bdo blackstar failstacks
Once you reach 261 AP with Nouver, you will want to stop using Kutum for PVE, until you reach 265 AP with Kutum. I personally buy all of my gear now because I hate enhancing!If you’re still unsure what you should be doing next or want specific advice on your gear, feel free to hop into our discord and ask questions in the help section. It’s not the first MMO to introduce such a system of course, it’s common in Korea. Now, we can simply see the enhancement chance on the enhancement window, for each item inserted there. Same with 2, but make a ton of AFK & Active money, so that you can get 1.2 billion cron stones for each attempt, and you can keep your good gear for other activities without worrying about downgrading it. Diese sind charaktergebunden und werden einerseits im Verstärkungsmenü (über Schwarzgeist aufrufbar) und andererseits im Charakterwechsel-Screen (die Zahl neben der kleinen Flamme im rechten unteren Eck des Charakterbildes) angezeigt. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us directly via email at [email protected] or using the contact form on our About Us page. Pretty much, you will have 1 “free” PEN attempt by the time you get there roughly. Open your inventory and right-click the Black Stones to open the enhancing window. So this is an extremely expensive way a few whales are able to progress faster by spending an insane amount of money, and one of the main reasons there has been a great outrage in BDO’s player base. You can do quests in Kamaslyvia and in the area around Stars End to reach level 61 in about an hour (use our level 59 – 60 guide and level 60 to 61 guide). World Bosses & Field Bosses also drop their fair share of Black Stones, along with many more enhancing mats, so it’s definitely worth farming bosses in BDO. The weapons will be exchanged for weapon boxes which you can open to receive a PRI Tuvala weapon. They can be used to slowly upgrade your high-end gear, through 20 caphras levels. Keep in mind that chances to succeed +13 to +15 are very low, and it’s not worth it to use higher Failstacks, just be patient, and if you keep on failing save your FS with Advice of Valks, you will need them later trust me! After you have full TET gear (ideally, 3 TET weapons and 4 TET armor pieces, along with full TRI yellow accessories), do a PEN Roulette, destroy everything, and quit the game for a few days-months. i would go for pen blackstar too with that stack, think if u get a pen blackstar.. 7/24 pre awake combat... Kind of want to go for PEN tungrad necklace attempt (20.10% odds). A huge gear goal in BDO is getting “softcap”, which is in essence 250AP. Reaching level 61 (Level 61) – 201 AP/ 203 AAP/ 283 DPAfter reaching level 58, it becomes a low slower to level up by grinding. More information about AP and DP brackers can be found here. So how you build your failstacks after Reblath is your own decision, and heavily depends on your goals, but let’s see a quick example: Very Important! Memory Fragments are used to repair the Max Durability of Boss Gear. The example above does not include the 5 AP from Adventure Logs. How to Obtain: Caphras Stones have a very small chance of dropping anywhere! Not so much, maybe safer, but it is really too P2W too care for most people.

Keep in mind that you will get a handful of these materials for free, from in-game attendance rewards (daily logins) as well as special events that come out all the time. You should do your enhancing in Velia because of this and also because you can buy Reblath from the Blacksmith in Velia. I would personally advise to always try and attempt on items you actually need, even if that ends up more expensive in memory fragments. Some items such as boss pieces and accessories can be a struggle but this part of the guide will show what is best in terms of optimisation or what to aim for if you are unsure. maximum of X)” refers to the amount of failstacks you should use on this item before stopping and using a different failstack. Item Usage: Black Stone Armor & Weapon, are the most common and useful enhancing mats, since they are used into attempting most gear up to a certain level, and their average price is around 200K Silver per piece. These are your realistic options for getting a PEN item: Okay, I can’t give you a serious guide for PEN though, by that point, you will know better than anyone how you want to go about it, but pretty much, the 4 options above, are what you get. Artisan’s Memory is essentially the most pay to win item in BDO.

Once you have reached 261 AP, buy a TET Nouver weapon for your class. Enhancing in BDO is a science - one that we are trying to break down in this guide, and help you upgrade you gear to the max (possible) level!

BDO, is quite generous with the amount of resources it provides you for free! DUO Tuvala Earrings and Rings are equal to your Asula gear but you can attempt to TRI the free accessories you get for extra AP. If you are grinding for scrolls (which you should be), make sure to level the node to 10 level as soon as possible, as it will make a tremendous difference into your drop rate. You can also make your awakening weapon yellow grade at this point using an Ultimate Weapon Reform Stone. (Grunil, Rocaba, Heve, Agerian, Zereth, Talis, Taritas, etc.) How many fails have you made to reach 400 ?

on some cheaper accessories such as Bares Necklace. In order to reach softcap, you need to get 3 boss weapons to TET, 4 boss armor pieces to TET, and all of your yellow accessories to TRI (or TET blue accessories). Ashlyn - £10 Without further ado, these are the most important items related to enhancing, and it’s advised that you keep all of them in Velia storage – more on that later, but it’s important to get all your enhancing stuff there!

This makes gear progression much easier and faster than trying to progress with a regular character.Use our Season Server guide to help you learn more about Season characters. **When failstacking, remember to use the prioritize durability option or you will be unable to build failstacks on Green grade items. You should also have enhancement quests from Fughar which will give you Advice of Valk’s. Item Usage: These are the “ultimate black stones”, since they are used to upgrade high-level gear. You will have to work on them at first, and get them to +14, since +14 to +15 Reblath attempts, are the cheapest ones in the game, and the less chance of success so you can build your failstacks.


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