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The programs of study are available in PDF format on the web pages for the specific Lynch School program. The Lynch School of Education is committed to conducting inventive research—work that informs solutions to complex social problems and promotes the common good. in Elementary Education & Moderate Special Needs, M.Ed.

in Applied Statistics and Psychometrics, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment, Master of Education (M.Ed./C.A.E.S.) Coronavirus Update: Our team is here to help our clients and readers navigate these difficult times.

Information on Conference Reimbursement (GEA). Students should also complete the cross registration form available in Lyons Hall in order to receive course credit from Boston College. 7919 0 obj <> endobj The specific times that students work are negotiated with the supervising faculty member so as to not conflict with any courses that the student may be taking. For more information on embedding fonts, see the ETD website at

If granted, the extension would be for a maximum of one year. Graduate students enrolled in degree programs at Boston College may with the permission of their department apply to MIT to participate in this program. Find out more about Lynch School of Education, Boston College.

Once the student has passed the comprehensive exams, the Department Office will send a letter officially recognizing his or her admission to candidacy. Boston College has resources that support a number of fellowships offered to especially promising students from diverse backgrounds who are beginning their doctoral studies. Year of Residence The Lynch School seeks to offer support to all full-time Ph.D. students for the first two years of their doctoral study. Doctoral candidates who have completed all coursework and comprehensive exams must register and pay the fee for Doctoral Continuation (EDUC/ELHE/ERME/APSY9911) each academic term of their candidacy. A dissertation that does not conform to the following minimum standards may be returned to the candidate and the awarding of the degree delayed. in Curriculum and Instruction, Master of Education (M.Ed.) In the case of a second failure, no further attempt is allowed. Teaching assistants may teach or assist in large lecture courses. in Higher Education, Master of Arts (M.A) in International Higher Education, Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) It is the policy of the Boston College IRB that no data may be collected for the dissertation research prior to the approval of the Human Subjects Review application. Complete Request for Approval of the Dissertation Committee form. Doctoral students are required to submit their dissertations to ProQuest.

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Bryan, a junior at Boston College in the Lynch School of Education talks about what life is like as a student taking classes both in CSOM and Lynch and makes recommendations for future students. Make sure the title of your dissertation is concise and meaningful. Course registration forms will be mailed to accepted students. in Applied Psychology and Human Development, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Please consult the Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies website for courses and procedures for registering and credit. The Department Office will send an email announcing the date and inviting the members to the hearing. Policy advisors The Lynch School provides support through Dissertation Fellowships and Dissertation Development Grants funding opportunities. Cross registration materials are available in Lyons Hall.

in Transformative Educational Studies, Master of Arts (M.A.) The defense is posted as a public hearing, and copies of the abstract will be given to interested parties upon request.

Grievance Procedure, Dissertation Process students, except for those in the Ph.D. program in Curriculum and Instruction, should complete a Program of Study form following extensive consultation with their advisor. Lynch Student Forms Tab of the Current Students Page. in Secondary Education & Moderate Special Needs, Testing, Evaluation and Educational Policy, Restorative and Transformational Justice Minor, Community Justice & Engaged Pedagogy Events, Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology, Educational Leadership & Higher Education, Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics & Assessment.

If you have any questions about the format of your dissertation, please contact the Office of Graduate Admission, Financial Aid, and Student Services at 617-552-4214 or visit us in Campion Hall 135. Director of Efficacy Analytics and Studies The advisor will assist in the initial design and, if necessary, later modification of your Program of Study.

Student opportunities to obtain desired experiences are limited by the nature of faculty projects at any point in time. Since the approved Program of Study form is the document used to clear the student for graduation, any changes to it should be properly approved in a timely manner. by . By the fall semester of the 2nd year in the program, all Ph.D. and Ed.D.


in Severe Special Needs, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Curriculum and Instruction, M.Ed.

Dean of Colleges. in School Counseling, Dual Master of Arts (M.A./M.A.)


Graduate students (master's and doctoral) requesting readmission from a Leave of Absence must contact their Department Chair and the Office of Graduate Admission, Financial Aid, and Student Services at least six weeks prior to the semester in which they expect to enroll to ensure appropriate class and field placement.


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