dumb birds in disney movies

And he was also in the second movie AND he’s in the new tv show, The Lion Guard.

The rest told her to stay put and what happened? 4) Doves with Girl Minotaurs- Fantasia (1940). The birds win, and we don’t stand a chance. That’s just the type of sidekick Pacha is. I consider Venellope to be Ralph’s sidekick and considering she turns out to be a queen at the end, she is definitely someone you want on your side. He’s bullied at home and at school, and the only time we see him smile is when he watches Kes fly.

Tinkerbell flies by a few AND this happens….

72) Birds in Pixie Hallow- Tinker Bell(2008).

Those poor swans, at least we know he’s light….. 15) Bird that gets shaved- Peter Pan (1953).

And that’s all the birds basically from Bambi! These are the evil birds in the film. That broom knows how to clean things pretty well. And both Harry and Voldemort’s wands contain phoenix feathers. Nigel is a pelican who gets along with the dentist fish.

It’s a fairy story that is charming, surreal, and scary. The next lines were about not knowing where her soul was, which doesn’t strike me as typical bird symbolism, but birds mean a lot of things to a lot of people. 11) Birds- Cinderella (1950). Freedom. Look at him! If you disagree with me, well, Hakuna Matata because I literally don’t care.

The blue bird of happiness is found a number of times, but it cannot be caged.

It’s funny! 26) Evil Hawk & bird in nest- Sword In the Stone (1963). 28) Abigail & Amelia Gabble, the Geese- The Aristocats (1970). There are also some other birds that she accidentally lets out when running away. There are quite a few more animals in this film, and more birds of course. Madness. Disney has always done a great job with birds, their characters, sounds & actions! I’m not sure why liking birds or keeping birds became a symbol of craziness in movie language, unless it’s entirely due to the effect of Hitchcock’s stuffed victims. We only see his feet BUT he caws like a rooster, so do the math. When Alice is sad that she’s lost, all the abnormal birds come back to her and get sad like her. It’s a very cute scene. There are a few movies I never saw in the early 2000s (I know, it’s crazy) so if there’s animals from them I missed, please comment & tell me! 41) Marahoote- The Rescuers Down Under (1990). There’s only 2 of them. Are you singing the song yet? 72) Birds in Pixie Hallow- Tinker Bell(2008).

We also see these taller, Shovel birds. ( Log Out /  Yes, there are swans when they leave London in the beginning. There is a whole group of them! They look down on Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) and on us from around the room behind the reception area of Bates Motel, and represent Norman’s fascination with death and passivity. I don’t tend to think of them that way, but someone in Hollywood must, because birds keep cropping up to offer comic relief. There really is a bluebird on his shoulder! 47) Iago- Aladdin(1992). Now, there are tons of birds in this film. What if all birds were to turn against us? Hei Hei is the hilarious Chicken who doesn’t have much brains. He’s a hero.

It’s kinda creepy! Mama Quail & Babies: These guys are so cute! 71) Valiant & other Pigeons- Valiant(2005). He doesn't even need to speak to get his point across because he is a badass. I didn’t realize it was even Disney until later. Tip is a penguin who hangs out with a walrus. Unsolicited advice for shit you didn't know you were doing wrong, http://www.disneymovieslist.com/animated-disney-movies, Disney Animals List: Rabbits – Small Town Dreamer.

I will not be offended. 23) Maleficent’s Raven- Sleeping Beauty (1959). Thank you for reading this one! 74) Kevin- Up (2009). Here we go…. In Robin Hood the narrator is a rooster: Alan-a-dale. Melody- Ariel’s daughter- meets these two after turning into a mermaid. Before Tink knew what her niche was, she tried to help animals but epically failed with these bluebirds in a nest. It drives her crazy! We’re being asked to look inside his head, and what we see is fascinating, and terrible, and involves dead eyes and rigid bodies forced into uncomfortable poses.

That’s the dream right?

When Kenai turns into a bear, he hears these birds talking as they fly above him. So here’s this meme I found of his best part…. All the Harry Potter films are awash with imagery of birds and flying. But Disney channel made THE BEST tv show with him, & Huey, Duey & Louie!

Harry has his owl, Hedwig, on his arm. Discover (and save!) He’s pretty funny.

Exploring What Captivates, Inspires, and Intrigues Us. Yes, they hum, and it’s a sneaky reference to the ones in Songs of the South.

The father of them all is Long John Silver, of course, played complete with parrot in the 1950 version of Treasure Island (and a sequel) by Robert Newton. Even though we love Pocahontas, a lot of credit needs to go to Meeko and Flit because without Pocahontas’ two sidekicks in the movie, it would have been a tad bit boring. These are my favorite!! Please note, most of these birds idk they’re names so I’m kinda making one up. Are there any really endearing comedic birds? Buck is chicken little’s Dad who tries to get Ace to stop saying that the sky is falling. Down.

Alright so Piglet has a bit of neurosis, but Piglet is still kind and sweet and the best friend to Pooh. They are funny though, points for that. There’s an approaching threat – a crow known as the Black Menace.

SHERRY!! There were 2 birds singing in that blue lagoon….. In the Kiss the gorl scene of Little Mermaid, you lef out the 2 Birds holding open the curtain, can you tell us what kind of birds they are ? Because every film should have a wise owl. It’s cool how Disney does that.

He’s a solid bear friend. She’s always ready to take on someone too! This group is going to get confusing. Maleficent’s raven is the one who finds Aurora’s location. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I love their song too! In Pinocchio, a magical dove brings a note from the Blue Fairy.

( Log Out /  Even though he is a little wacky haha. The division is based at the Walt Disney Studios and is the main producer of live-action feature films within the The Walt Disney Studios unit. Especially when he’s marinated.

This was the first bird done by Pixar!

Or there’s a truly funny and highly offensive moment in Dumb And Dumber (1994) involving a dead bird and blind kid, but maybe it would be better not to go there. The parrot in The Ladykillers (1955) is the voice of reason amidst the madness. It shows him his dead parents, and it’s a moment of deep sadness when Dumbledore explains that the mirror must be moved so that Harry does not become obsessed. This falcon sees everything & tells Shan-Yu. Abu is a monkey! Rather like Marion in the shower only a few hours later.

It is one of my favorite versions of owl too!

Flounder is the best friend you have always wanted. We had so much in common, but these two were pretty much the essence of Cinderella. .

30) Rooster Narrator Alan-a-Dale- Robin Hood (1973). Iron Man 2 (2012) sees Mickey Rourke take on the bad guy role as Ivan Vanko. We can’t forget our friend Owl! The fairy named Fawn works with animals. your own Pins on Pinterest

13) Abnormal Birds of Wonderland- Alice In Wonderland (1951).

Then there’s Goosey Loosey who’s a goose at school & lastly, Abby Mallard who is a duck & a friend of Chicken Little. We don’t see it long, but it’s there! MY personal favorite! 24) Lucy the Goose- 101 Dalmatians (1961). 65) Flock of birds- Brother Bear (2003). Putting dreams into words & the words on here!

67) Seagulls- Finding Nemo (2003). He is a well trained pet to be honest.

Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! That’s a fact. He’s a giant inflatable nurse that acts like a drunk person when his batteries are low. He’s a dragon, not a lizard. I say vultures because that’s what they looked folded up.

68) Ace Cluck- Chicken Little (2005). When trying to escape the box & the day care center, Mr. Okay, Zazu was kind of annoying, but he was just trying to follow the rules and do the right things. 34) Orville the Albatross- The Rescuers (1977).

Wilbur is an albatross & is Orville’s little brother. ( Log Out / 

You can’t have one without the other. I AM!!

And it’s not just this bird who tries to eat everyone, there’s the fake bird the ants made, AND the real bird’s chicks which we see at the end, eating Hopper. They look in some incredible places, and its impossible to watch it now and not think of The Wizard Of Oz.

46) Birds in snow- Beauty & the Beast(1991). Probably the most important character in Robin Hood. Archimedes is a highly educated owl– meaning he talks! The crow watches the evil queen make her potion & poison apple.

The hawk we see twice, and he just looks so intense!

Yes, a bird on the shoulder equals an unhinged piratical personality in movie terms.


Yes, we get to see Donald & Daisy in this one!

Like in any Sherlock Holmes remakes, the Watson character is super important and a crucial sidekick in the story, even when it’s remade with mice. (If you google it, you’ll find there are good reasons…) In Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002) Fawkes the Phoenix helps to defeat the basilisk and then saves Harry from certain death with its healing tears. We’ve examined various Disney–inspired names for your future child, so it’s fitting that we’re finally giving you a list of Disney-inspired names for your pet, which, let’s be real, is essentially the equivalent of many people’s non-human child. Marahoote (I think that’s how it’s spelled), was the biggest bird in Australia.

Next we see the birdcage; a bird that’s also a cage-for birds- get it?! First of all. Orville is a big bird who flies mice to their destination. Becky is a crazy bird who helps Marlin & Nemo get to Dory. When we are given a bird’s-eye view of the town of Bodega Bay, California, we look down upon it as gas stations explode and everything goes up in flames, and the chilling realisation is that we are not capable of protecting ourselves from such an attack.

KEVIN! Use it, bro.

They also sit in the beast’s hands as well.

Vanity. 22) Owl- Sleeping Beauty (1959).

Take Ginger Rogers’ beautiful feathered dress in Top Hat (1935). Not to mention “Colors of The Wind” is the best Disney song ever. Idk, ask Disney. Love this narrator! Hitchcock gives us the strongest picture of the flipside of this power in The Birds (1963).

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