9th harmonic chart calculator
The basic stuff, is found in the trinity of natal, synastry and composite. for example. Doug gave a very informative and inspiring talk, An Astrological Microscope, at our monthly NCGR meeting last week.

EXAMPLE of RF Harmonics calculator: INPUTS: Finput = 100 MHz OUTPUT: F(harmonics) output = 200MHz(2nd harmonic), 300MHz, .....1000MHz (10th harmonic). The frequencies which are integer multiple of input frequencies are known as harmonic frequencies. It is said to be powerful. Therefore, Jupiter is vargottma. the lady calls.. Posts: 3480From: Bay Area, CARegistered: May 2009.

INPUTS: Finput = 100 MHz gotta go! Please Login or Register. Oh we have a vertex-NN-conjunction as well.

Dividing the 360º wheel by two (i.e., the 2nd harmonic) produces the opposition (180º) aspect; dividing 360º by three (the 3rd harmonic) gives the trine (120º) aspect. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts 2020 Astro-Seek.com

As might be expected, number symbolism is an important factor when it comes to interpretation: The number of the harmonic and the aspect resulting from the division of the circle - in the above example the quintile - indicate the quality of the theme in question. Thanks, I would really like to learn more, and will go back to those articles in TMA.

Stripline Impedance calculator It is a general consensus, however, that this chart is particularly pertinent for understanding issues involving love and marriage. 360° degree circle is divided by the harmonic number 9. Any resulting oppositions were semi-quintiles (36 degrees) in the natal chart and a trine in the harmonic chart was a 3rd of a quintile (24 degrees) in the natal chart. It's used to determine overall strengths of planets. “It really is just perfect.” http://www.nytimes.com/2006/09/15/science/space/15xena.html?_r=1. Why the 9th?Well, the 9th is associated with jupiter, and associated with happiness and all good things, spirituality and marriage in Vedic astroly (correct me if I amw rong). The MC and IC belongs to mars and venus.Than the noviele started to work in a clear way! Even in Greek or Roman myths you can see clearly that Venus has a very selfish, superficial, yet sensual and lovely streak.But she isn`t really the most faithful one, now is she?

This view of the 7th-harmonic chart and the septile (51.4º) aspect  has gotten some attention recently.

We have axis conjunctions in this synastry too, plus a wode sun-vertex conjunction.

I think that is the reason that Vedic astrologers use the 9th chart. the native did have similar interests in his past life. Hard aspects will show what is challenging or difficult in this domain for the person, and the trines will show what flows easily for them. For a Yogi or a spiritual person the indications A sub-horoscope which can help to reveal horoscope aspects which otherwise often remain hidden. Harmonics, Astrology Harmonic Horoscope Chart Online Calculator. Astrologer Robert Wilkinson has called the septile the aspect of “the grand irrationality.”, For other resources on harmonics, there is a wonderful article in TMA, Feb/March 2003, by Edward Gillam, called The Septile and the Seventh-Harmonic Chart.

looks like that's all my daughter's gonna let me type. punishment, sub-conscious self, Diseases. and inherent nature, Evils

can be inferred from: Rasi chart (D-1) which would indicate his Mundane astrologer Raye Robertson offers a unique assessment of the planetary cycles from 2000 – 2020.

Let your right brain and imagination guide you, and see what you can see. So sweet! my Mom`s 9th harmonic in resonance with Dad`s natal. He gives a good overview of the history of harmonics, including the seminal work of John Addey, Charles Harvey, and David Hamlin. Shashtyamsa (D -60) indicates the balance sheet Just enter you birth data and select which harmonic charts you would like to view. Posts: 603From: ColoradoRegistered: May 2009, - his 9th Sun conjunct my 9th Moon and Valentine, - his tropical Juno exactly conjuncts my 9th Juno, Saturn and DSC, - his 9th Moon conjuncts my tropical SN and DSC, - his tropical Amor conjuncts my 9th Venus and Karma, - his 9th Jupiter, True NOde and Destinn conjunct my 9th ASC, - my 9th Pluto conjuncts his tropical Karma, - his 9th Cupid conjuncts my DSC exactly (and his tropical Cupid sits exact on my ASC), I'd like to ask you what you make of these please cos they look very exciting to me, 9th/9thhis VERTEX conjunct my LUST/APHRODITEhis VENUS conjunct my VERTEXhis MOON conjunct my DESTINNhis MOON opposes my VENUShis JUNO conjunct my MOONhis GROOM/APHRODITE opposes my AChis CUPID/SATURN conjunct my PLUTOhis KARMA conjunct my UNION/BRIEDE (0)his KARMA opposes my VALENTINEhis AC conjunct my UNION/BRIEDE (1)his AC opposes my VALENTINEhis UNION conjunct my CUPIDhis OSIRIS conjunct my PSYCHE his SIVA opposes my JUNOhis MARS/ATLANTIS conjunct my SUNhis NN/PSYCHE opposes my KARMAhis VENUS opposes my NN/MOON, 9th/tropicalMy AC conjunct his SUNHis AC conjunct my VALENTINE/OSIRISMy AC opposes his EROSHis SUN opposes my LUSTMy SUN opposes his ANGEL/JUNOHis MOON opposes my ANGEL/EROSMy MOON conjunct his PLUTO/UNION/DESTINNMy MOON opposes his ZEUS/AMORHis VENUS conjunct my DNAMy VENUS opposes his SATURN (0)His VENUS opposes my PLUTOMy PLUTO conjunct his JUNOMy JUNO conjunct his ANGELHIS JUNO OPPOSES MY SUNHis JUNO opposes my DNAHis 9th ANGEL conjunct my n ATLANTISHis 9th ATLANTIS conjunct my n AURAMy 9th harmonic JUNO conjunct his natal JUNOHis NN opposes my EROSMy NN conjunct his PLUTOMy NN opposes his UNION/AMOR/ZEUSHis UNION opposes my OSIRISMy UNION conjunct his APHRODITEMy UNION opposes his TYCHEHis VERTEX opposes my EROS/PLUTOMy VERTEX conjunct his ZEUS/AMORHis GROOM conjunct my ISIS/UNION/MARSMy GROOM conjunct his PSYCHE/NNHis CUPID conjunct my SOULIE/IC, His BRIEDE conjunct my LARA/UTOPIA/DESTINN/APHRODITEHis BRIEDE opposes my EROS/TYCHEMy BRIEDE conjunct his SATURNHis 9th APHRODITE conjunct my natal ISIS/MARSHis 9th VALENTINE opposes my natal APHRODITE/UTOPIAHis 9th KARMA conjunct my natal VALENTINEHIS 9th APHRODITE OPPOSES MY natal AMORHis 9th KARMA opposes my natal DESTINN, DOUBLE WHAMMY'S 9th/tropicalMy SATURN opposes his UNIONHis UNION opposes my SATURN, My KARMA opposes his ISISMy OSIRIS opposes his OSIRISMy OSIRIS conjunct his KARMA, His EROS conjunct my LUSTMy PSYCHE opposes his LUST/VALENTINE, My 9th Harmonic DESTINN conjunct his natal APHRODITEMy 9th Harmonic APHRODITE opposes his natal DESTINN, Copyright © 2010


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