best burning laser
The grip is nice, feels good built. Just got these, first use tonight, all three work great. It is easy to adjust the beam thickness, spot size, remove the cover, even at noon can see it. I love playing with laser pointers. Yes it was aligned correctly. This laser is incredible! The two features I like the best are the 18650 battery (I have several and a charger), and the focus adjustment that takes the laser beam from tiny to about 3/4" across. Everybody knows not to look into a laser, or point it into your pet or friend's eye.... but many people (especially kids!) ❤ Intimate Design for Child Safety: you can turn the key to the red point to lock it, and turn to the green point to unlock it. It's heavy duty and I used the rail mount which was 'slightly ' too big to fit tightly on the laser so I rigged a couple of small rubber pads inside the circular holder to tighten it all up. [[VIDEOID:6acdeb1d5fc7b7452f6f30c27a208883]] Comes in a cute box. You can use it for pointing out constellations and where astronomical objects are in the sky at public observing sessions.

So bright so cool, worth every penny for the price. I had to reverse the battery to make this laser shine. Fits perfectly in my hand. Broke only a week after return window expired. With 3 months friendly warranty, guarantee 100% refund or replacement, if have any problems, please feel free to contact our customer services team, solutions would be within 24hours. If you just want to get your bullet to the right spot, if you just like to go to the range and shoot 50 - 100 yds, you'll get the same results using this Pinty laser sight as you will with an expensive holographic site, and have just as much fun.I shot 300 rounds of 5.56 today on an AR-15 and this held zero very well. My thoughts are this laser isn't strong enough to cause any issues and now that I've used it' you'd just about have to point it at an aircraft on purpose...and those would be low flying ones to boot. The laser output is far more than 5mw.

THE FIX? You can use 18650 or 16340 rechargeable lithium battery in our laser hunting rifle scope pen. And so do my kitties ????????????‍♀️. Let me start off by saying this laser is not like any others I've owned. The box is really neat. So for all you geeks out there like me, buy it, you'll love it.

At night if you shine it up,( granted there are no aircrafts) you can see the beam very clearly. I have used this laser in well lit areas and dark ones. Super bright hunting scope laser pen: remove the cap, you can see the laser rail even in mid-day, it can even light a match. The beam is visible as you can see in the photo i uploaded.


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