furniture addon mcpe

PLS MAKE THE FURNITURE BLOCKS PLSSSSSS in the next update the furniture will be blocks because when i get a furniture a hold it in my hand it will crash the world why do you to copy the entity to the spawn eggs it will my world pls in the next update will be blocks okay such a child, if you crouch click/tap it starts spinning. También voy a decir esto en inglés para que lo entiendas. How do you interact with the villager? Yes, please make it compatible with realms! Hello, I have a Samsung J7 Android 5 and original MCPE 1.10 version. I have the same problem! I cant download it because it says press allow to continue. It’s all mixed up but over all pretty good. Like when i get the bath tub the name says gray dye,Why are the names not custom for the items? It didn’t work for me so I clicked the link and stuff pop up. PLUS it’s INSTANT! Ok, so I had downloaded the add on and I put the resource and behavior pack on the top and when I loaded the world up, it said that one of the resource or behavior packs failed to load, but the DL Box was the texture of a computer and not the green DL Box in the picture and the furniture had a broken texture to it. ok so i downloaded the updated version but i already had the old one on one of my worlds and forgot to take it off before deleting and downloading the update. The DL Box replaces the shulker and that means you will need to use get a shulker spawn egg (or type /summon shulker) to spawn it. I can’t get any of the tools and some of the things mentioned in the update are missing. This mod is so wonderfull in my youtube roleplays. If there’s something IM doing wrong, please help. I don’t like it and it always crashes my game! (Killing Shulker when music is played), I had this problem with the radio but all you have to do is wait for the song to be over it doesn’t take to long, Wow Cool Add’ons How You Make This?Pls Reply, It is awsome and I like it,but some of the stuff got a little wrong texture.But its good dou;). Place the DLBox then dye it to get that thing.

Pls help me. And “” is basically a place just for ad’s like literally the name says it all. In this last update i added a grill and a gaming chair, but also added animations to make it look more realistic. In my opinion the addon is great! Not for the furniture but for other stuff. Please reply. Its still not working, which starts to be annoying! ok, I didn’t want or mean to be rude or anything. I love your addon so much, it made it so much fun for everyone, thank you. I’m unsure what anti-virus you have, however, it downloaded two exe files for linkvertise instead of the .mcpacks. Then take a mug and interact, then the mug will fill with coffee. I tried on my sister cellphone Motorola G5s Android 7 too and happened the same.

its a virus! what else can i do to fix this? Usually if you have another pack by ROBERTGAMER69 then it will come up as a duplicate pack, Bro can you update the dragoncraft add-on, everything is invisible and it sucks rn. My frontier can’t be placed. I want to die now. I had a issue with getting the clay when this was turned off. For example, the radio can be used for playing songs and the fridge can be used for storing food items. I am shook right now. Please MediaFire Link, and MCADDON file, not application!! Works well for me on v 1.9.0 (win 10), the beds, however, are glitched (textures appears in air) and I cannot rotate anything. How can I get the furniture in survival??

This should take you to media fire.

And the reason is you have another pack that is by the same person. This needs to get fiXeD. Looking forward to fixing. It wont work for a pre created world can you fix that. /./ Why can’t I put the objects? Mod is short for modification. Can you fix it so it doesn’t crash please. Love it but I really wished the items actually worked, so you can actually jump on the trampoline and you can ride the swings and stuff. Hey I love this idea but I have a request. , But wait i have 1.0.8 that’s weird because i can only spawn the MCPEDL box, You spawn the box then get the item you want and long tap on the box. I was really looking forward to using this.

I highly recommend to download this addon. Can you fix the download link. Let that site finish redirecting because when it is done, you will be at the actual download page. Use the command /stopsound @e. Stops all sounds, Hey I don’t get any sound for some reason but anyway this add on is cool I also wish you could turn stuff around and also there should be a delete button on the trash bin so you delete the stuff inside and put more stuff and if you forget all that stuff it’s really great still have yet to find better (I’ve only downloaded 2 but why download another when you already have a great one!:D). THANKS TO ROBERTGAMER69! Love this it would also be nice to see crafting recipes for the furniture in case we want to use this in survival. Published on May 7, 2017 (Updated on July 11, 2018).

Remember this. It doesn’t even give me half of the furniture. So I tried and I don’t know how to do it, even with the tutorial!! maybe you have an update of the old addon, Yeah. It make my game crash. I swear this Robert kids links lead to vpn stuff and phone stealing. It won’t work for me I have tried everything thing I can but the shulker egg spawns a shulker not a DL box!!! Hello. Thanks for making this great mod! It would always bring me to adfly and i would have to click “Allow” for notifications. Because Mc beds are so ugly! Search Mcpe Baby skins For Ideas, Hey this is a really good add-on but do you think you can change the seats and the computer and add the ablity to rotate the furniture, This doesn’t work the only things that do work are the armor and a arm chair. Linkvertise is does’t work for me, i want to download the furnicraft addon update now, will you redo that map please because this super bug for 1.16. I’d be willing to pay for the mod if it would work in regular mode and could be used on a Realm. Its not dumb! But what about the refrigerator and stuff? Now I was giving you a chance just thing, oh Minecraft could have had a little mistake. How do I get the green box thingy? I definitely recommend it. thats because now i can designe my mcpe house like i want without even replacing any mob! Mostly the chair and table, that’s all I know. 1. can you have it that there are more guards and allow them to fight and the others will run and hide inside the houses like the villagers please thanks, the guards dont fight so can you have it they have swords and some bows mainly swords and also can you add a new spot to put all the stuff because most of it is with the eggs and it takes alot of room, Hey!


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