dorcus titanus lifespan
Figure 3.3 Yellowish ovaries may be visible underneath the 7-8th abdominal segment of the dorsal side of female larva after its mid L2 stage. Males measure 32.0–111.3 millimetres (1.26–4.38 in) including mandibles; females 36.5–54 millimetres (1.44–2.13 in).

They feed on tree juice, especially of Quercus species. The capacity ratio varies among the users of this substrate. If not, on this page, I will tell you a recipe of a substrate for rearing Lucanid beetle larvae, which was originated by H. Kojima, a Japan’s leading expert on the breeding/rearing of Lucanid/Dynastine beetles. A pealed apple or a peach also serves as a suitable food. Eight larvae were in the humus and four were in the wood. or missing part. They can be found on Palawan island in the Philippines. If you wish to obtain more eggs, let the female into another breeding container. Make sure:  – When were they collected? Note that the duration of egg is about 1 month. Dorcus titanus beetles have similar wide, jet black bodies.

Required fields are marked *. However, most are imported for sport, decorative show, or to be kept as an exotic pet. Next, place one or two decaying wood logs on the top. The giant stag beetle of the family Lucanidae,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with Korean-language sources (ko), Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Articles with Chinese-language sources (zh), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Mizunuma T. & Nagai S. (1994) The Lucanid Beetles of the World. They are very easy to look after if you keep the males and females separate.

They look similar to palawanicus and castianicolor. Repeat this process if you want. : Avoid older individuals. A substrate for rearing Lucanid beetles. They are one of the smaller titanus beetles. It was described by Jean Baptiste Boisduval in 1835. Your email address will not be published. They feed on tree juice, especially of Quercus species.

If you order online, you don't quite know how big the female is. Also, the male will spend most of his time by the beetle jelly waiting for the female to come. The best advice I give you at this point is patience: wait until one month after their emergence, and then take them out carefully. 2) Wheat flour; Like other Dorcus Titanus beetles found in Indonesia, they have strong mandibles. When the larvae are in the first or second instar, you can use 900cc kinshi bottles.

That means, for beetle breeding/rearing enthusiasts, that the male of this subspecies has a potential of growing up to 111.3 mm long or even longer. – Put substrate into the container up to 5 cm high from the bottom, and press it hard by hand or any other means. No ovaries in male larva, as a matter of course. * If you wish to obtain more eggs, let the female into another breeding container. A hardwood tree only.

Keep the temperature around the 23 degrees Celsius mark if possible.

Make sure to keep replacing the beetle jelly. Male’s antler-like jaws have small teeth along inner edge and a pair of big teeth toward the bottom, and are forked at end.

2.5  Life cycle: The insect life cycle is said to be largely unknown in a natural setting. sorry, i do not have any spare specimen to sell. Not only do they fight other beetles, but they will also kill the females.

The males can grow as long as 100mm.

4. A substrate for rearing Lucanid beetles). Do you sell one pair of adult palawan stag beetle im from the philippines …..pls reply ………if you have pls reply and how much a pair …thanks- jaaron. Female: 4-6 months       (L1: 1 month; L2: 1 month; and L3: 2-4 months) Repeat the process: 3.1  Getting started. Among them, ssp. 3.5  Breeding. STEP 4: Keep it at 25 or more degrees C. This makes the substrate well fermented. Female dugs a hole into the log and lays eggs in it. They can live up to 3 years. This beetle has some commercial value and export from some regions is criminalized. palawanicus is the longest. Captive reared by the author. They are, however, a much smaller size than the palawanicus.The male pictured above is 76mm long, which is quite big for this subspecies.

It is not uncommon for beetle breeders to send their beetles in boxes to places around Japan. EvoLve theme by Theme4Press  •  Powered by WordPress Ben's Beetle Breeding PagesAll you need to know about beetles, These pages present the breeding/rearing of. 3) Food for imagoes;

This moistens the log and kills beetle’s predator organisms in it.

The reason for this is that the males are very aggressive and it is not uncommon for the male to kill the female.

These beetles are the largest Dorcus titanus beetles. The males can grow up to 80mm long. The beetles in the picture are the Dorcus titanus pilifer from Japan and the Dorcus titanus palawanicus from the Philippines. Then, carefully break down the log(s) to see if larvae have already hatched inside.

Whereas the female remains up to 15 grams.

It is always best to keep your male and female titanus beetles in a container that has a divider or in two separate containers. Put the lid on top to keep the wood submerged in the water between half a day and a day.

The male was placed in a small tube. Palawanicus males can grow very large. Elongate, somewhat flat. Hiroshi Fujita, a Japanese coleopterologist studying stag beetles, described over the 20 subspecies separating some subspecies to 11 subspecies in Japan. 2) Containers for breeding/rearing; The palawanicus pair I purchased had a male 95mm long, but the female was only 39mm. In colder months, they put in hot packs to keep the beetles warm. 2.4  Food: Imago saps tree juice and larva feeds rotten hardwood tree. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the bark from the wood.

There are 19 varieties of the species Dorcus titanus (S. Nagai): pilifer, hachijoensis, castanicolor, tatsutai, karasuyamai, takaraensis, elegans, tokunoshimaensis, okinoerabuensis, okinawanus, daitoensis, sakishimanus, sika, platymelus, tiphoniformis, westermanni, titanus, typhon and palawanicus. As a result, the beetles adapted to their environment, resulting in the different subspecies we see today. However, as the picture to the left shows, the Dorcus titanus beetles found in south-east Asia grow to much larger sizes than the Japanese beetles. : Avoid individuals of 8 months or older.

Get one and fill it with substrate (Also, see 4. They can live up to 2 years as an adult. Captive reared by the author. In choosing which individuals to buy, the following criteria are useful: a) Wild-caught individuals:

Usually the beetles are shipped overnight, but it can take two days to have them delivered. beneficial to larvae. Once you introduce the male and female together, you should find that they have big appetites. After a month you can remove the female when you find her on the top of the humus.

In the past few years some breeders in Japan, both dealers and hobbyists, have reported the rearing of males of this variety from eggs to imagoes of over 100 mm.

Adults can be seen from May to August. [1][3], It mainly inhabits tropical rainforests and temperate forests from lowland to mountains.[2].

Some time soon, the larvae undergo pupation.

The following discussion first introduces its natural history and then emphasizes its breeding/rearing methods to win good results. The capacity ratio of the new to the used is 2-to-1. But it serves for a breeding purpose only, not for rearing by any means. H. Fujita, Japan. To make wood into mulch, some hobbyists use a home juicer/mixer.

I ordered the palawanicus pair online. Haltung: Die Temperatur sollte zwischen 20-25°C liegen und die Luftfeuchtigkeit zwischen 70-90%. For sexing, see the following picture, Figure 3.3. A look at the different subspecies that I have owned below will show these variations.


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