brutal doom shotgun
Ammo DoomDb - The official Doom WAD sharing group! ", Yes, it had to be done. Your comment will be anonymous unless you join the community.

Your comment will be anonymous unless you join the community. and told you they spawned!! Ahh interesting, i didnt know they were that stable! Some people might prefer this version to futher "balance" that giant boomstick. this is really getting out of hand. Could you please add the central, 7th barrel, without it the barrel group won't be mechanically robust. About the 7th barrel... no. Update 5 (8.10.2020)The screen will now move smoother during recoil.

P.S. This is the Hexa Shotgun, 6 barrels full of pure death that obliterate any poor demon that happens to be in front of you..."but why dox" I hear you cry... why the hell not. Dude.... i got only one thing to say....LOVELY . !A big thank you to: Nice addon, Could you make the 4 barrels version with that skull? The flak however is not only deadly, but has a lot of bang for buck due to the Auto-shotgun costing 2 shells for 1 blast whilst this makes it 2:2. Ohh i love his mod! Actually the tips of bullet become sgarper because of the force at which they are shot. Author. Please I have to know what is the WAD on the screenshot?! General Information My point is: A shotgun can still have high effectiveness at 50 meters/yards, you just need the right ammo type, choke and barrel length. during the 19th century people used Double barreled rifles that would shoot these. Someone might port it over one day, but definitely not me. (again just a suggestion). Its a widely and well known used type of Shotgun Ammo. It's a test map from Brutal Doom. Can you fix? thanks! The keyholing can provide a great amount of damage, and can cause grevious, if not fatal wounds on soft tissue.i prefer wax slugs or good ol' 00 buck, but if you are desperate, it will get the job done. You can access it by typing "map test" in the console. Shotguns looted from the corpses of shotgun wielding zombies contain 4 shells (8 on ITYTD and NM) and, unlike pre-existing shotguns, disappear when crushed beneath doors or moving ceilings.

Your comment will be anonymous unless you join the community.

Especially once I got Dragons Breath rounds. I tried it 5 times and it worked every single time, must be a ModDB issue, if not tell me. Then going on to add: Flechettes It can be found here. Reducing spread and basically making the shotgun look more realistic is a good aim, much like the realistic ssg mod, my only complain is the reloading time. Whats next? I guess it is a 6-barrel Gatling shotgun which fires pairs of barrels at a time, right?

Brutal Doom SPEED ART: Shotgun Muzzle Flash (part 2)This is a continuation of the Smooth Animation video. This shotgun uses every shotgun ammo known ever. Enjoy!

And the gun is rather rare and randomizes its spawn pickup so its normal to take some time to find it ;) and well that is very lucky! A big "Thank you" to momoca99 for introducing me into Modding Doom! Haha I knew it was stupid. Ahh, might leave that one out XP sounds cool though! Flak Author. Enjoy! Similar sprites used as the usual SSG only this one looks a little more...authentic. Burning magnesium hurts like ****, and set my friend's yard on fire, but it doesnt do much more than that.

Plus, that alt fire is already brilliant! I know, speedloader do exist for pump-shotguns but unfortunately we dont have … Thats why I decreased the spread of the Pellets. (I've already had the default key bindings deleted from the KEYCONF file), How are you loading this? He made those sprites. It's a pump-action shotgun with a wooden stock. Maybe with some aiming too. Hey dude, could you convert Vietdoom's M16 to BD rifle? This tactic works well when combined with circle strafing.

Unlike the super shotgun of Doom II, which spreads pellets in a rough cone, there is no vertical dispersal; presumably this was a consequence of the game engine's predominantly planar design. I've always got far, far too much shotgun ammunition, and the triple-barrel minigun needs a counterpart for the shotgun-shells. What i'd also like to see is a universal flechette shot upgrade alike the dragonsbreath, maybe i'll look into that as well, The upgrade spawn would be alongside dragonsbreath and would be usable for the same weapons as the dragonsbreath shells are, As ive seen in texture packs and such this spriteset is used in them...Im open for suggestions on unused spritesets and if possible i'll take the vote on most suggested sprites or ideas and use that for a weapon reskin :), Why this mod automatically unbinds the unload and kick bindings? Thats why I made them both Red. Ho-lee sh*t, I can already smell the carnage.

Lol that dumb weeb is talking to himself even call it dumb :D Added a compability patch for Duke Nukem's Ripper. This shotgun minigun it's... it's beautiful.

"WE TIRED OF PLAYIN' WITH YO ASS, *****! With one shot it can slay a full grown elephant. think of it like slugs but waaay more powerful. I just wanted to wait for the v21 Gold release before doing anything. Slot 4, replaces the minigun sometimes. Slot 7, randomly replaces the BFG, and it doesn't replace any weapon. Your addon "isn't available for download via any mirrors" i dunno if this is a moddb problem or not, as I've never ran into this, but it's definitely inconvenient. "Slower Reload: I understand Doom is meant to be fast and action packed and reloads (or at least realistic/slow reloads) dont fit this genre. A Super Shotgun that fire Super Shotguns? and it should be a random spawn with the Shotgun, however its rare.

You spelled my name wrong once.

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On a side note: So you have: The shotgun is considered a light-medium weapon, stronger than the fists or pistols, so it is generally good for dealing with small groups of humanoids, and the occasional tough monster scattered in mazes. Flak, Buck, Dragons breath, Slug, and Flechette! By Evan Lahti 07 August 2017. TODAY YO ASS IS GONNA DIE, BITCH!

Add addonRotating Double Barrel Shotgun for Brutal Doom v21 First Appearance(s) I really wanted the quad shotty to not have a skull, so nah. I'll see what i can do :). ..o.. I actually really like this version with slower reloading, it makes you think twice before using the shotgun over the super shotgun (which is faster and more powerful but forces you to make pauses every 2 shots), I thinks it adds balance to the weapon without making it underpowered, also making the autoshotgun more useful when you just need the consistent dps without stopping (at the expense of accuracy and ammo saving).


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