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Who Are America’s Most—and Least—Generous Young Billionaires? Aneel Bhusri (Image credit: Courtesy Workday) At Stanford, Bhusri has been an active volunteer for Stanford GSB, including as a member of the GSB Trust. Aneel Bhusri was born in Pittsford, New York in 1966. Residence: San Francisco, CA. 359 on the Forbes 400 list of the richest people in America. Profiles Despite a U.S. Department of Justice suit to block the takeover, on the grounds of anti-trust infringement, in December 2004, Oracle announced that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire PeopleSoft for approximately $10.3 billion. Forbes Rank: #1477. Bucking the Trend: Behind a Tech Billionaire’s Unlikely Foray into Building Worker Power, A Silicon Valley Engineer Looks to Scale Tech Solutions for the Nonprofit Sector, Stronger Government is a Must. She began her career in 1995 as a corporate finance analyst at Morgan Stanley & Co., based in New York. Aneel Bhusri is co-founder Workday a financial and human capital enterprise software firm. He is also a partner at Greylock Partners and was a member of Intel's board of directors between 2014 and 2019. BACKGROUND: Aneel Bhusri graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from Brown University and received his M.B.A. from Stanford University. EDUCATION & YOUTH: Allison is a trustee of San Francisco's Gateway Public Schools and the Hamlin School, whose board she chairs. Workday sells software and services using the SaaS model.[11][12][13]. He is also a member of the company's board of directors, and served as chairman of the board from 2012 until May 2014.

Aneel Bhusri (born February 14, 1966) is an American business executive. [15], Bhusri was interviewed by Reid Hoffman on the Masters of Scale podcast, where he talked about interviewing his first 500 employees at Workday to shape its award-winning company culture. Allison Thoreson Bhusri is a founding partner of Lemonade Capital. HUMAN SERVICES & BAY AREA COMMUNITY: Grantees have included Tipping Point Community, an antipoverty outfit in the Bay Area.

In 1999, he became vice chairman of the company, serving in that role until the takeover by Oracle in 2004. [14], In 2020, he was ranked No. - EY. In Her Latest Chapter, Carly Fiorina’s Philanthropy Focuses on Empowering Nonprofit Leaders, “I Could Double That.” A Tech Philanthropist Takes on India’s Daunting Challenges, Tapping an Online Fortune, a Billionaire Couple Looks to Give Locally and Strategically, Two Mega-Donors Want to Turn Detroit into a Tech Hub. She was also an investor at J.P. Morgan Partners. He co-founded Workday with Dave Duffield and currently serves as CEO. [10] [9], In 2003, Oracle made a $13 billion bid in a hostile corporate takeover attempt of PeopleSoft. Philanthropy in Focus Estimated Net Worth: $1.76 billion. At Greylock he has been an investor in cloud technologies, with an emphasis on applications, data center infrastructure and middleware, and serves on the boards of a number of companies in which Greylock has invested, including Cloudera and Pure Storage. He is also a partner at Greylock Partners and was a member of Intel's board of directors between 2014 and 2019. She is a trustee for San Francisco's Gateway Public Schools and the Hamlin School, as well as an advisor to Reach Capital and the Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Network. In April 2020, Bhusri donated $1 million to the Give2SF fund, a donation drive to help residents and businesses in San Francisco affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

[8] In the meantime, PeopleSoft had developed ERP, CRM, and other offerings, in addition to Human Resource Management. Industry: Business software. Bhusri started his career in the early 1990s at business software firm PeopleSoft, where he rose to become vice chairman. [16], 2013 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award Recipient [17], 2020 Great Place to Work CEO For All Leadership Award[18], Dan Worth, "V3 Hot Seat: Workday CEO, Aneel Bhusri", Angela Mehta, "Venture Profile: Aneel Bhusri, Greylock", George Anders, "Snubbed By Oracle, Workday's Duffield And Bhusri Hit Jackpot", "Ernst & Young Announces Entrepreneur Of The Year ® 2013 Award Winners in Northern California." He is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Workday. Web. Aneel and Allison Bhusri. Ernst & Young, 24 June 2013. Allison Thoreson Bhusri graduated with a B.A. She went on to found Lemonade Capital, investing primarily in technology companies and entrepreneurs. In 2005, Workday was co-founded by David Duffield and Bhusri with funding from Greylock Partners. She is a member of Broadway Angels, an women-focused investment group. OVERVIEW: Aneel and Allison Bhusri do not appear to yet have a formal family foundation. SOURCE OF WEALTH: Workday, Greylock Partners, Lemonade Capital, FUNDING AREAS: Education & Youth, Human Services. They’ve given gifts for youth and human services, with an eye towards the San Francisco area. Sign up for our email updates. He was educated at Brown University, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering. BACKGROUND: Aneel Bhusri graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from Brown University and received his M.B.A. from Stanford University. Aneel and Allison Bhusri, United States Aneel Bhusri cofounded the business software firm Workday in 2005 and has been the CEO since 2014. But Billionaire Donors Are Here to Stay—and Can Do Good, Be Careful What You Wish For: The Paradox of More Billionaire Giving, The Pandemic Offers Ed Tech Philanthropists a Chance to Revisit Previous Failures. Bhusri is on the board of the Workday Foundation, which strives to positively impact our communities and support employees in their charitable contributions. About          Contact         Help         Login         Privacy Policy       Terms of Use, How One Tech Giant’s Commitment to Racial Equity is Taking Shape, Future of Big Philanthropy: 15 Heirs of Top Mega-Givers to Watch Closely, “Having Major Impact.” Unpacking MacKenzie Scott’s Historic HBCU Giving Spree, “Not an Easy Tension to Bridge.” How Facebook Is Making Life Harder for CZI, Scrutiny of Donors and “Reputation Laundering” is Growing Thanks to COVID and Protests, A Silicon Valley Donor Looks to Jumpstart a Push to Find a COVID-19 Medicine. Tapping Billions, a Young Donor and Her New Foundation Focus on Equity. She is also a member of Broadway Angels, an investment group made up … [5], In 1993, Bhusri became the director of planning at PeopleSoft,[6] then primarily a human resources software company. Want to get inside funders' heads?

OVERVIEW: Aneel and Allison Bhusri do not appear to yet have a formal family foundation. Bhusri is the chief executive officer (CEO) at Workday. He is a Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute. Eye on the Giving Pledge Bhusri started his career in the early 1990s … LOOKING FORWARD: Only in his 50s, Bhusri is still very much engaged in business. His wife, Allison Thoreson Bhusri… <, "Visionary of the Year nominee Aneel Bhusri, Workday CEO", "Fourteen More Philanthropists Join The Gates-Buffett Giving Pledge",, "Oracle to PeopleSoft: The pink slip's in the mail", "Duffield Is Back:PeopleSoft Founder Moves New Company to Pleasanton",, "Workday Indian American CEO Aneel Bhusri Donates $1 Million to San Francisco Fund Providing Coronavirus Relief", "Masters of Scale — hosted by Reid Hoffman",, "Announcing the Great Place to Work CEO For All Leadership Awards",, Brown University School of Engineering alumni, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 16:46. Aneel Bhusri is co-founder Workday a financial and human capital enterprise software firm. As Jack Dorsey’s Millions Start to Flow, Are the Mega-Rich Doing Enough for COVID-19 Relief? Besides his involvement with the Workday Foundation, perhaps the family’s giving will ramp up down the line. Its goal is to “create meaningful employment, break the cycle of poverty, and transform lives.” Partners have included YearUp, Girls Who Code, and NPower, which provides training for IT careers to military veterans and young adults from under-served communities. This and later offers were rejected by PeopleSoft's board of directors. Later, working for David Duffield, with whom he went on to co-found Workday,[7] he became responsible for product strategy and marketing.

Bringing transparency to the world of philanthropy, Glasspockets In addition, he and his wife, Allison (MBA ’03), are strong supporters of the GSB Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and Stanford Athletics. 2015. Not Everyone Is Happy About It, Status Update: How Facebook’s Billionaires Are Changing the World of Philanthropy, “A Critical Driver.” How Higher Ed Giving is Fueling Chicago’s Surging Tech Industry, Anti-Monopoly Money: A Facebook Co-Founder Mobilizes Millions to Battle Bigness, A Drive to Contribute: Meet the Top Indian American Philanthropists, American Dream: Behind a Tech Billionaire's Bid to Bolster the Middle Class, Silicon Valley Greens: Here Are the Top Environmental Givers From Tech, In His Expanding Giving to Help Veterans, a Big Tech Donor Keeps His Eyes Trained on the Grassroots, Crypto Giver: What to Expect From This Young Billionaire's Philanthropy, A Rising Force: What to Know About the Wojcicki Sisters and Their Foundations, When the Unicorn Gives: A Quick Look at How Five Hot Companies Approach Philanthropy, A New Pooled Fund is Engaging Young Tech Founders Early in Their Careers, With Big Names on Board, a Family Foundation Seeds a Fund to Boost Black Leaders, Philanthropy Must Prioritize Democracy Beyond Election Day, Inside a Legacy Funder’s $90 Million Challenge for Racial Equity, A Foundation Steps Up its Work to Bring a Racial Justice Lens to Education, “Infinite Growth Horizon.” Some Higher Ed Funders Are Giving Like It’s 2019, A New Melinda Gates-Backed Fund Supports Adolescent Mental Health in Dark Times, Building on Past Work, Billionaire Robert F. Smith Gives Big Again for HBCU Student Debt, Why Ford’s Big New Racial Justice Commitment Is So Significant, “We Are No Longer Waiting for a Funder to Save Us.” A Look at the Latino Community Foundation. What Would it Take for Jeff Bezos to be a Positive Force in Climate Philanthropy? He has an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Aneel Bhusri (born February 14, 1966) is an American business executive. Bhusri also works as an advisory partner at venture capital firm Greylock Partners. As the founder of Lemonade Capital, Allison Thoreson Bhusri invests primarily in technology companies and entrepreneurs with fresh, bold ideas that solve real-world problems in ingenious new ways.


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