harry potter oc character template

Anyway Im working on her profile now....Its not going to be as extensive as this and I am listing all the spells she knows. Disliked Others (species included (ex. demons)): Mother- House or professionally?

Friends: (When creating your OC's back story, consider what era they are currently in. Her brother was whipped raw in front of her, as punishment for associating with pure-blood supremacist and middling with dangerous families (the Malfoys), and she was tawsed until her lower-body was purple as punishment for un-authorised frequentations. Pet: Lola was unfortunately late to purchasing a magical pet at Magical Menagerie, and by the time she arrived to Diagon Alley all owls were completely sold out. When H.P. Other: Managed to transform into his animagus [I reaserched it, you actually learn it in third year at hogwarts.

John taught Dean) - Share with me your characters, I'd love to see them ♥ LOLZ!! Father: David Lightbody, a muggle EMT born in 1979.    Other: Past/History/Biography: All . Do you feel she or he will turn out to be a mary/gary sue? She named it Herbert and he has been living in her dorm ever since. OC that Ive made so Ill enjoy being her. Other: She hated the skirt. Which generation do …

), Wand reaction when first held: [Sorry, don't know what to put here.

Other: Irasabeth attended the Yule Ball with Draco instead of Pansy. Flaws: (Moles, scars, etc.) Good at: chess, potions, tranformation spells.

Occupation and, BASIC INFORMATION Are they treated well? Favorites: IDK, but I’m assuming no so… yeah.

Clothing style: a bright yellow necklace with blue diamonds inside of it, Other distinguishing features: beauty mark on her cheekbone. How well liked/disliked are they? (SOOO, Valorie, the grandmother, is a pure-blood witch, Kerrin, the grandfather is a muggle. Mother: Maggie Lightbody (nee Nightingale), a muggle nursery school teacher and cleaner born 1982. Birthday: Other: During a full moon in their third year Kahl and Vahl had a run in with Dementors who had been retreating from a blinding light. She was taken in by her uncle, along with her brother who is six years older than her. You can tell us what house they'll be in, what pet they're bringing to Hogwarts and what class they'd suck at. One was weirded out a bit but came around. Paternal grandparents: Cecil and Ruth Lightbody, a retired couple that live in a cottage on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Traits: quick-witted, hot headed, jealous, understanding, vengeful. Worst and least favorite subjects and teachers doesn’t mean dislike or hate. Appearance: Traits: cowardly, manipulative, prefers to be alone, not sociable, cold. Past: Other: Due to a partical prank by the weasley brothers (you know the ones), started to develop a grudge against the family, which never really went away.

Other: Her uncle became handicapped due to an Agromentula bite (he survived, but could no longer work). Enemy(-ies)/Rival(s) (Include why/brief history): Birthday: Glasses, contact lenses, or neither: Brother to Maggie Lightbody (nee Nightingale). Any significant scars and/or markings: Once I got Gryffindor! Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. LOLZ!!

), (What animal can your character summon up when they are in danger? Wand:9 1\8 inches, alder wood with a pheonix feather core, Hair colour: Bottle green in it's natural state, colored ashy brown on special occasions, Hair style: Shaved, but with bangs that can reach from her jaw to her chin, Skin tone: Very wan, with sickly grey-green undertones, Weight: 64.9 kilos, 66 on certain times of the year.

So maybe Ill make him too. The main creative hub for roleplaying, writing, art, and more! Picture in Mirror of Erised: My first template in a while, free to use as long as you credit me.

Mom, grandmother, etc.) Very stressful time.

However, Maggie is extremely optimistic and Lola's biggest supporter in her ventures into the magical world. There are four houses that wizards and witches are sorted into, which are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw. Was bullied. Brother- Clothing style: Outside of her school robes, she wears old-fashioned skirts of various length (bought in a second-hand wizard clothe shop or inherited from her aunt), on old, lacy chemise, long socks and laced canvas shoes. Wand reaction when first held: dust surrounded her as her hair blew in the wind.

Boggart: Those she loves looking at her with disappointment.


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