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Let me start by saying thank you so much for the excellent customer service I received from Garrett Wade, you guys made my shopping experience a pleasure !! All in all, a great little knife. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee+ Free Returns. Very happy with this knife plus it might have been made by a distant relative. Well made from first class materials. Add a shackle key and I'll buy several for each of my crew. The knife I saw was die stamped and the one sold on Garret Wade is laser etched, so I asked a question regarding the lettering on the handle, I was provided the following response: "Around 12 months ago, we began laser-marking the knife scales rather than die-stamping. It is very well made and will be a new favorite. 2/17/2014. Extremely well made. The large sheepsfoot blade is more convenient than the common US spearpoint style, the steel takes and holds an edge marvelously, the blades and marlinspike operate smoothly and hold securely in place. Designed for British soldiers and sailors, one of these will be your best pal when camping and hunting, in the shop, and on the job.

You currently have no recently viewed items. Ordering was quick and painless. Very well worth the money! Each has a 2-1/4" Sheepsfoot style blade designed with exceptional strength and an old-style can opener. His pocket knives were always sturdy, honest, and workmanlike, just like him. She carried it for years and used it heavily for her rope work on real Manilla rope. David Reid, 12/19/2010. Having said all that I was expecting to pass this down to one of my grandkids. This knife is one of the most solid of the knives that i have in my collection. There were times I've needed to undo stubborn knots and have searched for an ice pick, nail, anything to stick through and loosen the knot. I don't think you could go wrong buying this one for everyday use.and you can't beat the price for this quality... Nicely made, but came duller that a 6-foot third grader. I was pleased with it and intend to buy another. The blades/tools are super sharp and all blades open easily. You need to be logged in to view your wishlist. Garrett Wade's really fast service makes buying one or two of these an even better deal. We specialize in government-issue gear and apparel from the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air … A friend who was in the Navy called it a Boatswain's Knife, an essential tool on ship. The motto Genuine British Army Knife" looked like a bad joke. This is a well made, sturdy, sharp and heavy enough to feel good in hand. Great little pocket knife. There is no plastic, no little electric light, no tweezers, no gimmicks, just steel and craftsmanship. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. 1/2/2013. Buy these!!!!!". £9.95, Only 10/2/2010. I did end up buying your stainless steel yachtsman knife (it does have a shackle key) though, and it's wonderful.

I'm a backpacker and am glad I did not discover this issue 10 miles in the wilderness. Unfortunately today the spring that holds the knife open broke which makes the knife less than safe to carry or to use. It's been 5 years since I purchased the first of these knives. Under calm conditions these are only minor inconveniences, perhaps. Is there a way to loosen up this blade as it is pretty worthless due to the tight fit of the blade makes it impossible to open in a normal situation.

Traveling with this knife, you can be sure it is 100%, it never fails and will not fail you. stainless steel construction. The blade came razor sharp out of the box and the marlin spike will come in very handy at my work place. I believe if people use them, they will love them. The laser marking method is clearer, faster and allows us to be flexible with stocking. Silvermans Limited. Regardless of whether you're a real sailor or a landlubber anglophile like me, you'll be happy with the quality and useful tools on this 3 'blade' knife. I have to say this is one of the best knife purchases I have made. The finish wear on hers shows its use and functionality. The British Army Knife is a well-made tool, not a shiny toy, and any man will find it worthy in his work and in his pocket. I was rather surprised by the size of it. Very well constructed...will last anyone's lifetime. Small, manual, practical.

Welcome to Charley’s Surplus, the web’s authority on Army-Navy military surplus, tactical gear, camping equipment, and survival supplies. This knife will be very interesting to people connected with the sea. Call Us On 08456 44 50 60, Only Lawrence Hall, A great little outdoors light weight tool. In addition the sailor's tool has a pointed marlinspike, for rope work.

Ian Cunningham, I just got this the other day and it is a very well made knife that should hold up well. What the heck, before sending it back, I gave it a try. I'm expecting they'll find it both a memorable and useful gift, Donald T McIvor, I'm a sailor (as in sailboat sailor). If you use ropes or nylon ratchet straps and tie off the loose ends, then the marlin spike is a handy thing to have. The straight blade opens to an angle slightly less than the handle, which makes cutting open boxes a pleasure. I purchased one of the three blade knives while in the military, and traded for several more. Silvermans camping and survival category.Military and outdoor equipment, tents, ponchos, sleeping bags, cookers, torches, navigation, multitools, water-carrying, survival guides, first-aid and safety.10% discount to military, police and emergency services with ID … It has been in use all those years and can say I have used all three blades and the screwdriver at various times. Honest Arnie, Edward Arlt,

The price was right, I've seen them on line for much more. I think a note to the manufacturer is in order. David Fosse, Built to last, sharp, and functional. 9/30/2016. A great one to keep in the vehicle for everything. I've reviewed the picture of the knife shown on this web display and it looks like the can opener blade has been sharpened (on the Army version) but that is certainly not the fact in real life. James Creasy, Blueknight7777, 1/12/2011. The knife is very well constructed and it is very sharp. Made in England, this tool, every part formed from steel, is also a work of art, simple and elegant in design and function. This blade appears to be completely unsharpened, opens beer bottles well however. It will be a great addition to my camping bag. Carry it regularly. We won't forget you or your order, and will ship the missing item within 24 hours after we get it in our warehouse (the expected date on your order is based on the information available at order time). For a highly rated tool combo these are not good features. Walt Sullivan, What the heck, before sending it back, I gave it a try. This little knife has everything you need in a hurry. It is also clear that, even though the knife is modestly priced, the workmanship is precise and the knife was finished by hand. I collect knives; in my opinion it is one of my best purchases regarding cost v. quality. Welcome to CHARLEY'S SURPLUS. It is sturdy, dependable, no-nonsense, and a topic of conversation. And, with Christmas coming, a British Army Knife from Garrett Wade would make an economical but very thoughtful gift for those who appreciate excellence and understatement in their field gear. But I wanted something less expensive for everyday use. It makes me smile. ", david in usa , You get what you pay for. £39.95, Only Good for cutting rope to opening packages. The motto Genuine British Army Knife" looked like a bad joke. Very basic, handy knife that fits into pockets and can be available everywhere. It's not pretty" or elegant; it's just a good tool. If you like arty knives, this one is a real conversation piece! I gave a total of thirteen of these knives to relatives and friends between 1975 and 2007 and, as of yet, none have failed to meet the tasks they are used for. She now has to teach me to "understand" rope and how to work with rope properly. Although I am leery of riveted fittings, it is very tight and seems well constructed. I'm happy. Very happy with this purchase. Rugged tools for rugged work. 1/29/2011. But, with over 300 suppliers in a dozen countries, it is inevitable that a hiccup will happen now and then.If we are out of stock on something you have ordered, we ask you to be patient. This is a good quality knife. Shop and Save at Sportsman's Guide's Military Surplus Store on Knives, Swords & Machetes, Military Bayonets (Post 1945).Find both "vintage" and "new" Military Surplus Knives & Swords here at the lowest prices, guaranteed! Sheffield Knives J. Adams Ltd, 124 Scotland Street, Sheffield, S3 7DE, United Kingdom. Military Knives from Sheffield Knives England. The burnished stainless steel body goes well with the polished blades. 5/3/2011. Scott Sherlock, Feels solid in your hand. This is the first I have seen and will by others for presents, Simon Tidd, I like cool stuff. finished makes this a great knife The knife comes with a... Only two more shopping days till lockdown!


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