avengers fanfiction team ignores tony
The UN wants loose ends tied up so the world can focus on Thanos. They are escorted to cells to await the charges against them, cursing at Rhodes for selling out, Wanda back in her collar. ; Tony gets Sam to sign Accords so Steve has no choice; Rhodes and SWAT arrest everyone after the tunnel, cameras record argument, jury unimpressed; Commandos recon, Bucky says abort, Steve pushes kills civilians, discharged; Team Cap meets, Bucky recognizes Wanda as Hydra, surrenders to Vision, gets help. Reality check! Even their supporters had to come to their senses now. Taking no responsibility for your own part in events or blatantly dismissing them as unimportant in lieu of everyone else's mistakes. Steve's words had cut deep, deeper than Tony was willing to admit, even to himself. 6 - The footage from Siberia is leaked, Pepper handles the press conference. Steve and his team want to save the world. 24 - Hydra captures/kills rogues; Scott calls FBI Cross. Scott is worried but Steve is adamant about getting his hands on the device to help Bucky.

Taking on Wanda after Ultron got rid of Tony and Bruce; Wanda's mind magic needed for Barnes; Tony will still fund them but won't see where the money is going. Enough where he shys away from the team, pulls all his projects out of SHIELD, and maybe dissappears for awhile, or … Steve is justifying his action against the Accords and waiting for Tony to call and apologize while the team hides in South America.

12 - Tony tells Steve who he is without the suit. Tony refuses to help Bucky with BARF. Tony returns from space to be told that the team is disbanded and arrested, the New Avengers are headed by Rhodes - and have actual guidelines - with Vision, Col. Marvel, Wasp, She-Hulk and Dr. That also means facing the people they wronged and their loved ones, including Howard and Maria Stark. and other public places; Clint badly apologizes to Tony; Jarvis wraps Natasha for Fury with 48 hour truth serum. Sometimes he's wrong. Steve and Sam hitch a ride to the U.N. bombing with Sharon; Natasha tells them to stay out of the hunts for Barnes and Sharon shares what little information she has which results in numerous injured LEOs at the building and a tunnel collapse killing a family, trapping/injuring others and delaying aide to other unrelated needs. When he got back to the team, who had wisely stayed out of it, he was bombarded with questions. 6 - Scott - Pym Tech sued by SI for espionage, Scott jailed; arrested/jailed for almost killing Stark; overloaded as Giant man, lifetime of seizures. Sam tries to get a job to supplement with no success - people will gawk; lazy living off Shield but distracted working elsewhere.


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