abrahams motorsports e36 ltw wing
Yikes! Thank you all for the helpful info and responses. I was actually able to get in touch with Mike from MA Shaw and put in an order for a wing about a week ago.

Designed for motorsports and competition, our fibre parts are great value for money with express shipping for this "M3 GT" LTW Style Rear Wing for BMW E36 Coupé Precision Composites makes a full carbon replica off the original molded light base PTG played with for the Lightweight. check out the. And that showroom success helped justify an aggressive, factory-backed motorsports program featuring the M3. Yeah, i've thought about buying that version but i couldn't justify purchasing a low-rise ltw replica for $500+ $340 NZD, shipped to my door is a crazy good deal considering just a year ago the only replicas around were the ebay "extremedimension" crap and Abrahams/Marshaw selling for $600+ USD while genuine hanmann/gt2 were fetching 1.2K +. Have you looked into the sellers listings hans? Yes, I know this has been covered before in the past as I’ve read through almost every old thread. Your car looks amazing Daniel, and that high rise wing is fantastic.

I'm interested. http://www.stanceworks.com/2016/04/earning-the-csl-shafique-bhimanis-track-build-e36/. he sells the proper reiger front splitters too. Would you mind sharing some photos of it? Press J to jump to the feed. Slide-In Carbon Wicker Bill - Wicker inserts very snugly into the integral slot at the back of the wing for easy adjustment (alternate wicker sizes available for teams doing existing aero development). Going to try and take a mould here locally and produce them in plastic. Show off your latest projects, ask for purchasing or repair advice, share advice, stories and experiences. 66" Width & 11 3/4" chord length - True body width element is the widest legal for BMW Club racing and other sanctioning bodies that limit width to be less than or equal to chassis width. $180 ish. Here’s the lightweight’s Ebay listing but in case its gone most of the Ad is below: 1995 BMW E36 M3 Lightweight (LTW / CSL) Original Paint. You can post now and register later. This subreddit is a safe haven for all things E36. Also includes BMW projects, tips and more. ... BMW E36 M3 GT LTW Motorsport Seat Belt Red OEM original.

www.mkahmotorsports.com. True Bolt-On Installation - This developed package does not require the hours of setup that an experienced shop would typically spend mounting and adjusting a real race wing to function properly. Powered by Invision Community, http://www.abrahamsmotorsport.com/e36.html. Less weight hung high on the tail end of your racecar means a better handling car, and this package is 8+ pounds lighter than most of the "competition!". Spill Plates - Instead of a standard endplate design, the spill plates on this wing relieve air pressure and drag by allowing less functional air to escape at the ends of the top surface of the element. I've taken out the airbag of course for race wheel etc. Wouldn't bother with Abraham/Marshaw, unless you specifically want the abraham/marshaw. Less Power, More Appeal. Have contacted that eBay seller to find out if they can do more.

No problem if you are doing a bare bones race car but not so great if you want to retain some street car comforts and do things cheap. Yeah, i've thought about buying that version but i couldn't justify purchasing a low-rise ltw replica for $500+. That seems a crazy low price. FYI, a member here sold his new unused Lester for $1500. I can no longer find a website for Abraham’s and I’ve attempted to email Mashaw and haven’t received a response. Yes i saw that, need to make a sump guard/under tray so dont really want that kind of setup. Mmm some nice stuff there and those LTWs look nice.

$1,000.00. Cheap LTW wings will be back on eBay soon.

Easy definitely does not equal cheap. I also like the two tone look since I think it's really unique and black and white is always a good combo.

Considering I have sold two OEM wings for more in last few months, it is cheap.

I actually sold my LTW wing not long ago for $250 which was cheap as chips. item 4 Sticker E36 GT Class 2 LTW for BMW MOTORSPORT STICKER E30 M3 E36 E46 All BMW 4 - Sticker E36 GT Class 2 LTW for BMW MOTORSPORT STICKER E30 M3 E36 E46 All BMW. I can no longer find a website for Abraham’s and I’ve attempted to email Mashaw and haven’t received a response.


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