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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Here at Printed Air Fresheners, we can help you kickstart your marketing campaign - whatever your business niche! Custom air fresheners do a brilliant job of keeping such enclosed spaces smelling fresh and delightful!

$15.01. Sale price While that's one of the primary uses of air fresheners, they don't get used for the automotive industry alone.

Not everyone is able to bring their artistic vision to life.

Air fresheners Australia is a distributor of a wide range of car accessories and air fresheners covering amazing variety of scents and fregrances that makes your day different, adding a fresh breeze to your car and your home every day . $10.99, Regular price Choose from over 30 brilliant scents including complex leather and coffee scents and uplifting fruits and flower based options like lavender or mango at no additional cost! The scent of your air fresheners is only just part of the array of customisation options available to you. Air fresheners can offer those same benefits to your customers. As you can imagine, there is a demand for custom air fresheners in all kinds of shapes and sizes. At Printed Air Fresheners, we can make any shapes or sizes that you desire. Sale price $39.99, Enjoy a beautiful mix of different air fresheners for your car and your home, Get the latest offers, sale times and free gifts when you subscribe, Save $72 $72

We are one of Australia’s leading providers of custom air fresheners and are only too happy to help you realise your marketing vision, and take it from concept to completion.

These days, there are numerous delivery methods for fragrances such as scented candles, reed diffusers, and, of course, cardboard and paper-based air fresheners.

Air fresheners Australia is one of the main distributor for the famous American brand Little Trees which is belong to Car Freshener Corporation. I can't describe how appreciative of the team and their positive attitude to getting everything done, on a budget, with a time limit.”, “I have dealt with Dynamic Gift on 2 occasions in the past few months and have found them to be extremely helpful and able to meet my needs.

You will doubtless be aware that there are a plethora of marketing ideas that you can use for your business. The concept of using a fragrance to mask odours (i.e., perfume) is one that has been around for thousands of years. Gone are the days where you could only order custom air fresheners in a round shape. 13 Dee Crescent, Tuncurry NSW 2428, Australia. At Printed Air Fresheners, we have an in-house graphic design team that can help you to realise your artistic vision for your custom air fresheners.

Printed card style air fresheners have become a hugely popular marketing and promotional item due to their compact size, affordable cost and their high level of usability. Ghetto Rappers Air fresheners- Make your car smell dope and shizz y'all.

For example, they can get used for keeping storage rooms, cloakrooms and cupboards smelling fresh at all times. Let’s face it: the primary use of a garage is to store vehicles or even items householders don’t want inside their homes. Sale price According to an article on the Science Daily website, lavender offers a relaxing effect to those that smell the scent. Would definitely recommend as a supplier.”, Order your air fresheners using our simple 3-step system. Air fresheners and perfumes were not only used on ones person but also to freshen up linen and clothing and the first ever record of a commercial perfume maker was a women by the name of Tapputi which was said to hold a prominent position within the Mesopotamian government and began the process of extracting scents from plant life and other organic items in around 1200BCE. Best of all, we offer our design service at no extra cost. Air fresheners hang from car mirrors, office chairs, your backpack, just about anything you can fit an elastic string around and the flavours and scents available are changing and evolving all the time. Did you know that having custom air fresheners in those waiting rooms can help influence the mood of people sitting in them?

$32.01. Sale price $40.99, 24 Little Trees Pina Colada Air Freshener, 24 Little Trees Cotton Candy Air Freshener, 24 Little Trees Green Apple Air Freshener, Regular price

Some people even use air fresheners in their bathrooms and W.C. (toilet) rooms. Of course, we can even produce ones with lavender scents for you! Here at Printed Air Fresheners, you can choose from over 30 different scents from leather and coffee through to uplifting ones such as fruit and flower-based options.

Take the scent options open to you as an example. Choose your preferred shape, size scent and attachment option. Let our in house graphic design team draft and show you a preview of your air fresheners for your approval, “The customer service was great, the products were delivered quickly, and they even created a virtual sample for me before purchase!”, “A+++ on their service and attention to detail to my needs. Custom air fresheners have practical applications around people's homes too. As you can see, there are many ways a simple car freshener can have a huge benefit for your business - but only if it is branded. Select payment online using secure gateway or request an invoice. We are on standby to assist you. $39.99, 24 Little Trees New Car scent Air Freshener, Regular price $36 But air fresheners have an inherent value, without being an essential item. All of our products are produced by us in our own print facility and are quality checked prior to dispatch! Some people assume that air fresheners only get used to freshen up the interior of a vehicle. Deftinitely recommend”, “They are great quality, competitively priced products and were turned around in the allocated time frame.

And do those locations usually incorporate waiting rooms? Freshen your home .... Freshen your car .... Freshen your life, Air fresheners Australia is a distributor of a wide range of car accessories and air fresheners covering amazing variety of scents and fregrances that makes your day different, adding a fresh breeze to your car and your home every day, Regular price The trouble is, garages can sometimes have unpleasant odours. Naturally, you can also have virtually anything printed on your custom air fresheners. $39.99, Regular price

$7.01, Save When it comes to marketing ideas, some of the simplest and even the smallest products can have a significant, wide-reaching impact.

In a nutshell, this is where you use a pleasant aroma or scent to bolster your business’s brand image, improve your customer experience and, of course, increase your company’s sales.

$32.01, Save If online ordering isn’t your thing then our team are on standby to assist with your order just ask! People generally assume air fresheners are a relatively new product which found it’s start  around the 1970s and 1980s, but you’d be surprised to learn our fascination with personal spaces smelling fresh starts all the way back in ancient egypt. One of the fantastic things about having custom air fresheners made for you is that you've got a plethora of choice.

You can supercharge your business by boosting brand awareness with custom air fresheners from Printed Air Fresheners. So, to that end, where else can custom air fresheners be useful for your marketing purposes? You don't even need to own a car, truck, or any other kind of vehicle to make use of an air freshener! As you can imagine, there is a demand for custom air fresheners in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a photograph, a business logo, emblem, or even a school shield, you can depend on Printed Air Fresheners to recreate your designs on high-quality custom air fresheners. The original method for dispensing fragrances was based on military technology for emitting insecticides. Pop your email address in the below box to receive news, tips and special offers from our company.


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