dragster 4 link setup

Big power stick shift cars typically need to stay 3-7 inches above the racing surface. By putting them to an instantaneous centre you are inducing twist in the diff housing when the vehicle rolls.

of gravity when you don’t use it? It runs low 8's in the quarter. *All Steering Linkage, etc.

When you or your chassis builder installs the rear-end in your car with a four-link setup, that’s the time to decide exactly which bracket holes you will use for the links. * Reinforced Wiring Slots in Chassis * Cable Mounts For Throttle/Shifter/Parachute *Arm Assembly

For this reason, there is no warranty or guarantee either written or implied. Four links need to be a parallelogram. * Master Shutoff Switch & Mount Optional) That all makes sense, but over time racers quickly discovered that changes in that pickup point location can have a considerable influence upon the behavior of the chassis. * Adjustable Throttle Pedal Stop Work and price satisfied by both parties. *Monoshock Rocker If the pickup point is located below this neutral line, the body will squat. * Carbon Fiber One Piece Body from the A-Arms to the Front It can be accomplished with several different ladder bars along with several different front ladder bar mounting positions. Lift bars, slapper bars, Super Stock springs, leaf links, ladder bars, three-links, four-links, and torque arms (there may be others too, but it’s a start). *Solid Front Axle/Tripod Front End “Another problem with this traditional neutral line location theory is that many drag race cars wheel stand through low gear. *Front and Rear Protection Plates * Entry/Exit Handles On Roll Cage Financial Terms 50% Down. “In practice, I find that pickup point location must be changed, depending upon race track conditions and vehicle performance. I hope that my link works for viewing my data.

* 23” Wide Shoulder Hoop However, as we noted much earlier in this article, if too much power is applied to a long IC point, tire shake can result. To complicate things, there has been quite a bit penned over the years regarding suspension setup–some right and some wrong (some very seriously wrong). If you examine Jerry Bickel’s drawing, you can see that the four-link has an instant center that acts as a pickup point, even though the actual point is invisible. * Manufacturer’s Identification Plate While my design is built to withstand intense race conditions, it is impossible to control the quality of installation or the varying conditions in which they are used. All parts and pieces are of the finest quality that the industry has to offer. I have a sbc, 4 link dragster that spins the tires shortly after the launch. If, for example, the pickup points were short and high, then the launch would prove violent. *Dashboard and Drilled for Gauges Learn how your comment data is processed. This combination seems to help overcome the impact from the high rpm launch and the engine usually doesn’t have enough power to shake the tires.”. Once the front tires are in the air, I do not believe that they have an effect upon neutral line location. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tires * Engine Restraint Kit Installed I have noticed others with similar setups with the same problem. The bottom line here is you have to take your time setting up the four-link for your particular car. These decisions will ultimately impact how the car works. The respective bar on each of the car also pushes down on the tires and wheels. When you or your chassis builder installs the rear-end in your car with a four-link setup, that’s the time to decide exactly which bracket holes you will use for the links.

The other consideration Bickel tells us about is the amount of torque your engine can deliver to the drivetrain coupled with the type of drag slicks you have. * Carbon Fiber Driver’s Seat * Double Adjustable Coilover Rear Shocks With Springs What we need is an idea of something called the “instant center.”. Your email address will not be published. Neither the seller nor manufacturer will be liable for loss, damage, or injury arising from use of or liability to determine the use of any product. *Fabricated 4130 4- Link Housing Why go through the trouble of weighing the car front to back to find cent. *Spindles They work best when you limit the rear movement to as little as possible with an IC point on or near the neutral line of the car. *Complete Body and Front Nose Bickel says that should you decide to change the length of the IC, you must also change the height in order to maintain the same anti-squat relationship. The company has built Nostalgia Top Fuel and Nostalgia Funny Car vehicles, as well as Top Alcohol Funny Cars and Pro Mods. It should be no surprise to anyone reading this that Bickel has built more than his fair share of championship winning race cars, and he is certainly no stranger to tuning suspension systems. * Saddle Type Front Motor Mounts - Includes Aircraft Type

Of all of the systems, the most common you’ll see today is the equal length four-link, probably followed by the ladder bar.

Figure Four: A Guide to Tuning Your Four-Link Suspension System, Four link tuning - DODGE RAM FORUM - Dodge Truck Forums, Figure Four: A Guide to Tuning Your Four-Link Suspension System | MEP Precision Racing, Launch Control: The 6 Acceleration Forces You Must Control to Win at the Dragstrip - OnAllCylinders, Monte Makeover (Part 2): Transforming an '86 Monte Carlo into an Autocross Killer Continues - OnAllCylinders. * Tie Rods with Rod Ends * Carbon Fiber Body Panels from Front Motor Plate to Rear Bickel tells us that this arrangement will tend to hit the tires less violently, but it can also create more total load transfer to the rear tires. Would you care to elaborate on what the article states. * Drive Shaft Loop The closer to the housing the upper bar is, the less the car tends to wheel stand. Bickel states that if your reaction times are good, a long IC point (50-60 inches is generally more desirable than a short one (50 inches or less).

Motor Plate with Mounts If you look closely at Bickels’s illustration (below), it’s easy to see there are many possible IC locations in a four-link. * Battery Ground Tab * Streamline A-Arm Front End * Tow Hook Tabs on Spindles There is no comparison to any other 4-Link software available! *Wishbone * Mounts for Switch Panel Your email address will not be published. If the car has two ladder bars (as nearly all do), there are really two pickup points–one on each side of the car (see illustration #1 below). * Parachute Mount/Anchor/Release Handle * Carbon Fiber Removable Gauge Cover * Chassis Designed to Advanced ET Specifications The front of the car is lifted or “picked up” by this section. * Steering Shaft With Restraints and Bushings The choices made here will determine the length and height of the instant center. The ladder bar prevents excessive suspension wrap up by pushing up on the frame at the point of forward connection (basically the point where the upper and lower bars of the ladder bar intersect). Did physics change? * Brake Line Bulkhead Mount Tab * Front Spindles with Arms The big question with a ladder bar setup is this: How do you make the ladder bar adjustable so that you can tune it from a range of short, high pickup point to long, low pickup point? - Calculates all possible instant center locations plus percentage of rise and squat. * Four Link Rear Suspension * Carbon Fiber Floor with Tunnel * Grade 8 Hardware Installed on Assembly of Car Car Price $14,795 USD. How can it be out date??. Over the years, drag racers with door cars have gone through all sorts of suspension arrangements. Why does your line go to cam height over front spindle? * Carbon Fiber Nose Piece * Carbon Fiber Dashboard w/Gauge Holes & Delay Box Hole The instant center or “IC” is an imaginary point about which the chassis or a suspension member rotates in a given (instant) position. I am setting up a 4-link in my 74 corvette.

The farther back you move the IC, the higher it must be.”. What we’ve done here is cut through the maze of information (good and bad) and we’ve gone straight to an established expert on the subject–Jerry Bickel. * 245” Wheelbase Bickel notes that this is generally an acceptable situation, but if you go too far, the chassis may squat excessively or worse, rattle the tires.

But there is one truth: All race cars all have a neutral line that determines how the chassis will behave (see illustration 2 below). Doesn’t the antisquat or neutral line go from rear tire contact patch to the center of gravity point? It’s very important to keep notes of the changes too. When a drag car launches, the rear-end wraps up. *Seat Belt Mounts


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