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Planets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and accordingly provide different materials. You must be uncloaked to access the Custom Center, but you can move stuff between the surface and the Custom Center even when cloaked provided you are in the same system. For example, for Data Chips, I dump the Biomass in the top one, the Industrial Fibers in the second one on the list, Oxygen goes in number three and Silicon at the bottom. A few special systems are off-limits due to high traffic or storyline reasons, but all other systems are available, including systems in wormhole space and sovereign nullsec. You can route the finished products back to those existing launchpads. You'll note also that taxes are quite high, but when you finally sell a month's worth of goods, it won't be so bad.

There are eight types of Command Centers (one for each type of planet). However, when producing P3 or higher goods, where you always need to import something in any case, one should consider whether it might be feasible to export at the P1 stage on the initial resource production planets (or buy P1 from the market) and import the P1 to be refined to higher-tier goods.

In addition to their construction (which has a base cost plus a distance cost), routes have to be defined using the links to route specific products across your planetary network. Now it's time to be careful and patient. PI which is better, (P0-P2 then P2-P4) or (P0-P1 then P1-P3 then P3-P4)?

Pyramid Skill Plan Some people find the clicking excessive in PI while others aren't impressed with the income they can gain using local resources. This doesn't mean you can't make more advanced materials, like Hazmat Detection Subsystems. If you've followed this plan, you just spent between 11-15 days training up your alt. You must have a schematic selected to be able to route a Resource to your Processor, and only the exact ingredient(s) needed will be routable there. The heads can be placed within the ECUs area and can be moved via drag and drop to resource hot-spots for a greater extraction amount. For Extraction planets, I use this setup.

The potential of running lucrative planets in lowsec or nullsec is very high, if dangerous. I recently moved in null sec and I was wondering about the optimal setup for an excavation colony. While you can colonize planets in unclaimed or NPC nullsec (even wormhole space!)

You cannot deploy Command Centers while docked, but you do not need to be at the planet as long as you're in the same system. Now we get to truly kick the industrial process into gear. Q: Is Planetary Interaction limited to system security status? Having dedicated Extraction-> P1 planets and then using a factory planet to crack higher tiers gives a substantially higher yield. You can see a planet's overall resource abundance (and admire its visual appeal!) Keep in mind that when the cycle runs it course, you can rescan in the same place (with the same extractor) to begin the cycle again (or you can change the resource and move your Extractor Heads around again). A 30-minute Basic Industrial Facility cycle uses 3000 units of R0 to make 20 units of P1, for taxable values of (3000*5=) 15000 ISK before vs. (20*400=) 8000 ISK after, a 47% reduction in taxable value, in addition to the volume being reduced to about 25% of the original. Finding a planet that is simply abundant in a resource you want is only the first step. The first building you must construct, deployed from orbit (or technically anywhere undocked in the system). After you've placed an Extractor Control Unit (ECU), you have to Survey, which is distinct from Scanning. Save current setup This can be built with Command Centre Upgrades IV on all but the biggest planets.

Q: Can you deploy, manage or collect resources while cloaked?

Again, Customs Code Expertise does not affect these rates. At this time you can use your Command Center to get your commodities off your planet. (in this final setup, we have three, six factory groups, each drawing 2x P2 materials and routing back two factories per launchpad.

Example: Exporting a unit of Biomass (P1) using a Launchpad from a low-sec planet with a 10% Player Tax will cost will cost 40 ISK (400 * 10% * 1 ), Planetary Interaction During War (Uni only!

First, select the type of resource you wish to extract. This topic was automatically closed 90 days after the last reply.

This plan is predicated on using both remaps you'll have available. 4: Straight Extraction to P2 planet setups are very inefficient and you often run into issues keeping the extraction rates balanced. 4 basic industry facilities produce water and electrolytes, which are then stored in the launchpad until 2 advanced industry facilities produce coolant. A: No. To further reduce the inaccuracy, after you move your extractor heads and click start, DO NOT submit yet. As the correct Command Center needs to be deployed before beginning any extraction, it is good to survey and s… From there, the owner can import and export goods, albeit at great expense. I estimate this setup will require about 1-2 hours of maintenance per day to reset your extractors and then haul your P0s and P1s to your factory planets.

This is a guide for skilling and maintaining a Planetary Interaction (PI) alt character for your main account in about 12 days with the goal of earning semi-passive, low-risk income in high security space to support your more exciting activities in Eve Online. Click the Extractor and go to the Products sub menu (this is where you'll be dropped off after Installing a Deposit, so it helps to prepare all your buildings and links before starting any Extractors), click the available Resource, select "Create Route", pick the CC, and hit "Create Route" again to finalize.

At a minimum it seems reasonable to recommend processing your Resources into P1 goods before trying to sell them, as doing so shrinks the volume they take up to about 25% of the original.
Each planet provides five resources, but a few unique resources each only exist on a single planet type. For Player-Owned Customs Offices outside of high-sec, there is no NPC tax component, so the whole tax rate is exactly what the owning corp sets it at. 2: plan your input launchpads so you can dump stuff in them in descending Alphabetical Order of the Launchpad dropdown at the POCO. Now when your processor is ready for more it will pull the resource for production, once you submit your changes. The more characters you have running planets, the more isk you'll make. Beyond turning Resources into P1 look at the Planetary Commodities page again for more combinations including those for Advanced Industry Facilities and High Tech Production Plants. You do not need to extract all the Resources you need on the same planet, nor process them to Tier 4. Anything you make with PI can be sold on the market, though it is difficult to say what is going to be the most profitable. The unique resources include Autotrophs ( Temperate planets), Felsic Magma ( Lava planets), and Reactive Gas ( Gas planets). The hard part is picking what Commodity to focus on. Now that you have built your first colony, you're on your way!

After a Link is planned (no need to hit "Submit" yet) you can finally make Routes! Each building beyond the Command Center costs a set amount of Powergrid (PG) and CPU. Extraction of resources is done by extractor heads that are installable via the ECUs. This leaves a little left over for building the colony, which costs an additional five million a planet. Setting up a planetary colony, Identifying valuable planets

You get an entry in your planetary production window under launches for its location.

Scary, yes, but remember this toon is just for PI, nothing more.

eg: On the one hand, you will be providing yourself with a significant increase in isk, especially as a newer player. 3: Time spent planning how to minimise the time you spend gambolling around in an Epithal when you’re setting up will pay dividends in the long run.

Consult Planetary Commodities to find out what P1 item the resources you are extracting turn into, and then place a Basic Processor somewhere near your Extractor or some sort of storage - your CC has enough storage capacity for a starting colony. By switching solar systems or regions in the above boxes you can scan planets in regions as far as your abilities allow. Planetary Interaction Skills, Planets Here is a video that shows how Extractor Heads are deployed Upgrades range from basic to elite, providing more CPU and Powergrid per level.
After you've familiarized yourself a bit with planets and resources, you'll probably want to extract one from the other. So short and few links are best, but sometimes you'll have to connect out to reach distant Extractors. Currently, I have all the PI skills at IV and I want to setup a colony that produces P2 items. When you return to refresh your extraction programs, you may notice that the actual amount of materials extracted may be different (usually less) than the amount you expected. Finally, once the plan is complete and your alt is producing, you can get back to more interesting activities.

To engage in Planetary Interaction, pilots need to purchase the correct Command Center for their chosen planet from the market. So get your Basic Processor built and look at the menu highlighted in the screenie - Schematics! The rest of the skills are the icing on the cake that will speed you up and make you feel a little safer flying through space with a cargo full of goods that sell for millions. However, due to the above taxable values being per unit, and because of the compression that occurs as the PI product is refined to higher tiers, some tiers are cheaper to export/import than others: Note that if you want to produce P3 or P4, you basically have to pay the potentially higher (relative to the previous stage) taxes, but this information should help you decide e.g. Even better would be going for P2 for another drop to 25% of the original, or a tiny 6.25% total of the volume in plain Resources. Of course, there are an infinite number of ways to set up planets, including factory planets, which I haven't tried and would be vastly more expensive. There are things you can still do with planets while the Uni is at war: These are things you can do while the Uni is at war but you must take extreme precautions with: Consider Creating a Planetary Interaction Alt.

You have to repeat this process multiple times for some P4s.

If your main has 30 million isk to give to your alt, you'll fully fund your alt's training and initial operations, and the investment will pay itself off rather quickly once all five planets are up and running. With CCUV you can have four Advanced Industry Facilities making the P3 and enough P2 producing facilities to keep them all ticking over.

A: Yes. When producing up to the P2 stage, producing 1 type of P2 per planet and only exporting at that stage is probably the cheapest option overall, compared to also having to buy both an export and import tax on the P1. Click on the first "Extractor Head Units" circle to create an Extractor Head. As the plan is so amazingly short, I left them there in the event I decided to use my alt as a spy and trading alt. So always try to use storage first.


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