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PWA (Ladies Fellowship) 婦女團契

on Tue, 28/06/2011 - 13:32

Ladies of all ages come together to learn and grow in the Lord. Our activities include praying, singing, listening to a sharing and sharing of our food at lunch afterward.

凡願意在主愛裡接受教導和造就的不論年輕或年長的姊妹, 婦女皆可參加。團契節目包括祈禱、唱詩、講道和團契後的午餐。

Contact Person(s) 聯絡人: 
Irene Lu
Age group 年齡: 
Ladies of all ages
Language 使用語言: 
Cantonese 廣東話
Time & Day 時間: 
Meets every third Thursday of the month 10:30am at the worship centre of CPC. 每月第三個星期四 上午 10:30 在崇拜中心舉行