how does selina kyle become catwoman in batman returns

Shreck himself appeared and confronted her about this information, and though Selina swore that she would not let it slip, Shreck pushed her out of the window to silence her. Clayface | She tries to help Bruce and Alfred break into a building owned by the Court of Owls, assisted by Selina's long-lost mother, Maria (Ivana Milicevic). Rodan | Electrocutioner | Lord Henry Blackwood | Daisy Buchanan | Harry Potter Villains | Although in severe pain from the punctures, Batman reacted by immediately knocking her off the building, causing Catwoman to plummet into the back of a truck carrying sand, absorbing the force of her fall. Susan McCallister | With that, 514A kisses Selina and the two part ways. 9: Fabrication Machine | 1 | 8 | Machines (Cat Beast, Winged Beast, Seamstress, Steel Behemoths, Seeker Drones & Spiderbots) | Chancellor Fredinand | The Chancellor's Party Ubu | In the aftermath, her body is nowhere to be found, but it is later revealed that she survived (with her suit repaired) as she is shown looking up at the Bat Signal in the movie's closing scene.

Penguin (Batman vs. TMNT) | [12] She allows Bruce to live on the streets with her for a while and tries to teach him how to fight. Cluemaster | The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie Boogie | Lock, Shock and Barrel

Robot Chicken Villains | Malochia | Catwoman expressed dislike of his murder of the girl, indicating she was misled about the lethality of Penguin's plan. Holiday | Kill Maximillian Shreck (succeeded).Get revenge on those who harassed and belittled her (briefly succeeded).Assist Penguin (formerly).Be with Bruce Wayne (both failed).

Hotel Caretaker | Once the boil is administered, Selina regains the ability to walk, as well as new, quasi-feline powers. Joker's Daughter | The LEGO Movie Villains | Two-Face | [8] She forms a tenuous alliance with GCPD Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) after he saves her from kidnappers working for the Dollmaker (Colm Feore). Doctor Randolph Porter | Their attempts to become more intimate resulted in almost exposing the other's injury and they abruptly stop. In the season finale, Selina helps Bruce and Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) infiltrate Arkham and save Gordon from Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith).[13]. Gearhead | When Max Shreck pushes her out the window (before she becomes Catwoman). Alvin Marsh | Velociraptors (Lego) | When the crowd began to react negatively, she left abruptly, knowing he always carried a gun and would likely react violently. The Devastator | Riddler | Trenton's Pride | Innovative Online Industries (I-R0k, F’Nale Zandor & Sixers) | Ferguson | Agents (Agent Jones, Agent Brown & Agent Johnson) | Leopard Seal | After her boss, magnate Max Shreck tried to kill her to keep her from revealing his corrupt business plan that would drain Gotham City's power, she fashioned herself as a fierce bandit called Catwoman. Royal Flush Gang | Martians (Martian Leader, Martian Ambassador & Martian Girl) | Catwoman, with her costume still shredded after the greenhouse crash, found Shreck trying to escape from the Penguin's lair , confronted him and was ready to finish him off. Shreck drew a gun and shot at Selina four times, but ran out of bullets. | She landed in an alleyway, knocked unconscious with only a mild concussion. During she pulled a power cable wither other arm, causing a massive explosion in the generator. She comes back to Wayne Manor to kill 514A, but Alfred stops her and throws her out. Dark Yugi |

Mouse King | Butch Bowers | Middle-Earth Villains |

Through sheer force of will Selina lumbered into the emptied revolver and began laughing wildly. Lewis Prothero | Freeze | Scarecrow | Two-Face | Poison Ivy | Bane Freeze | Ernie Chubb | Penguin soon devised a new plan to frame him for kidnapping the Ice Princess and controlling the Batmobile by remote to attack pedestrians. When Max Shreck shoots her left shoulder. Frederick Sykes | Catwoman Villains | Nocturna | Sylvester | When Shreck shot and grazed her right thigh. The Dark Knight Rises: League of Shadows (Bane, Talia al Ghul & Barsad) | Catwoman | John Daggett Baby Doll | Killer Croc | As Bruce excused himself in order to suit up, Selina left and got into her costume to carry out her and Penguin's plan. Meowrice's Henchmen | Thrax | Looney Tunes Villains | Rush Hour Villains | King Ghidorah | Film Freak | Jonas Miller | Two-Face (Batman vs. TMNT) | The two reconcile, but before leaving, Bruce tells Selina to return a diamond she had stolen, to which she mutters "like hell".


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