50 slap hitting drills
FREE Shipping. The coaches offer seven drills to isolate and develop the hands of the hitter, and 10 arm drills to put the hitter's upper body in the correct position. Seven bunting drills will help your slappers place each bunt with perfect placement to confuse the defense. The Best of Championship Productions: 50 Slap Hitting Drills for Softball. ( 0:00:40), AVCA Volleyball - Online Video All Season Pass, The Best of Championship Productions 3-Pack: 150 Drills for Softball, The Best of Championship Productions:100 Hitting Drills for Softball 2-Pack, Jim Harbaugh's Michigan Football Championship Coaching Series, Mike Candrea's Championship Softball 6-Pack. Championship Productions has complied the best slap hitting drills in its video library into one great video featuring six of the nation's most respected instructors. This section provides 13 tee drills to isolate different parts of the slap and perfect mechanics. ( 0:00:54), Contact and Extension The 50 drills in this video break down how to control placement of the ball and explosion from the box, allowing your players' speed to overcome even the strongest defense.

Work on the proper linear drive and rotation to put your hitter's body in a strong position to deliver power into the softball. In stock! The lower body sets the tone for the swing and is critical for producing power. The Best of Championship Productions: 50 Slap Hitting Drills for Softball. ( 0:01:08), Rise Ball Front Toss ( 0:01:48), Top Hand Tee Freeze Item Number: SD-04983 Currently 5/5 Stars. ( 0:00:39), Power Slap Front Toss Develop balance throughout the swing and put your players in position to hit pitches to different locations. ( 0:00:53), Bunting Directions ( 0:00:46), Soft Slap Front Toss From the mechanics of slapping to different kinds of slaps, you'll get the tools you need to effectively develop your slap hitters. Instant Video ( 0:01:14), Marching Knees Slap Because the swing happens in a fraction of a second, it's often difficult for a hitter to feel and adjust certain critical parts of their swing.

Learn three drills to improve vision and seven drills to use that vision to teach the eyes to stay on the ball longer. ( 0:00:50), Come to Contact Outside Pitch Slap hitting tips (Should you hit or slap first? ( 0:00:56), Tennis Ball Bounce Great slappers keep the defense off balance.

This is advice on a slap hitting crossed over progression Join my private FB slapping group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GCslappers/Get my 3 part mini video series:https://gamechangers.natashawatley.com/pl/39851Want to work with me, join waitlist for online slapping course: https://gamechangers.natashawatley.com/p/game-changers-landing-page-1Say hi on social:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/natashawatley29page/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/natashawatley29/Twitter: https://twitter.com/natashawatley29 The more tools your slappers have in their tool box, the more successful they'll be. Build a more consistent and powerful swing with 50 of the best hitting drills from Championship Productions' video library. ( 0:01:08), Softball Kick Crossover Improve hand-eye coordination using visual training drills, Train hitters to keep their bat in the hitting zone longer, Learn how to pinpoint flaws of the swing and learn how to correct them. Share This.

To do so, they utilize multiple hitting options. Natasha Watley is a two-time softball Olympian who was known for her softball slap hitting.

Get your fastest players on base more often. ( 0:00:50), Bunting Progression This video provides drills to make your slappers more consistent and more dangerous to the defense. ( 0:00:53), Bottom Hand First Inside Pitch

( 0:00:57), Rise Ball Tennis Ball Bounce Bunting is an important weapon to have for a player with speed. A proper bat path is determined by how the hitter moves her hands and arms. From mechanics to timing, this video offers drills to work on every aspect of the swing and hitting a softball. Follow up with 11 front toss drills, where slappers can practice their mechanics with a timing component. ( 0:00:58), Hitting Front Toss Help your hitters become more consistent by developing a bat path that keeps their bat in the hitting zone longer.

The Best of Championship Productions: 50 Slap Hitting Drills for Softball . Slap hitting is predicated on speed. ( 0:00:56), Bottom Hand First Outside Pitch ( 0:01:34), Tennis Ball Catch ( 0:00:42), Front Arm Kneeling Drill This section includes 12 drills to develop and improve a strong base and get the most leg drive out of your athletes. Slap hitting tips (Should you hit or slap first?) These drills will get your slappers to base while giving the defense minimal time to react. Available On. Build a more consistent and powerful swing with 50 of the best hitting drills from Championship Productions' video library. All rights reserved. allowed by the manufacturer! DVD

Check out Natasha Watley's favorite timing drills that she executed everyday as a USA player!

This video is a softball drill that Watley shares a softball slap hitting drill for slap hitters. ( 0:00:53), FOOTWORK AND RUNNING


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