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Includes all Overwatch events: Archives, Lunar New Year, Winter Wonderland, Halloween Terror, Summer Games, and Anniversary. Lucio is shown here equipped in the Brazilian colors with a bag of soccer balls on his back and roller blades ready to strike, defend, and save each game. The former Overwatch operative…, For any inquiries, please send an email to us at: [email protected].

Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. Vincenzo is an esports writer with seven years of experience. Even his roller blades are really stylish in this ensemble, just for added measure overall. 160 / 100: 160 / 100 Crimson: 160 / 100 Amber: 160 / 100 Azure Hippityhop is available from any loot boxes at random or purchaseable for 1000 credits at any point in time. Mostly because the visor. Backstory: Vishkar's sonic technology was a good starting point, but the pursuit of perfection in sound quality demands keeping up to date with the latest in audio equipment. As Brazil began the long process of recovery, he wanted to find a way to lift the spirits of those around him. Lucio is an international celebrity and musician who inspires social change through his music and actions. The second of the epic skins to be on the list, Andes is another great take on Lucio’s default skin being improved. When Lucio was younger, in addition to his first love, Hockey, he also found the time to play Football with the other kids in Rio de Janeiro. Capoeira can be obtained from any loot boxes or credit purchase at any time during the year. It’s a great choice for any players who have yet to get the legendary skin they really want for the charismatic DJ. Still, that may be a plus for those who want to main more than one hero nonetheless. All Torbjorn’s hero, gun, and turret skins. The booping young DJ has received a lot of love by the Blizzard art team over the years and has been given a lot of really great skins. Best of all, Capoeira traditionally shares some spiritual and cultural aspects with the Africans that ended up in Brazil, whose influence can be seen in the skin as well. Even Lucio’s hair here appears to be inspired by the tails of the canine creatures. The next legendary skin to hit the list, Snow Fox is another great skin available for Lucio. Featuring Lucio with a unique hat, hairstyle, and brass-colored ensemble with a super classy vest-suit, this skin is fantastic for looks alone compared to a lot of the other Lucio skins available. His helmet and visor look great here, too, and he’ll definitely fit in during any snow day. Equalizer is available from Archives loot boxes or purchase via credits during the seasonal event’s duration. Includes all Overwatch events: Archives, Lunar New Year, Winter Wonderland, Halloween Terror, Summer Games, and Anniversary. When the weather gets cold, Lucio heads to the Andes to hit the slopes. Copyright ©2017-2020 Esports Tales, All rights reserved. He found his answer in music and its power to bring people together and even help them forget their troubles, if only for a short time. Top Ten Lists, Guides, and Other Musings for Gamers Everywhere. Lucio’s latest album, Synaesthesia Auditiva, was a global hit. Jazzy is available for purchase via credits or obtained through Anniversary loot boxes during the event of the same name. The only downside is that if you elect to get the golden weapon for Lucio, it’s a little lost on this already golden design. Includes all Overwatch events: Archives, Lunar New Year, Winter Wonderland, Halloween Terror, Summer Games, and Anniversary. David Kim, Diablo 4 Lead Systems Designer Moves to WoW, Activision Blizzard Q3 2020 Earnings Call, Chris Metzen Unveils Warchief Gaming Tabletop Game Company, Dave Kosak Leaves Blizzard After 12 Years, BlizzCon 2020 Would Have Started Today: October 23rd, An Update on the Development of StarCraft II, Players Join Protests Against Blizzard France In-Game, Activision Blizzard To Close France Office. Hippity hoppity, everyone get off Lucio’s property! free when you purchase the game. All Lucio skins with screenshots and information on how to get them. All Sombra's hero and gun skins. However, like the other annual Overwatch events, Halloween Terror’s main draw for players is the new and returning skins for the game’s colorful cast of characters. All Zarya's hero and gun skins.

As Capoeira shares elements with dance, rhythm, and otherwise to combine into self defense, it’s perfect for someone who music is so intertwined into both their profession and everyday life. The legendary skin displays Lucio wearing some really snazzy pants with equalizing bars jumping up and down them with LEDs in real time. The epic skin Andes is available during the Winter Wonderland seasonal event through Winter loot boxes or purchase during the event’s duration. The diamond of Arkane Studios, Dishonored was a title that I put off for many months before finally giving in. All Reaper's hero and gun skins. Mixing both flashiness and gaudiness together in a way that suits the young superstar fantastically, Hippityhop is one of those skins that just embodies all of what the hero represents in one package. Breakway is a base legendary skin for Lucio and can thus be found at random from any loot box or through a 1000 credit purchase any time in the year. The first and my personal favorite of the legendary Lucio skins available, Jazzy is a great legendary skin for any Lucio players to wallride and frag with. Fever Clan - Looking For More Overwatch Players! The base legendary that best shows what Lucio is all about, Hippityhop is one of the greatest legendary skins for Lucio in his entire collection. Top 10 Best Soldier 76 Skins in Overwatch. Lucio’s hair is also massive here and his headphones and bandana themselves really add a lot to the overall look. The first and my personal favorite of the legendary Lucio skins available, Jazzy is a great legendary skin for any Lucio players to wallride and frag with. purchased for 1000 . The two of them are…, One of the most iconic and central characters in all of Overwatch, Jack “Soldier: 76” Morrison is a staple in the roster of the popular…, The newest of the Talon agents to be revealed thus far is the extremely intelligent and talented astrophysicist, Siebren de Kuiper, also known in Talon…, Reaper, also known previously as Gabriel Reyes, is one of the most iconic Damage heroes in the entire roster of Overwatch. What makes it even better is the fact that both Lucio’s healing and speed enhancing beats sound completely different while equipped with this skin. purchased for 75 . All in all, while it’s not as flashy as the skins above, it’s a great skin with lots of cultural significance for the Brazilian-born DJ. Bitrate is available for purchase or through Anniversary loot boxes during the Anniversary event’s duration. It’s seriously really, really neat. Clad in a very stylish recoloring of his classic default design, Lucio here sports orange, white, and black accents and wears a tinted visor that makes him look just that much more cool. 1 All heroes skins 2 Ana 3 Ashe 4 Baptiste 5 Bastion 6 Brigitte 7 8 Doomfist 9 Echo 10 Genji 11 Hanzo 12 Junkrat 13 Lúcio 14 McCree 15 Mei 16 Mercy 17 Moira 18 Orisa 19 Pharah 20 Reaper 21 Reinhardt 22 Roadhog 23 Sigma 24 Soldier: 76 25 Sombra 26 Symmetra 27 Torbjörn 28 Tracer 29 Widowmaker 30 Winston 31 Wrecking Ball 32 Zarya 33 Zenyatta 34 References Lúcio is an international celebrity who inspires social change through his music and actions.Lúcio Correia dos Santos grew up in Rio de Janeiro, in a poor and crowded favela that was hit hard by the financial upheaval following the Omnic Crisis. Rare skins can be looted from loot boxes or Bonus points awarded if you also equip the highlight intro and emote from the event, too. Selecao is only available during the Summer Games event from its respective loot boxes or from a credits purchase during the duration of the event. Classic. Snow Fox is available from Winter loot boxes or purchase via credits while the Winter Wonderland seasonal event is ongoing. Former head editor for Natus Vincere, he has produced content for DreamHack, FACEIT, DOTAFire, 2P, and more. 1 Classic Skin 2 Rare Skins 2.1 Azul 2.2 Laranja 2.3 Roxo 2.4 Vermelho 3 Epic Skins 3.1 Auditiva 3.2 Synaesthesia 3.3 Andes 4 Legendary Skins 4.1 Hippityhop 4.2 Ribbit 4.3 Breakaway 4.4 Slapshot 4.5 Seleção 4.6 Striker 4.7 Jazzy ” ” ” ” ” And what better way to show your love of Lucioball than to wear the outfit associated with it? One of the most essentially “Lucio” skins there are, Equalizer is fantastic for any aspiring Frog DJ. His design is quite literally built for it, after all. Auditiva is available through any loot boxes at random or can be purchased whenever for a mere 250 credits to ride in style early on. We’ve collected our favorites and ranked them below. Breakway has a paired alternative similar skin named Slapshot that also shows him garbed in hockey gear, but we like Breakaway just a tad more. Lucio here is decked out head to toe in a nice light blue-green color and even has an accompanying winter hat to match. Last but not least, the base epic skin Auditiva for Lucio is the final entry on the list and displays the DJ sporting an attire both promoting and celebrating the success of his latest album, Synaesthesia Auditiva. This is the default skin for Lúcio that is given to you for

purchased for 250 . Each features a nice Jazz-inspired beat that is both more funky and objectively better to some people than the default synth tracks that Lucio plays with other skins. Includes all Overwatch events: Archives, Lunar New Year, Winter Wonderland, Halloween Terror, Summer Games, and Anniversary. You could easily see the young DJ superstar having the time of his life at some ski resort hitting the slopes over and over again. Rapture Gaming Recruiting new members for Xbox One! Thrust into the gothic city…, The world of Dishonored is a robust paradise of grimy cities and even grimier people and from the first title made by Arkane Studios, it’s…, Though the Dragon Age series has been around for quite some time, it always felt like a hidden gem of sorts for a lot of…, Since my first introduction to Detroit: Become Human at the 2016 E3 conference, I admit that I went into it for the silliest of reasons.…, The newest Legend to grace the Apex Games, Rampart comes in hot with her co-unit of a sentry gun, Sheila. Your email address will not be published. Epic skins can be looted from loot boxes or A skin that proves his ties to Brazil, especially in his earlier years, Lucio’s legendary skin Capoeira displays the DJ in a rendition of the marital art attire made popular by his home country. Includes all Overwatch events: Archives, Lunar New Year, Winter Wonderland, Halloween Terror, Summer Games, and Anniversary. Plus… His hips sport some nice subwoofers just to ensure that everyone around hears your noise when you drop those sick beats. Hunter-Seeker Borderlands 3 Legendary Grenade Overview, Top 10 Best Rampart Skins in Apex Legends, 10 Things I Loved About Dragon Age: Inquisition, 10 Things I Loved About Detroit: Become Human. Donning the DJ in some hot pink colors with one of the coolest visors in the entire game, the epic skin is a great choice for both the wave coloring 80s enthusiasts or those who just really, really enjoy that equalizer effect on the visor. Legendary skins can be looted from loot boxes or It depicts Lucio clad in a variety of colors such as neon green, platinum white, a nice teal accent, and black to fill in the remainder. All Lucio's hero and gun skins. Which countries are Overwatch characters from. All Lucio's hero and gun skins. Includes all Overwatch events: Archives, Lunar New Year, Winter Wonderland, Halloween Terror, Summer Games, and Anniversary. This article lists all of the skins that can be obtain for


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