birthday prayer for wife

May the peace of the Lord that cannot be comprehended by man wrap you always and everywhere. Thanks for always being there for your workers.

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy birthday to me, from God. May the Lord bless you as long as you live; I pray that you overcome every challenge that may come your way, happy birthday my sweetheart. May goodness, miracles, and mercies follow him today and tomorrow. If I was asked the reason for being crazy about you, I would not describe the aroma of the smell of your food, as I don’t want to share it with anyone. 1. My true love, on this special day I would like you to know that without you I would not be where I’m. Happy birthday, son. Happy birthday, son. May Lord grant him many more beautiful birthdays with his lovely family. We’re still gonna do dump shit, only slower. You are always on top of my priority list, except when it is time for a football match. Thank you, my love, for being my queen. Happy birthday, baby! You bring light to my life. Happy birthday and I wish for many happier returns. I would volunteer as Tribute for you, my darling. I find no other confidante like you, you are sister and a friend who knows your weaknesses and yet encourage you to overcome them.

I’m so proud to announce to the entire world that my pearl is a year older. You’re awesome and I love you. Wishing you the very best of life, happy birthday my love. I truly admire and appreciate you. Happy birthday to you, son. Happy birthday, my baby. Your beauty is unbelievable and your soul is one in a million. May God bless you, bless your seeds, and bless the works of your hands.

You are many things to many people; some as a sister, some as a daughter, yet to some as a friend, but to me, you are my world given back to me. The best of Christian Birthday Prayers and Blessings you say to yourself on your birthday.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'sweetlovemessages_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',109,'0','0'])); 1.

Being with you is like a dream that I never want to wake up from. Happy birthday, ma.

Make sure to remind her that she is the best thing that has ever happened to you!

Amazing and Beautiful! I wish for only two things for you- Never and Always. You are such a blessing, happy birthday boss. Happy birthday wife. “What’s in a name? Your love is and will forever be the bedrock of my happiness. 10. It’s another year of greatness, fulfilment, endorsement, happiness, promotion, and all that you yearn for.

I can only wish the Lord kept on granting your heart desires.

Dad and Mum await you in the house for a merry celebration. I do not know where I should start. I am so proud and blessed to be able to call you my wife! Shine and smile, thank God for another wonderful year to your age, more wisdom, and blessings to come, happy birthday to you. Don’t forget we are the Lord’s glory in your life. Wishing you my dear friend happy birthday, may the bless the number of years you would love in this world, keep looking great as ever. Life has been full of unexpected events and emotions but who else on earth would I chose to spend those times with other than the one who had conquered mine. 10.

Happy birthday, dear wife!” Birthday Poems For Your Wife. Happy Birthday, friend.

Happy birthday, honey. 1. You were born great, and I’m happy to be part of your life, may the Lord keep you safe in good health and happiness, happy birthday my dear husband. You are a well-watered garden that will never wither. Words are powerful weapons to express your love for your partner and poems are even better. You are my today and all of my tomorrows without any questions asked! 7. Happy birthday. Happy birthday pastor, more grace in your ministry. Hope you get all the best things in your life just like you got me!

Happy birthday, Mum! 120. I pray for my beautiful wife, may God bless you with everything that would delight your heart as you take a step forward in your age today, happy birthday to the best wife in the world. I love you. Thank you for always being by my side, thank for being a great mother too, wishing you a happy birthday, we pray for many Lovely years ahead for you. They say that age is but a number. 6. Happy Birthday Love. 4. Advance happy birthday dear. Happy birthday, my sweet candy wife. Enjoy this special occasion while you think of me. May you have a great day. You are the healing tonic of my life, without you, my life would be inebriated with toxic, Happy Birthday, my dearest wife. God will never forsake you. I pray Lord that my wife will grow in confidence of your care and goodness ... 15. happy birthday poems for wife who is in heaven. Wishing you the very best of life, happy birthday my love. That gem is the love of my life. I do not know how I would have survived this far without your enchanting love and charm. You have become an integral part of my happiness and you have made all dreams come true. I love you! Every day, my trust for you grows like the trees, flows like the lakes, and shines brighter than the sun. 100. Happy birthday. If it’s her birthday, it goes without saying you’ll have to find an original gift to give, but the words to say are also important. Though another year has been added to your age you are still as beautiful as the first day. I pray you should start counting your blessings from now on, nothing but your blessings, and not your wrinkles. So let us dine at your favorite restaurant, open your favorite bottle of wine and watch your favorite movie. 3. Happy Birthday to the most awe-inspiring, friendly, beautiful and outrageously funny soul mate you have been to my life. I pray for good health for you, may the Lord have an answer to your entire beautiful request in life. Distance means so little when someone means so much. We celebrate your birthday because the world is a better place since you came into it. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, my darling. Required fields are marked *. 10. I long to check the calendar just to make sure that your day is today. I pray God celebrates you more.

Happy Birthday! This little light of your will shine even out of the thickest darkness.

Have the blessing of today and the days that will follow, happy birthday to you my special angel. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, my sweet love, you have been a wonderful husband of great virtue. 27. I love you so much. When I married you, I took on a massive debt of undying commitment and unconditional love. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'limitlesso_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_12',111,'0','0']));20. That’s what I want for you because you are too much to me. Happy birthday to you.

No harm shall ever come close to you, sit back and enjoy yourself today. Enjoy your day love and wishing you many birthdays. Today you grow older, as we all do every day. Happy birthday to my girl.

You are both a brother’s keeper and a sister’s keeper for your leadership to us as a sister. Happy birthday once again and I wish for many more days like this together.

Birthdays are special moments and celebrating it is worthwhile. Many happy returns of the day. Stay blessed and happy amigo. To my love, my king and my man: may the love of God be showered on you and all yours.

19. You will always be happy and be joyous for your entire life. May God surprise you with things you have always wanted. May your life be filled with wonders and glory of God, you will find blessing and favor wherever you go. 1.

Happy birthday. Happy birthday, my love. 1. Happy Birthday my love. 9. Happy birthday, dear wife! Have a lovely day. Mum, you’re that woman without whose support I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Thanks for turning my world upside down in a really good way, babe! Happy birthday to the woman who brings joy to my life. I pray that all your dreams and aspirations come to pass. May the land that you live be full of honey and milk, may God’s blessings overflow in your life, happy birthday to you. With each passing year, I have come to appreciate the living wonder of God that I have as a father, happy birthday to you daddy. To my sweetheart, on this special day I pray for your healthy life. My dearest you are and will always remain my little princess, because my love for you keeps getting tender and robust every day. Happy birthday my man. I have been privileged to have enjoyed some of my most memorable moments with you. Happy birthday to my wife. You are like a treasure in my life and I cherish it with all my heart. Happy birthday to my lovely wife. Every day with you has been full of good memories but today there’s something extra. For the woman who has given a new meaning to love, the woman who has stolen my heart and offered me the much needed confidence in life, I say Happy Birthday! Happy birthday, my dear. Today and for the rest of her life, she shall not suffer loss. } May the almighty bless you with life full happiness and praises, happy birthday to a wonderful friend. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, caring, understanding human being on the face of the planet whom I will love and support for the rest of my life… regardless of if I’m allowed to go on that men’s golf outing this weekend…. You are the best movie I want to keep watching all day long. Happy birthday, son.

83. The world will seek you for solutions. 4. Every day of my life I have always thanked God who made me walk down the aisle with you.


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