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I read and watched Gantz years ago, and it was a good refresher. On the one hand I felt it was a bit of a cop out and contrived. Of course this isn't consistent with the story based on that principle alone, essentially there would need to be some exceptions to the rule, but everything that occurred on the mother ship (other than that dumb ass final battle) seemed congruent to me. So powerful. New to the series.

When they asked the truth Kato and others, the alien things said that humans are arrogant, worse species, deserved nothing actually. At the beginning of Gantz, Kurono was a total pessimist who would never risk his neck for someone else.

WHAT HAPPENED I MUST KNOW. Thank you very much. P.S. They finally succeed in defeating the beast, though Yamasaki is killed saving Kato. Am i the only one on Earth thinking they all died at the end? there was a sense of despair. Readers were left to assume that they were all just immigrants trying to make a home on Earth, and had no connection to the final invasion. Maybe one of the ways humanity beats the Giants is when the Vampires and the other aliens residing on the planet decide to declare a truce and come together to fight the Giant invasion as it is clear they will be exterminated along with the humans. Katou was a Member of the Gantz Tokyo Team before but get freedome. He's then allowed to leave but Gantz will call him back at some point for another mission. But since he is running home with excitement, it clearly shows his memories aren't wiped out and that he is still in the game.

A vampire they call “host samurai” slashed kei before his friends could help him which resulted in him dieng. Well if what people are saying about the manga is true I suppose that is an accurate statement. Kato ends up saving an elderly couple and a kid with Anzu's help which strengthen their bond. The ending is the middle if you look at the time line. Gantz orders the team to go to Osaka and wipe out an invasion of monsters within a strict time limit. Gantz's main contribution to society is the 'y u no' rage face image macro.

However I do agree, it has a lot of flaws, for example I hated that they never explained the vampires, Kei wasn't faced by his brother's death, I don't mind the aliens not having connection, however I felt the explanation of how Gantz works was pretty rushed. having overstayed its welcome. The writers did a very nice job of wrapping it up. Considering the fact that these Truth god aliens had the ability to take out the giants the first time and then have the ability to transend time and space, means that they could have gone to earth and defended it. Last notes, i like the quote "Do you feel God?" Totally agree.

Ending Explained! Some of best CGI animation I've seen as well. The only logical explanation I can think of is that Gantz was using these other aliens as training for the Kei and the others. I actually thought the CGI was pretty damn good all around though some parts are stronger than others. This is just not acceptable and can't understand how such a beautiful work can have such epically huge holes. I thought it was pretty cool. DID HIS BROTHER DIE. i'm the kinda guy that flies through manga if i'm really into it, and at first i was really glad i gave the manga a chance. What would have fixed everything would have been more emphasis on what all those previous demons were all about. Gantz is based on the best-selling manga by Hiroya Oku. He has written words for Den of Geek, Collider, The Irish Times and Screen Rant over the years, and can discuss anything from the MCU - where Hawkeye is clearly the best character - to the most obscure cult b-movie gem, and his hot takes often require heat resistant gloves to handle. If they had handled it like Black Lagoon, they could've done several 12-episode seasons with great pacing, and probably gotten further in the manga than Gonzo did.

Overall, I'd still give this series a nine out of 10, but it sadly only misses the 10 mark because of the way it ended. In Osaka, Kato shows that he wants to help the people in need (just like in the subway) but jugs and baldy stop him. Even if the show was not renewed. dead. if it's a really cool enemy/monster then i'm ok with it but i do remember being turned off years ago when i ran into the early chapters of the giant aliens. But this was a very random scene seemingly coming out of nowhere with little explanation. Gantz has a sense of humor, and there was a person inside the ball, the other reason I think Gantz is a person is the ending, which I'll explain to you in a moment. Full of Multimedia Features: Anime Keyframes Collection AppleBooks Anime: PlayStation Indies Sale Runs From 11/4 - 11/20, AnimeJapan 2021 Coming Back to Tokyo After 2 Years, How Black Creatives Are Influencing The Anime Fandom, Mini-Interview with Master of Horror Junji Ito, Interview: Boys-Love Anime Label Blue Lynx, My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! The ending is actually bittersweet. Jugs and Baldy question Kato's decision and said he could've been with his brother again (showing that they know he has a brother again without Kato mentioning it) and said would have to play Gantz game again. Kato was the only person who wasent like the other humans. A part-time hobby soon blossomed into a career when he discovered he really loved writing about movies, TV and video games – he even (arguably) had a little bit of talent for it. After that he was killed in the subway and is now again in the game. it's obvious the creator was already done with this, and was just auto-piloting this to get it over with.

Jugs then talks to Baldy and enters a flashback: Scene of Kato Kurono Jugs and Baldy with Kato choosing number 3. So, although this completely changed the flow of the story, I feel it had to happen eventually to reach a real conclusion. This of course opens the theory that the truth god is a shapeshifter and can appear as any form, e.i. Like there was no concern about pacing or character development at all, just a constant stream of stuff happening. Afterwards, Kato is shown boarding the subway with cake for his little brother and he tries to help the man that got stabbed (showing how Kato is always going out of his way to save others) and gets stabbed and dies. So I just finished it and am confused. "it's cold, very cold, i wanna see tae/his brother" for both of them.. then kei closes his eyes.

i get that Kei was fighting for someone he loved but goddamn. The impressive thing is the movie cuts out some of the crazier characters.

Overview. To the person who died, it would be as if nothing ever happened. Don't ... Sherlock Holmes' arch nemesis gets an anime makeover, but Moriarty isn't just a pretty face. ― Sherlock Holmes' arch nemesis gets an anime makeover, but Moriarty isn't just a pretty face. Best Gantz ending review I've read so far. It will answer all your questions to anything leading up to the movie as well as events after the movie. It would have been nice to show where they all go. Now that some time has passed, did any of your thoughts change on the matter? This film was clearly meant for people who already read the manga and wanted to see the cool fights from the manga animated. School Rumble was pretty random throughout the series since it is a comedy, so although the ending could have been a lot better, it also does not impact the series as largely as it does for Gantz.

I feel that the author probably had a much more interesting ending in mind but was pressured into finishing the manga for financial reasons or via request from the publisher... the same thing sadly happened to bleach. Like Resident Evil or any other survival horror game, Gantz: 0's wave of creatures gets progressively stronger, and even the best players from rival teams are taken out. Now, debating with myself if I should read it again. The creators of Gantz were also bold in their willingness to kill off characters, doing this at the moment you least expected it, and to those who seemed the most untouchable–even the main character was killed off at one point (technically). it would've been nice to see a few bonus chapters with Kei, and the others going on about their regular lives. Why is it that these people can all of a sudden have a chat with god under a lie detector? As Nishi leaves Gantz HQ, Kato realizes he could too and says, "MY BROTHER IS WAITING AT HOME!" There is something to be said for the second part of Satoru Yamaguchi's My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Because they show him with the dude who died and others and then the next scene they're not with the old man and the girl in the room. 'and have her violently murdered within minutes of this event' if I recall that arc correctly. like i said earlier, it wouldn't have been as sour if The Room of Truth was the last thing they dealt with before waking up in an ocean. He would have been like "what? While I certainly agree that the ending was very rushed. The god aliens could be impassive to who wins knowing that the meeting of the two races will forever change the other win lose or draw. It had spectacular artwork, storyline, characters and ideas for the most part. Learn about the latest My Hero Academia movie, Deku and Bakugo's evolving relationship, and more! Midoriya vs Chisaki Midoriya Use Eri Quirk My Hero Academia season 4 Episode 13 English Sub - Duration: 7:36. It was a nice touch, at least they didnt change the story so much, only removed some characters. The cast members are all warrior candidates working for the Marleyan government. that he expressed that if he is Kei, he will only trust himself, I guess the author itself suffer in an emotional depression.


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