equitable access to technology in schools

Use the resources your school does have to barter for access to technology.

Each can be thought of along a continuum with key indicators that provide clues about the effectiveness and appropriateness of technology usage. Use this session to introduce students and parents to school administrators, teachers, counselors and special service providers. Technology offers the potential to improve education for disadvantaged students, regardless of at-home availability — but only if all students are able to fully participate. The many members of GoGuardian's team strive to bring interesting and useful articles to our readership. Whether you view Facebook as the problem or solution, Zuckerberg’s ambition is grand and his stated intent is refreshing. students are not distracted by the mechanics of the computer program and can fluently navigate within them).

Which web-based resources — like Zoom, Facebook Meetups, Microsoft Teams or GoToMeeting — support video conferencing, real-time meetings or classroom instruction? PowerPoint or Hyperstudio) to convey information. ©️ 2020 by the Southern Regional Education Board. Learn strategies to prepare students headed back to school. It may seem like a no-brainer, but many schools end up purchasing outdated or irrelevant technology simply because they did not run them by teachers beforehand. Youth deserve the opportunity to learn about emerging issues and an ethical framework for approaching tough decisions. In schools, technology is used for information management (grades, payroll), communication (e-mail) and instruction (word processing). However, there are also many programs available that promote technology outside of the classroom as well, including local initiatives to provide hotspots and laptop loaners to students.Â, Governmental policy is a key resource in ensuring students have equitable access to technology. Describe the online lessons that were the most successful. We expect education to equip them to: live harmoniously in an increasingly diverse society contribute … Create a communication and work plan for all teachers who teach remotely, whether they are at high risk or because schools are required to close due to a recurrence of COVID-19. Researcher danah boyd laments that “data itself has become a spectacle.” She is critical of media outlets that “throw around polling data without any critique of the limits of that data, to produce fancy visualizations which suggest that numbers are magical information.” She’d like to see more responsibility and less entertainment. Students are able to consider the validity of information based on the credibility of the sources (e.g. In this section, we will outline some practical tips on how educators can promote equitable access to technology for all their students. Our challenges and opportunities are shared and it’s never been easier, or more important to make a difference. To gain a clear understanding of the technology resources needed to support online teaching and learning, districts and schools can begin by conducting a technology inventory. We need to do a better job of teaching media literacy. COVID-19 Updates: Visit our Learning Goes On site for news and resources for supporting educators, families, policymakers and advocates. “Bridging the Digital Divide in Our Schools – Achieving Technology Equity for All Students,” IDRA Newsletter (San Antonio, Texas: Intercultural Development Research Association, May 2000).

Schools and districts have an opportunity to proactively improve the quality of the online and blended instruction they provide next year by analyzing the tools and strategies that worked well in the spring and creating professional development plans that help teachers offer engaging instruction in in-person, online or blended learning settings. Students in grades 6–12 can enroll in more than 100 online courses, including AP, world languages, core academics and electives. “We need to actively work to understand complexity, respectfully engage people where they’re at and build the infrastructure to enable people to hear and appreciate different perspectives,” said danah boyd. • by Jack Dieckmann, MA and Abelardo Villarreal, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • May 2001. Sign up to receive our weekly innovations in learning email newsletter: Please submit your name and email and you will be given a link to download our free PBE guide. It is these kinds of learning-rich, technology-supported and assets-based classrooms that provide a context for equitable technology integration. Educators would do well to implement digital literacy programs that allow students to catch up on their technological skills.

Equitable access to technology is a large societal issue. If your needs are not explicitly mentioned below, that's okay! and H.C. Waxman. When used effectively, technology can greatly contribute to creating equity in schools. The focus of this article will be on classroom-level technology in the teaching and learning process. Technology is an umbrella word that encompasses any electronic or digital process or apparatus associated with improving or enhancing a task or service. Creating true equity in schools requires a commitment to increasing access to learning tools for students and their families, equipping teachers with the knowledge and skills to use new tech powerfully, and using student data effectively to make informed decisions about improving their learning experiences. Position tech-savvy teachers as an additional source of support. Consensus must be reached in what the team means by “learning with technology.” If there is a mismatch for example, a school district may work very hard to procure a new computer lab for a campus only to find teachers resistant or unable to use it for meaningful instruction. These policies should: Based on the ISTE Essential Conditions, the Lead & Transform movement provides district superintendents, CTOs, CIOs, school leaders and other decision makers with a roadmap for planning and building a successful systemwide tech initiative. While these issues continue to be critical to the mission of equity and excellence for all children, many classroom teachers, and sometimes even building principals, do not have the resources nor the training to provide technology access to diverse student populations. Highlight tools that support struggling students, such as immersive readers or translation software, as well as online and in-person tutoring options. Students and their families bring a wealth of untapped resources (intellectual, cultural and experiential) that can enrich the learning experience. Every child needs one person who is informed, involved, inspirational and intentional about learning and tech.


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