brian regan baseball umpire

His performances are clean as he refrains from profanity and off-color humor. I was in the stands at the Braves game, everybody was going: [chanting] [panting while chanting] A bunch of overweight white people: “Give me another Big Gulp!

Why are you allowed two tries for every single serve?

I’d feel bad if I was a pitcher, and I put all kinds of effort into my pitch, and an umpire just went: [audience laughing] “Not gonna waste my time with this nonsense.” But when it’s a strike: [screaming] [audience laughing] “Are you open to suggestions? I’m expecting paper hats and a guy slinging dogs. There’s controversy about every decision. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Some images copyright AP, Partly to mostly cloudy. Regan's material typically covers everyday events, such as shipping a package with UPS, mortgages, and visits to the optometrist. Brian Regan takes relatable family humor to new heights as he talks board games, underwear elastic and looking for hot dogs in all the wrong places. He and I get out of the car. That’s like saying, “You are so gracious not to show your ugly face in public.” [audience laughing] Have you heard? Ten, so say the random gods.

That’s very cagy how you threw a cloak over an insult with a compliment.

It blows my mind. This blew me away. Regan released his first CD, Brian Regan Live, in 1997. Sometimes you wonder, do you know if he’s there or not? Regan did a near-20-minute encore segment taken from some of his greatest bits -- which, as is his custom, were solicited by audience request. “Give it your all, fellas.” “Who’s the guy in the goalie mask?” So, why is it normal in baseball? It just goes to show, in this turbulent election cycle, it doesn't really matter if you're Regan Democrats or Republicans, everyone can get along with a little laughter. He’s watching us through Spacetime.” [cheers and applause] 13 mins ago Please use the button below to manage your account. "Every candidate says what they're going to do in their first 100 days," Brian Regan told a soldout crowd at Vivint Arena on Friday night. [audience laughing] But I wanna rob a hundred liquor stores. [audience laughing] Yeah. What?” It’s these two little handles. He aims it at the corner of his room, I’m seeing a cobweb dangling. First time, I didn’t know what to do. All rights reserved. I’m like, “Can we rig up a footstool and a pulley system?” [audience laughing] I finally get behind him, and I notice he doesn’t have a back bar. The special was recorded in April at The Barclay Theater in Irvine, CA, and a DVD of the performance was released August 14, 2007.

Aaron! Posted on March 12, 2018 by scottl. And they put it in a splint and helicopter it off to a trauma center. “Hi, street.” So, we haven’t left yet, and I don’t know how it works, so I put my arms around him. '” [audience laughing] “That’s funny, Dad.

Sure, I’m lucky. [audience laughing] That’s a prize? in Entertainment, Music. Thank you very much everybody.

How you doing?” “Who is this?” “It’s Brian.” “Who am I talking to?” I felt bad until he asked, “Who’s that in the square in the corner?” “You, Dad.” “Somebody’s in the corner looking at us.” “Buck Rogers. You have permission to edit this article. If you laugh, great. Instead of stopping, he guns the gas. ‘Cause when it was a ball, I didn’t know anything had even transpired. Went to a Braves game. [audience laughing], I’ve been watching these senate hearings. They give you a card? [audience laughing] Yet there was a meeting to discuss this. You guys are wonderful man. Don’t try to make sense of it. Listen, if you can see your enemy through binoculars… you’ve already lost. [audience laughing] If they weren’t in the bubble, we’d lose them for sure. [audience laughing] You wanna destroy a family quickly? Brian Regan on Baseball Umpires and Managers. It was weird. Please use the button below to verify an existing account or to purchase a new subscription. While he does not define himself as youth-oriented, Regan makes frequent references to childhood, including little league baseball, grade school spelling bees, and science projects. Nothing makes any sense anyway. Regan was always a fan of Steve Martin, The Smothers Brothers and Johnny Carson.[3]. He’s sweating. They call balls and strikes, which I think are equally important to the game. COVID-19: ‘The Bitter End’ for nation’s live music venues? It’s okay. Aim it in one place!” He thinks it’s for audio reasons. He played wide receiver on the football team at Heidelberg. It’s been a half an hour. [singing] Here comes Peter Cottontail [audience laughing] Hopping down the Harley trail Hop, you say. As is his style, Regan punctuated his jokes with  exaggerated physical humor. [audience laughing] [cheering and applause] Yeah. Hug the post. We’re very fortunate. We play tennis. FCC Public File | For assistance accessing public files, contact

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{image}{photoCredit}File photo courtesy of Brian Friedman{/photoCredit}, {caption}Brian Regan, added Monday to this year’s Stadium of Fire lineup, is by far and away Utah’s favorite live comedian. You know? ", Based on his incredible success, one could easily claim that comedian Brian Regan is one of …, Comedian Brian Regan is beloved by Utah audiences (he's sold out shows at various arenas across the state). That’s how they answer everything about that conflict. [audience laughing] “Baby needs a new pair of shoes.” Boop-boop. [audience laughing] I wanna play horseshoes. In 2017, Regan signed a deal with Netflix and Jerry Seinfeld to release two stand-up specials.[10]. He’s whipping it all over the place. I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed in the human species in my life. So is my mom. And there was Pat and Dennis and then me. I am very honored by that. We spent a month crunching the numbers, looking at spreadsheets, comparing data, analyzing algorithms. Neither of you could handle this action. That’s how dedicated I am. You put on a few pounds, put on your underwear, you bend over, and your waistband flips down. Thank you very much for coming out. We hope that you continue to enjoy our free content.

[audience laughing] Hey, where was the awkward little snap? (Think: Patrick Warburton.)

Tennis is weird. [audience laughing] Coming back from a family picnic.


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