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Quickly angle the tines underneath the clam and pull the rake back out towards you. The 4 clamming rakes that we’ve reviewed above are easily the cream of the crop. While this may be another clam rake from Eagle Claw there are some key differences between this rake and the other one we listed. Here is what you will need to get started: 1)A permit from the town in which you will be clamming. Other clammers use their hands to search for clams. Recreational clam digging on Cape Cod is a fun family activity that offers the added benefit of a tasty meal as a reward for success! one Piece 72" Long Handle EAGLE CLAW used RAKE. Her work has appeared in magazines including "The Roanoker Magazine," "Blue Ridge Country," "Pinnacle Living" and the award-winning "Virginia State Travel Guide."

DANIELSON (2) CLAM GEAR - VARIOUS (2) JACKS COUNTRY STORE (1) It’s also important to consider how you will be transporting and storing your clam when rake not in use. Basket Size: 12″ length x 6″ width x 6″ deep. Pre-Owned. The Cape is renowned for its abundance of hard shell (quahogs), soft shell (steamers), oysters and razor clams. Generally speaking, adjustable length handles are the best since you can easily change the length based on your own personal needs.

You may miss the clams the first few times you try. Free local pickup. If you don’t maintain it properly the handle will begin to rust. CLAM SHOVEL LONG HANDLE 9" Item # WIP00104. That’s what makes rakes so great – they allow you till up the sand without throwing out your back in the process and the length of the handle plays a big part of that.

Item # UNT1881600. Eagle Claw Wide Round Tine Clam Rake – Best for Basketless Clamming, 4.

The vast majority of clam rakes are made of steel since you’ll need a tough and durable material that won’t bend under heavy stress. When you find a clam, push the rake into the mud with the tines angled down.

Clam rakes have much longer handles and often come equipped with a built in basket that you can effortlessly scoop the clam into. Rakes on the other hand are much simpler to operate and often don’t even require you to bend over to collect clams.

This can be a real lifesaver for your back since finding a rake that is the right size can be the difference between a painless day of clamming and an achy back. In these areas, it would be wise and much more comfortable to wear hip boots or even chest waders. Recreational clamming for the larger surf and quahog clams (soup clams) is primarily done with a basket style rake. RENTALS: Although we are not doing daily kayak/SUP tours and rentals, we do offer long term rentals.

Even if everything works properly, you may discover you’ve ordered the wrong clamming rake for your needs which may require a return. While Amazon should cover broken or defective items upon delivery, it’s up to the manufacturer as to whether they will provide a replacement after it’s been used. Alternatively if you’re shopping specifically for multi-purpose use then you can’t go wrong with the Corona Extendable Handle Cultivator. Be sure to check whether or not the manufacturer offers a warranty on the item you intend to purchase. The head of these rakes have long tines attached to a “basket-like” cage in which the clams are collected as the digger rakes … Additionally, a wide variety of clam rake styles are currently on the market.

Wash and store your rake. The handle length is easily the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a clam rake.

On the exposed sand flats, digging for soft-shelled clams is usually done with a short handled clam rake or a spading fork with its short handle bent perpendicularly away from the fork’s head.

More expensive than other clam rakes on the market. Eagle Claw Clam Rake – Best for Easy Basket Collection, 2.

To help you make that determination we went ahead and summarized the important features so you can make an informed decision based on your needs.

And of those 4 the Eagle Claw Clam Rake is our all around choice for the best clamming rake. The tines are very long and may bend if you apply too much force to them.

Below are some of the most popular clamming rakes on the market so we reviewed them and came up with a list of the best rakes for different uses, including: Eagle Claw is very well known in the crabbing and clamming community for their well made products and this clamming rake is no different. Shipping is easily one of the most annoying costs associated with making online purchases. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 6A, Orleans, MA 02653(508) 255-0455Mon-Sat: 9am-5:30pmSun: 9am-4pm, Dennis Store:1369 Rte. Some clammers also like thin soled boots so that they can feel clams through the mud with their feet, which is a style called treading. They can move surprisingly quickly through mud. Dig out the clams. Be wary of cheap imitations! Most clam rakes come with a built-in basket near the tines that allow you to scoop the clam into the basket without requiring you to bend over. If you’re concerned that, due to the removable head, it won’t be as strong as the alternatives don’t be – it’s held on by a very strong spring loaded snap that locks the handle and the rake together. The size of the basket can be quite important as if the gap is too large then clams can slip between them and force you to bend over to pick them up. Add to Cart. And if the handle is adjustable you may be able to remove it altogether and use it as you would a fork as well, adding additional utility. Be sure to compare the shipping costs to your location prior to making a purchase so you don’t end up spending more than you bargained for.

Most towns have strict regulations on how sub legal size clams must be returned to the water...In many towns, when the air temperature goes below freezing, clamming is not sure to follow these regulations to help insure the future of this abundant Cape fishery. Sign up with your email address to receive news and our very own Cape Cod Fishing Report.Learn more about Kayak & SUP Rentals HERE, Main Store, Outdoor & Marine:15 Rte.

It's easiest to find clams when the tide is out, as you won't be walking or dragging your rake through a lot of water. Since the handle comes separated into two pieces you can adjust the length of the rake based on your needs.

Comes equipped with a built-in basket for easy collection. Sort out the clams from any rocks you may have caught, and place them in a bucket. In some towns, the best spots to clam have deeper water-even at dead low tide. EAGLE BOW 14-TINE CLAM RAKE. Additionally, the water can sweep the clams out of your rake, thus making the entire exercise fruitless. With our decades of experience at the Goose, we choose not to stock cheap rakes due to the high incidence of breakage and warranty. Follow these regulations carefully...a run in with the shellfish warden over an infraction is likely not the happiest ending to a good days clamming! $275.00. Be sure to check with the vendor before purchasing to see if they will allow a return and if so, under what circumstances.

Depending on which body of water you choose to clam, the footwear you require will vary by the prevailing conditions found in the bodies of water open to recreational clamming.

Their steel clam rake is a great example of this and comes with a long 60 inch handle and a removable head which makes it perfect for transporting and storage. 134, Dennis, MA 02660(508) 258-0929CLOSED FOR SEASON. Compare different clamming rake sellers to see if any of them will offer replacements in the event it breaks from normal use. The head of these rakes have long tines attached to a “basket-like” cage in which the clams are collected as the digger rakes through the sand or mud. To meet the legal size limit, a clam must be large enough to not be able to pass through the opening in the gauge. If you’re concerned you won’t be able to carry a steel rake for several hours then you may want to consider purchasing a rake with a wood or aluminum handle.

3) Rake. What is the difference between a clam fork and rake?


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