horse joke why the long face
A horse walks into a bar, and the bartender asks, "Why the long face?" Trump’s use of “horse face” is not surprising given his history of intense fixation on women’s looks, or his past as a pageant overlord. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience. You guessed it—yours truly. Now aware of the name game, we continued home reading development signs and street names and found that there is some truly bizarre thinking going on.

The term horse-faced is listed in the dictionary as first being recorded between 1665 and 1675, and meaning “having a large face with lantern jaws and large teeth.”, For what it’s worth, the horse is the main form of transport at this time, and also 17th-century women have virtually zero rights, were scarcely educated, could not hold a job and gave birth roughly every two years of their life. But on a lighter note, “Why the long face?” is the punchline of the old joke: A horse walks into a bar and orders a beer. You will find that all these clothes are usable several times before you have to get new ones…, Write soon. And Sophie agreed, and the three of them went to the record store, and started their band. She knows nothing about me, a total con! Nestle, if I remember correctly, is the manufacturer the stuff you make chocolate milk from aren’t they? Trump assumedly meant it as a petulant gloat for the dismissal of Daniels’ defamation suit against him (and her getting stuck with his legal fees).

Indeed, there was nowhere to attach any blame.

It seems to be a subset of saying a woman has a dog face, or is a butterface — everything is hot “but her face.”.

Still, aside from the obvious critique of boorish misogyny, why is it even a go-to sick burn in Trump’s mind, or anyone’s for that matter, to refer to a woman as one of the most distinguished, noble animals on earth?

In other words, this is actually a world where you could look like Julia Roberts, but for many totally unremarkable men Julia Roberts would never fuck, that simply wouldn’t make the cut.

“A pint of lager please” requests the horse. Jeez, a dog could chew on a stick and get tarter off his teeth, couldn’t she? That’s thanks to the Dorothy Parker short story “Horsie,” about a nurse and domestic servant named Miss Wilmarth who, according to her employers, looks an awful lot like a horse, much to everyone’s personal dismay. And yet, President Trump dared to tread on the sacred ground where most horse riders wouldn’t, and called Stormy Daniels exactly that. With no one left in the office, she picks it up and says, “Good evening, this is Sandra Bell.” The voice on the other end sounds frantic. She absolutely lost it. I have a group of foreign dignitaries due to tour our plant in 48 hours and your product is about to blow a 20 million dollar deal.

!” asks the Sergeant.

“Women who were not softly lovely were simply not women,” Parker writes.


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