faulty parallelism exercises

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Stoics deny the importance of such things as wealth, good looks, and a good reputation. The only consistent error I often discover in the writing of these highly educated people is faulty parallelism. The crowd that had gathered outside the court was loud and they were angry. Read your paper out loud (or ask someone else to read it). Buried deep in the cupboard, the golden spoon stayed hidden until Cynthia found it. Virginia has been a university English instructor for over 20 years.

At the party, my sister helped us make the cake, gathering the kids for games, clean up, and to drive some kids home. January 14, 2014 - Correlative conjunctions should be followed by grammatical structures of the same kind.

If you do use conjunctions in a list, you need to use semicolons in between the items of the list. Drunk drivers are thoughtless and take the lives of other people in their own hands, risking their own lives, think about only their own pleasure and fun, and never considering the consequence of their actions. The police have a duty to serve the community, safeguard lives and property, protect the innocent against deception, and respect the constitutional rights of all. We go to school for learning and for getting knowledge. ANSWERS MAY VARY. Perhaps "selfies" are invading our speech! However, "pick up" has now become idiomatic for "answering." There are a couple of ways to write it correctly: Not only is swimming good exercise, it is also fun. Question: What is the problem with this sentence? It is a truism that to give is more rewarding than getting. Using the "ing" form of the verbs: Arriane's interests are both getting rich and buying a car. Annie's dress was old, faded, and it had wrinkles. "Request for proposal, an executive summary sometimes, the number of appendices will vary.". I had an idea about going on vacation, swimming at the beach, and visiting the White House. I'll give you a few: Intelligent, she is also ambitious and likes to study. However, unless you make sure the reader can understand your ideas, you won't be able to persuade them. "ed" verbs: We walked, jumped and skipped on the way. Here is a better way to write it: Not only does Daniel like swimming, but he also enjoys jogging. The dismissed workers were marching along the main street, chanting slogans, and singing sarcastic songs about their boss. So I would re-word the sentence this way: Hannah told her rock climbing partner of her desire to climb Otter Cliffs and that she had bought a harness to do so.

Answer: The items in that list are not in parallel format. endstream endobj 182 0 obj <. Therefore, it is often advanced writers who most need help in learning how to do this correctly. My roommate and I this afternoon are going to be eating lunch at my downtown favorite, a pizza place, then until our friend Sandy is out of work we will study in the library, meeting up at the dorm with our sorority sisters from Tri-Delta is our next plan, and then all of us will be eating the gourmet popcorn my mom just sent me and we are planning to binge-watch the latest Netflix episodes of our favorite show. Here is a typical example: Faulty: Instead of criticizing the government, people should begin to be involved in the process by making sure they are registered to vote, start petitioning for causes they really believe in, learning about the issues and researching the actual situation in order to learn the impact of legislation, both past and current proposals, on causes they believe in strongly, and by going to meetings for their party representatives so that they can really find out if those people understand and believe in the issues they care about and have the ability to represent those issues clearly and forcefully, working at polling places and registering people to vote. For example: The actress worked as a waitress, researcher, and plumber.

Question: Mr. Holloway enjoys reading and to play his guitar at weekends. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on October 11, 2019: Hi Precious, here are some possibilities: I wanted to go on vacation, swim at the beach, and visit the White House. I have done that in other articles that are connected to this one but I think you are right that adding some information would help here. Here is an example: Correct Sample Revision Using Semicolons: Instead of criticizing the government, people should get involved: making sure they are registered to vote, and registering others; petitioning for causes they believe in; researching about issues to learn the impact of past and current legislation; going to meetings for their party representatives to evaluate the candidate's character as well as how well they can present issues clearly and forcefully; and, finally, working at polling places to make sure the process goes smoothly. Any other nouns could be used to continue the list. A technical writting must be seen clearly especially the different parts of speech must be identifiable.

Answer: Here are three different ways to write this sentence correctly: My uncle and aunt came on a vacation with our family and my cousins also joined us. By the time she was two, the child was not only active but also she was well coordinated. Circle the first words in each list. Dr. Richard Nordquist is professor emeritus of rhetoric and English at Georgia Southern University and the author of several university-level grammar and composition textbooks. Here are two sample revisions. Using a semi-colon to make two sentences connected together. I think that is the case in this sentence because "considering their boss" is not quite clear. By contrast, proper parallelism "is the placement of equal ideas in words, phrases, or clauses of similar types," notes Prentice Hall, an education materials and textbook publisher.

The good news is that when you are writing complicated sentences like this, it means you are thinking complicated thoughts and have lots of good ideas. Question: What is the correct form of this sentence?

Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on July 01, 2020: Eunice, who works in National Service Personnel, lives with her father, who is a pensioner. Answer: The most important reason to pay attention to parallelism and other aspects of writing like word usage and length of sentences is that you want your audience to understand you. Answer: You want to keep the verbs the same. Conditional (may or may not): may play, could play, might play, would play; may swim, could swim, might swim, would swim. In order to convey the information correctly to the crowd, the police officer was speaking loudly, he told people where they should be standing, repeating information so they would remember and gesturing. Remembering their boss, the dismissed workers were marching along the main street, chanting slogans and singing songs. Question: What is the problem with this sentence: "She loves to work in the kitchen baking, she makes bread, cooks, and experimental recipes."? If you've mastered the easy exercises, try these harder, more complicated sentences: Public Domain Pictures CC0 Public Domain via Pixaby. "She is intelligent, ambitious and likes to study.". The Johnsons were cheerful and knowledgeable traveling companions and behaved generously. Question: What is the problem with this sentence, "Not only is swimming good exercise, but it is also fun?".

What about changes in form or style -- like, I was taught many years ago to say "My counsin and I" went for a walk. Answer: Here are a couple of ways to write that sentence in the correct parallel form: 1. Mark those to re-read and check. Police enforcement is responsible for serving the community, safeguarding the property of people in that community, protecting the innocent from crimes, and ensuring that all people's constitutional rights are respected.

There is more than one way to correct the sentences above and that is true for faulty sentences in your own papers. The delegates spent the day arguing with one another rather than work together to find common solutions. Wen gets her daily exercise by walking her dog, going for a bike ride, and cleaning.

Correlative conjunctions have two parts. I love your "me-ism" example, and you may be right! The first uses the "ing" verb, the second uses a present tense verb form, and the third uses the infinitive "to" form of the verb. I have found that this is an error which tends to crop up when people start trying to write more interesting and complicated thoughts and sentences. Question: The protestors were gathering outside, held signs, starting to shout loudly, and stopped the speaker from being heard? By the time she was two, the child was not only active but also well coordinated. Question: Can you help me with this sentence?

Intermediate Level Grammar Exercise November 1, 2020; Verbs Exercise October 29, 2020; General Grammar Exercise October 27, 2020;

In this example, the infinitive provides the more elegant solution: Waouh ! Either of the following will work: The teacher walked through the door and looked at the students. Examples of aerobic exercises are distance running, swimming, cycling, and walking. To get rich and to buy a car is all that Arriane is interested in.

All i wood have to do is to go through the same prosess again, to click on the colour and making sure i had selected the same shade of red colour..... plzz send answes on my email malikzohaib.iqbal786@gmail.com. You sound like you love the English language and also love to teach. Along with winning the election, the candidates' goals include improving the national health program and the educational system. You can re-write in a couple of different ways: ...explained when the cleanup would begin and how it would be funded by a referendum. Problems with parallelism often arise from the careless use of clauses beginning with the subordinating conjunction that: He warned me to revise my essay a and that I should pay close attention to parallel structures b. After her rock climbing partner saw the harness Hannah had bought, she told him of her desire to climb Otter Cliffs. Answer: There are often several correct ways to do a sentence.

So if you write sentences like this, you aren't alone. Answer: This is only part of a sentence, so I will fill in with what I think needs to be included: Why are there so many similarities between the culture and language of the Chinese and that of Filipinos?

2. ", "Which is easier, telling the truth or lying to the people you love? Kindly help me with the following sentences; Eunice, a National Service Personnel, lives with her father who is a pensioneer. When I think about putting that in the beginning, it makes me consider the contrast and actually makes the sentence more interesting: "Although she went to college to study medicine for a while, the actress also learned her profession by working as a waitress, a researcher, and a ranch hand.".


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