grow in the knowledge of God

3. support each other through prayers & actions

4. connect with the CPC community through service and personal contacts 

We have weekly bible studies/discussion topics and regular social activities including outings and meal gatherings.

New members and those who seek to learn more about the Christian faith are welcome.

Contact Person(s) 聯絡人: 
朱立基長老 Elder Laurence Chu & 朱何淑芝 Betty Chu
Age group 年齡: 
65歲或以上人士參加. Over 65
Language 使用語言: 
Cantonese 廣東話
Time & Day 時間: 
週日早上9:15-10:15於皇冠街400號地下會議室舉行. 9.15am – 10.15am Sunday Ground floor meeting room, 400 Crown St