best mgm cartoons
Tex Avery | First cartoon produced by William Hanna & Joseph Barbera.

Stars: First of seven Tom and Jerry shorts to win an Academy Award, Final non-Tom & Jerry cartoon directed by William Hanna & Joseph Barbera until 1955. 8 min My own personal list my favorite cartoons of Tex Avery at his best. Directors: First appearances of Nancy, Butch and Topsy. | Frank Graham, Approved |

Tex Avery | Was previously shown heavily edited before the ban and survives uncut on home video.

Produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Paul Frees, 8 min | | Daws Butler, Produced by Harman-Ising for Disney, but ultimately released by MGM. | Second of three "Little Ol' Bosko and the Frogs" cartoons. |

Pinto Colvig,

A cute and very tormented kitten is bullied by an incomparably evil bulldog, who lives to know better after a black cat crosses his path. Star: List of Horror films Frank Welker performed in. Released as "A Hugh Harman Production". John Libbey Publishing. Comedy, Family, Animation. Daws Butler, (2001): The Hand Behind the Mouse.

| Extra on the DVD of, William Hanna & Joseph Barbera (uncredited).

Sara Berner, But the house he's investigating is decidedly haunted, and he never knows just what's round the next corner... Director: | | Dick Lundy Stars: Stars: Extra in the DVD of. Stars:

Family, Animation, Comedy. Final cartoon directed by Avery before year-long sabbatical. Daws Butler, A cat is driven up the wall by the inhabitant of the cuckoo clock, so he spends the film trying to catch him... Director: | 6 min

Tex Avery

Tex Ritter, Passed Extra in the DVD of. Second of two "Droopy, Wolfie and Red" cartoons. Paul Frees. Stars: Outside producers included Ub Iwerks (1930–34), Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising (1934–38), William L. Snyder (1961–62), and Chuck Jones (1963–67, via MGM Animation/Visual Arts).

| A very large number of Pilgrims can be seen standing in line... for their cigarette rations. | Stars: See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Cartoon Studio films (1938–1958), Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, "MGM Cartoon Filmography by Production Number | What About Thad? Tex Avery

First MGM cartoon directed by Abe Levitow. Tex Avery Bill Thompson, Passed Tex Avery | Maltin, Leonard (1987): Of Mice and Magic: A History of American Animated Cartoons. Droopy is an unlikely fox-hound, but the highly civilised (and resourceful) English upper-class fox makes even more unlikely prey... Director: Director: First Droopy cartoon in which he is identified by that name. George and Junior get a job as dog catchers and spend the picture trying to catch one measly little dog. Family, Animation, Short. Animation, Comedy, Short. 10 min | | Banned from television due to black stereotypes. 7 min Family, Animation, Western. Pinto Colvig, Tex Avery Frank Graham, Tex Avery 8 min | Disney Editions. Family, Animation, Comedy. Extra on the DVD of. Lina Romay, | Tex Avery Director: Bill Thompson,

Frank Graham, The Wolf rides into town, terrorises it, kidnaps the girl, and is chased by the outraged townspeople, accompanied by Droopy, who despite introducing himself as "the hero" at the end, in ... See full summary », Director: Tex Avery Director: 7 min 8 min Paul Frees, Approved | |

Released as "A Rudolf Ising Production". | | Third and final appearance of "Little Cheeser".

Passed Extra in the DVD of, Animation by Michael Lah, Ed Barge, Arnold Gillespie, and Jack Carr. Tex Avery Animated by Michael Lah, Ed Barge, Arnold Gillespie, and Jack Carr. Tex Avery | Stars: Animation, Family, Comedy. Tex Avery Filmed in both Cinemascope and Academy ratio formats. Bill Thompson, Jack Mather, Director: | 7 min Bill Thompson, Animation, Family, Comedy. Director: Extra on the DVD of, Last MGM cartoon animated by Ed Love. First appearance of Little Cheeser, though the character was named only in publicity. Stars: Director: Tex Avery Tex Avery A black cat explains reason after reason why he cannot stand people, and opts to relocate to the moon. Pinto Colvig,

First of three cartoons pairing Bosko with the "Jazz Frogs". Family, Animation, Comedy. Extra in the DVD of, Character design by Gus Arriola (uncredited). Wally Maher, Spike gets a job running the house for a hibernating bear. |


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