comparing versions of the flying machine answer key
Which products should be processed further? If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

To increase the production of grey paper, a decision must be made to determine what color must be dropped.

The Emperor asks the flying man, "What have you done?"

"The Flying Machine" by Ray Bradbury. One morning, his servant enters his chambers and tells him that he has seen a miracle. I'm sorry, which of Bradbury's short-stories are you referring to? The cost of the rental car including gas is \(\$57\) per day and the car will be needed for two full days. This is a targeted post for IELTS candidates who have great problems finding out and understanding Reading Answers in the AC module. What is of key importance for a company whose products can be processed further? Daisy found white glossy ceramic hearts from another Etsy vendor for \(\$20\). U - the type of the sort key Parameters: keyExtractor - the function used to extract the sort key keyComparator - the Comparator used to compare the sort key Returns: a comparator that compares by an extracted key using the specified Comparator Throws: NullPointerException - if either argument is null Since: 1.8; comparing

The company received an offer from Saied Tents to produce the awnings for \(\$3,200\) per unit and supply \(1,000\) awnings for the coming year’s estimated production. These are ideas that Bradbury would like for us to debate. Derek Dingler conducts corporate training seminars on managerial accounting techniques all around the country. A potential supplier has offered to sell Country Diner the cookies for \(\$0.85\) each.

He orders his other guards to burn the flying machine and dispose of it with the inventor's ashes.

If the goods in the special order are modified, and thus cheaper for that reason, current customers may prefer the modified, cheaper version of the product. Determine the cost and the amount that will remain even if Title X is dropped? Based on a physical measure of output, allocate joint costs to products Y and Z. Brindi’s Babysitting Center currently rents a \(1200\) sq foot facility for her \(20\)-child facility. The inventor begs for mercy, but the Emperor shows none and orders the executioner to kill him.

If inventors do not think about these possible side effects or choose to move past them, is it then the government's responsibility to step in and censor ideas? Shown is the cost data of the options: Akimoto’s Bicycle Co assembles three types of bicycles: Charger, Sublime, Kidde. However, the \(\$1.50\) packaging cost will not apply in this case. Garrison Boutique, a small novelty store, just spent \(\$4,000\) on a new software program that will help in organizing its inventory. Due to their residential location they operate with one 8 hour shift, \(5\) days per week, \(50\) weeks a year. Each product passes through the cutting machine area, which is the chief constraint during production. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. It would be seen as very controversial for a government to halt progress simply because they believed that it had the possibility to create evil (and that possibility was not guaranteed).

This post can guide you the best to understand every Reading […], Choose a module Product Y weighs \(25\) pounds and product Z weighs \(75\) pounds. The story ends with the Emperor playing with his own invention, a miniature version of his empire where men walk through the valleys and forests and birds flew through the sky.

Uber fees for his time in Philadelphia will cost \(\$68\).

I’ll look into the matter later. What other issues would you need to consider? (Honours) Degree in English Literature and Language. Mortech makes digital cameras for drones. %PDF-1.5 In lines 12-14 of paragraph no.

Dimitri Designs has capacity to produce \(30,000\) desk chairs per year and is currently selling all \(30,000\) for \(\$240\) each. When the Emperor insists that he was merely dreaming, the servant asks him to come with him and look up at the sky. Prepare an Excel spread sheet to determine the differential income if the emergency tidy-up service is priced at \(\$75\). Najib spends most of his time developing better ways to solve IELTS Reading, Writing, and Speaking questions and topics with detailed explanations and examples in this blog. .. part of the pleasure we get from art stems….. .” This matches with Justin Kruger’s experiments, “… .

Reuben’s Deli currently makes rolls for deli sandwiches it produces. Altoona Corporation has offered to supply \(8,000\) units of part A at a price of \(\$8.00\) per unit. If ZZOOM completes the Z Best models, it can sell them for \(\$180\) per unit.

The inventor is terribly confused.

Review, analyze and evaluate the results of the decision. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of select short stories by Ray Bradbury. The current price of the camera is \(\$160\). Currently, the selling price per unit is \(\$25\) and the cost per unit is \(\$7.85\). 10.E: Short-Term Decision Making (Exercises), [ "article:topic", "showtoc:no", "authorname:openstaxaccounting2", "program:openstax" ], Template:ContribManagerialAccountingOpenStax, Felipe’s decision not to attend graduate school. With this extra worker, the company could produce and sell \(3,500\) more units per year.

The government has put a recall on a particular part in the Z Best model, so each base model must now be reworked to accommodate the style of the new part. So, the result of the experiment helps to understand people’s reactions. In paragraph no. The fixed costs will be unaffected by the special order and the company has the capacity to accept the order. However, the space occupied by the awning production can be used by a different production group that will lease it for \(\$60,000\) per year. There is another clue: In Paul Bloom’s suggestion, there is a mention of ‘the creative process’. "Which answer" means that you have been provided with answer choices for your question.

You are working for a large firm that has asked you to attend a career fair at a university that is \(185\) miles from your office. Based on a physical measure of output, allocate joint costs to products H and C. Jamboree Outfitters, Inc., produces pocket knives and fillet knives for outdoor sporting. Keywords for this answer: Geraint Wiggins, worried by computer art, The answer to this question can be found in line 5 of paragraph 2.

At Stardust Gems, a faux gem and jewelry company, the setting department is a bottleneck. 4 0 obj Question 27: What is the writer suggesting about computer-produced works in the first paragraph? Their basic digital camera uses \(\$80\) in variable costs and requires \(\$1,500\) per month in fixed costs. An upcoming training seminar is to be held in Philadelphia. Table saw blades take \(20\) minutes on the sharpening machine and have a contribution margin per blade of \(\$35\). Is it really protecting society in this case? Should Gent Designs accept the offer from Cory Corporation? The work of common laborers (sweeping, hauling trash) is to be billed at \(\$8\) per hour. Flying would require her to rent a car for \(\$39\) per day and pay an airport parking fee of \(\$25\) for the day. <>>> On the other hand, another manufacturer is interested in purchasing the partially completed units for \(\$105\) each and converting them into Z Plus models. He is able to maintain constant control.

What will be the impact on profits of accepting the order? There are also no points on whether people should apply the same concepts of creativity to all forms of art.

Variable costs will be the same as the current production, and the special order will not impact the rest of the company’s orders. <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 792 612] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> The specialized equipment cannot be used and has no market value.

The juice could be processed further into energy drinks, and the preserve mix could be processed further into ice cream flavoring. 4, we find the reference of the painting of a chair. Underground Food Store has \(4,000\) pounds of raw beef nearing its expiration date. Power Corp. makes \(2\) products: blades for table saws and blades for handsaws. Should Almond Treats make or buy the almond cereal? The university is \(196\) miles from her office. The dinner ends at 9:00 p.m. Company policy allows her to spend the night if the return trip is four hours or more. Sensory images.

The answer is in the first two lines of paragraph 5. In "The Flying Machine," the ethics of technological improvement with no clear goal in sight is called into question. Using this quantitative cost data to make the table top, should Colin buy the table top or make it? The tidy-up service will take \(2\) hours. Which of the following is a disadvantage of outsourcing? Blake has produced a bid for \(\$1500\) to complete the basement painting. Her alma mater has asked her to make a presentation to the upcoming accounting honor society’s annual scholarship dinner. Using the extra worker, the company will be able to engrave \(8,000\) more units per year.

Artisan Metalworks has a bottleneck in their production that occurs within the engraving department.

You have to take My IELTS Writing Correction Service. The total variable cost to produce the irregulars is \(\$4.85\).

The last paragraph’s lines 1-5 give us the answer. Your IP:

Legal. So, the answer is: G (discovering that it was the product of a computer program), Question 37: The participants in David Moffat’s study had to assess music without –, Keywords for this answer: participants, David Moffat’s study, assess music without. Product Y sells for \(\$150\) per pound and product Z sells for \(\$125\) per pound.

He also does some part-time tuition online. Answer A and B are ruled out because there is no comparison on any aesthetic power between computer or human art and the line does not say anywhere that computer art may overtake or supersede human art.


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