daniel defense pdw pistol
One gun for the price of 4… PASS. I like it. Say hello to the new Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW. The trigger on the PDW is Daniel Defense’s standard unit, and mine felt great.

Their faces lit up as they dumped 30 rounds through an AR pistol for the first time. Shooting off-hand with no support, I was able to get some really tight groups at 20 yards before “walking” the DDM4 PDW out to 50 yards. For more information, visit danieldefense.com. Why? Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement unless specified. With a bit of practice, I could unsling the backpack and retrieve the PDW very quickly, and with a Steiner DRX1X in place, I could deliver accurate shots more efficiency with the PDW than I can with a handgun.

Surrounding the barrel and pistol-length gas system is a 6-inch MFR XL handguard with a Picatinny rail on top and M-LOK accessory slots along the sides and bottom.

It’s a head-turner on the range and will definitely do the job in making a bad guy realize he made a big mistake if he breaks into your home. Their response describes the Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW perfectly: “That thing is frickin’ awesome!”. Compact, yet designed to run hard, the Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW is well suited as a truck gun or fight-stopping home defense weapon. Light Weight Alloy Lower Trigger Frame. Consequently, I’ve had a number of emails come in from readers who are looking for the best self-defense pistol on a budget. DDM4 PDW: First Look at Daniel Defense Prototype .300 BLK Pistol.

“I believe our new DDM4 PDW is the absolute best gun you can buy … There are a lot of reasons to own the DDM4 PDW. Available in both pistol and SBR configurations, the new AR-style weapon system is designed to be both compact and easy to transport.

Like all of Daniel Defense’s products, it’s a serious shooter. All Guns and Ammo subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content.

I've spoken on the Federal cartridge before, and used it very successfully in hunting.

The president's role as commander in chief is also to protect service members' rights, including their right to vote, former military leaders say.

Seriously what’s the difference.

The receivers fit together tightly, without any slop.

The Federal 120gr averaged a little under 2 MOA, which is pretty par for how the round performs in most of my rifles. As of , it looks like the anti-gun team of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris may win the White House.

Firewood, Survival Skills, Bushcrafting, Gun Stocks Tanked While Markets Rallied During Election Drama, BREAKING: FPC and SAF Challenge New York City Handgun Carry Ban, Op-Ed: The current state of America – through a millennial’s eyes, Overlooked Repair Parts That Smart Preppers Stockpile, 7 Important Steps To Prepare Your Chickens For Fall And Winter, Here’s Why You Should NEVER Rake Up Leaves, Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Cordless Pole Pruner, Heated races for 6th and 14th congressional seats drawing to a close, Timney Releases CZ Scorpion Trigger With Pull Weights Under 3 Pounds, How To Select The Best Shooting Targets For Your Needs (2020). Grab your copy at OutdoorGroupStore.com. Days ahead of SHOT Show 2020, Daniel Defense teased to a new firearm – something that looked like it could be a PDW.. Well, that’s just what they released.

To make matters more confusing, the pistol ran HSM’s subsonic 208-grain A-MAXs just fine.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The 7″ 300BLK cold hammer forged barrel keeps subsonic loads subsonic and provides great ballistics for a shorter barrel.

This article is from the September-October 2020 issue of Combat Handguns magazine. Like a number of other PDWs on the market, Daniel Defense’s product can also shoot comfortably when suppressed or unsuppressed. And it looks like a piece of art.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Have you got an MSR, sans sights, for this piece?

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With the brace extended, the pistol is 24.75 inches long.

Daniel Defense is one company that never disappoints when it comes to firearms. Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW.

What’s more, you can quickly and easily adjust the brace length as needed; all without taking your eyes off the target.

Available in both pistol and SBR configurations, the new AR-style weapon system is designed to be both compact and easy to transport. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! |   What is the best optic for my Glock 43x MOS, Palmetto State Armory PS9 Dagger: $300 Glock Killer [UPDATED].

To make matters more confusing, the pistol ran HSM’s subsonic 208-grain A-MAXs just fine.

With the big Double-D behind it, you know it will run correct!

It's easy to get excited about shooting a new gun. But it was quite easy to hit multiple steel plates set at various distances as quickly as I could. We like to think that we’re safe in our own houses, but in the event of a home invasion there are few defense firearms that are better suited to stopping a threat than the Daniel Defense PDW. 100°+ isn't optimal for shooting!

All your are is paying for a name. The pistol grip has Soft-Touch rubber overmolding for comfort and control, and you’ll find a Maxim Defense CQB arm brace at the rear. The DDM4 PDW comes with the usual bells and whistles such as an M16 profile, Mil-Spec, chrome-lined bolt carrier group, ambidextrous GRIP-N-RIP charging handle, and Daniel Defense pistol grip. Yo, this is one of the best looking PDW style guns I’ve seen in a long time.

I reluctantly mention the Magtech subsonic loading now, because as soon as word gets out it is going to be even tougher to find than it already is.

Calling one a pistol and one a short barrel rifle (SBR). Ian D’Costa is a correspondent with Gear Scout whose work has been featured with We Are The Mighty, The Aviationist, and Business Insider. Starting with the basics you'd expect from any decent AR, this gun shows great parts fitment and is clear of obvious tooling marks. Don't sleep on Magtech if you haven't heard of them, this stuff is awesome! After 5 tours to Afghanistan and Iraq, he adventured about the west coast becoming a commercial fisheries and salvage SCUBA diver, rated helicopter pilot instructor (CFII) and personal trainer, before becoming a gear reviewer and writer.”. It’s accurate, easy to shoot, and compact.

Most people are familiar with operating AR-15s. At the 2020 SHOT Show, Daniel Defense announced a new addition to their line-up, the DDM4-PDW. Up front, the DDM4 PDW makes use of a shortened (6-inch) version of the company’s MFR XL rail with multiple MOLK attachment points on the rail’s side faces, and retails with a detachable SLR Rifleworks MLOK MOD 2 handstop. Over time, the company could introduce other cartridges depending on customer demand.

The US Congress doesn’t look much better.

Are any significant differences? Compact and easy to transport, the Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW is the kind of pistol you can rely on for home and personal defense…plus it’s a ton of fun to shoot. But the advantages of an AR pistol in .300 Blackout over conventional compact and subcompact 9mm and .45 ACP autoloading pistols are apparent. Why? Required fields are marked *. DANIEL DEFENSE DDM4 PDW 300 BLACKOUT.

I’d prefer an 8.5-9 inch tube, but that’s easily changed out. What’s more, with the use of an arm brace and an optic the PDW’s accuracy potential far exceeds that of a traditional handgun. For some reason, those two rounds would not allow the gun to cycle properly. It also features Daniel Defense’s trademark pistol grip with an integral trigger guard and excellent ergonomic molding. The PDW is, simply put, a better defensive weapon than any traditional pistol. American owned and operated, Daniel Defense has gained a reputation for incredibly crafted higher-end rifles over the past few years, and the company’s recent foray into the AR pistol game continues that legacy. For some reason, those two rounds would not allow the gun to cycle properly.

The included finger stop is also a near necessity and a welcome addition to the DDM4-PDW. It’s considered a large-format pistol—one that just screams “home-defense powerhouse,” so I put it to the test to see if it would hold up to that title. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Most people are familiar with operating AR-15s. The gun was also easy to control, which kind of surprised me considering its small form factor and larger 300 Blackout chambering. The age-old question, 9mm vs .45 ACP.

Well, that’s just what they released. This gun is perfect for maneuvering in tight quarters, like inside a home or vehicle. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Say hello to the new Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW.

It’s small, lightweight, versatile and, thanks to some clever engineering, doesn’t require any NFA paperwork.


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