custom autoharp luthiers
In most cases, the autoharp cannot be played satisfactorily or comfortably with bare fingers. Phone: 717-589-7210 We annoy our grandchildren with our memories of those heady days of protest demonstrations, opposition to social mores, and bellbottom trousers. And to have fun! If enforced by customs, the instrument may be confiscated or delayed for inspection.

There are some more costly picks out there, such as the “Perfect Touch” brand.

I have not found them to be useful for my playing; but they may well be worth a try if picks are uncomfortable and keep falling off. Fine tuners are also helpful for tweaking the strings that go a little sharp or flat from day to day environmental changes in temperature and humidity. The other things that will inevitably need some attention are the felt pieces that cushion the chord bars as they hit the strings.

A peace symbol rosette is inlaid in the sound hole and an there is an additional sound hole in the back that makes the sound more audible to the player’s left ear and is useful for handling the instrument.

Keep your autoharp in its case when you’re not playing it, so that things don’t inadvertently get spilled on it and the strings don’t corrode from the moisture in the air. Solid and laminated hardwood frames have been enclosed by hardwood, softwood, and plywood with the builder’s and player’s personal preferences guiding the combination. One might wonder why there is an F note on a G/D autoharp.

Temperature control, humidifiers in the winter, dehumidifiers in the summer, and fine tuners all help us avoid adverse environmental effects but, as careful as we are, there can be some disappointing surprises.

The newer ‘harps are designed to be held upright against your body (which produces a much better sound on virtually all ‘harps), and so are awkward when played on the lap because of the necessity of crossing your hands.

Search for: Fladmark Woodworks • 1141 Saw Mill Road, Sunbury, PA 17801 • 570-286-5044. Check the “Instruments for sale” page in the header for       future offers. Once you get it tuned, you can pick up the autoharp, make some pretty chords and strum along with your singing on simple songs after only a few minutes.

We sadly note the passing of our friend, master autoharp luthier George Orthey. See our Gallery for pictures of some of the autoharps we have already sold. Our lives have changed a lot since then but there is still that old friend nostalgia. Also, if you’re playing in a warm environment, make sure to wipe any sweat completely off the harp body, and perhaps clean it with guitar polish after playing. These are a bit longer than the “B/C strings”. email:, Greg Schreiber This will keep the finish from getting ruined and also from taking up an odor from your skin. If you hold the ‘harp upright, you will need to support it in some way. Additionally, the instrument is trimmed with an attractive side veneer, end cover, and chord set. The wait probably seemed longer to the musician anxious to receive his first luthier built autoharp but its completion was well within my usual two to five month time estimate.

Christiansburg, VA 24073 Bryan showed me how much easier it was, for the traditional and folk songs and tunes that he and I love to to play with a ‘harp that was set up consistently so that the three strongest fingers shared the work of pushing buttons equally. Shortly thereafter, I started to play the autoharp, and needing the same modifications, decided to learn to do it for myself. The prototype featured a diatonic tuning schedule and chords for the keys of C and F. These two major keys are ideal for much written music and for accompanying young voices. Easier melodies with different chord bar arrangement.


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