camargo, tamaulipas golfo zetas

En consecuencia les presentamos imágenes de un presunto “topón”, como se dice en el argot criminal, … Home Latest Popular Trending Categories. [75] The group operated similar to Los Zetas, but with less complexity and success. [329] Top leaders of the Gulf organization, like Juan García Ábrego, Osiel Cárdenas Guillén, Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez and Antonio Cárdenas Guillén, among others, have been charged by the U.S. government for laundering millions of dollars. [179], Some experts have found it difficult to argue that the Gulf Cartel does not impose a direct threat to the state since they "do not seek political change," and that they only want to be left alone with their business. When drug trafficking tightens, they usually invest in more sophisticated methods to smuggle drugs, recruit new members, corrupt more officials, seek new ways to remove obstacles that impede the immediate success of the organization, along with many others. var div = document.getElementById(pID);

¿Qué otra "estrategia de seguridad" pensará implementar el gobierno para enfrentar esta cruenta guerra? [347], While the entire Mexico–United States border has experienced high levels of drug trafficking and other illegal smuggling activities for decades, this activity tends to be concentrated in certain sectors within Texas. The intense shootings provoked the temporary closure of three international bridges in Matamoros,[136] along with the University of Texas at Brownsville, just across the border. Asimismo, trascendió que habría sido ejecutado Marco Herrera Rangel, director de obras públicas de ese ayuntamiento, pero ninguna autoridad confirmó la especie o negó su muerte. [232] While his election did not had that much substance in a public policy perspective, its rhetoric of a peaceful transition, enabled him to defeat by double digits the candidate from the ruling party, Baltazar Manuel Hinijosa Ochoa. [234] Cabeza de Vaca is accused by a Bloomberg/El Financiero of having a big and unexplained wealth of 951 million pesos. "[228] Months later, Hernández Flores finally recognized that several parts of Tamaulipas were "being overrun by organized crime violence. function removeHtmlTag(strx,chop){ Nevertheless, after the arrest and extradition of Cárdenas, internal struggles led to a rupture between the Gulf and the Zetas.

Organized crime groups opt for protection racketeering in an effort to control markets and "maintaining internal order. Radio Nederland | [197] The clash between these two groups first happened in Reynosa, Tamaulipas and then expanded to Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros. Aunque desde el pasado mes de julio, presuntos sicarios del CJNG difundieron imágenes proclamando su presencia en el municipio de Villa de Arriaga, en San Luis Potosí, el cártel liderado por Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes “El Mencho” ya opera desde hace meses en dicha entidad, en donde se dedica a la venta de droga. La Jornada Zacatecas, Medios asociados: [13][14] Originally known as the Matamoros Cartel (Spanish: Cártel de Matamoros),[15] the Gulf Cartel initially smuggled alcohol and other illegal goods into the U.S.[14] Once the Prohibition era ended, the criminal group controlled gambling houses, prostitution rings, a car theft network, and other illegal smuggling.


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