how to make statis pro basketball cards

The 76ers are great, but really only go 6 deep. Grade: D+  If it weren’t for Magic, Norm Nixon would be a great starter. Each player in the pro game would be represented by a card with a range of numbers for field goal shooting, fouling, etc. However, Westbrook’s monster season to try to carry the Thunder to the playoffs results in a monster card. Philadelphia may have had just one game this week, but their dominance over the Cavaliers continued their hot start. He and Toney’s 12 fourth quarter points helped cut the lead to as low as three points just a couple minutes into the last quarter. Analysis: The 17-18 Nets best player, D’Angelo Russell, doesn’t get a sniff on this team. Phoenix (5-1) Tendex: .638 — Week: W vs. Bos, W vs. Den. Sure, the Lakers lost Magic Johnson early in the game, but the Lakers are loaded with talent. Grade: A-  Despite the fact that James Harden’s great season didn’t equate to a better card, the Rockets get a fine grade off the power of Moses Malone’s upgrade alone. The Lakers are 3-1 with him, so they are hoping he stays healthy from now on. 2018-19 Statis Pro Football Setup - Final Pre-Play score ATL 16, PHI 23 NEW HOMEMADE TITANS ALL 32 teams - Complete Set Custom 2018-19 Large Facemask NFL Helmets - FOR SALE - All teams\seasons available - make direct offer NEW HOMEMADE TITANS ALL 32 teams Complete Set Custom 2018-19 Small Facemask NFL Helmets - FOR SALE - All teams\seasons available - make direct offer …

Their four games have all been decided by less than 10 points, and they were relieved to finally win one against New Orleans. Now for the important part - the calculations for the pitching cards are much easier than the old charts indicate. An automated box score keeps track of most key statistics for each game. Washington Bullets (1-2) Tendex: .584. After getting trounced by Kansas City, the Spirits responded with wins over powerhouses San Antonio and Boston. The surprising Conquistadors suffered their first loss as they ran into a hot scoring Warriors team. Losses to the Lakers, Rockets, and Conquistadors were for a combined nine points. Downloads are free of charge! Now, as for the replay, why are these Bulls so bad? With the rest of the division off to a 10-4 start, the outlook is bleak for Dallas.

Spirits of St. Louis (3-1) Tendex: .672. Analysis: Yes, I am breaking my own rule, but I didn’t want to cut the next one on the list (Ernie DiGregorio) because I liked his story or the next one (Corey Maggette) since he had gone 9 for 11 in his only game and deserved more time. Analysis: Suns find little help for the C position, but Booker does make some modest gains overall. Surprisingly, the number one seed Raptors had only Valanciunas improve. Statis-Pro Basketball. Cleveland has certainly been good so far, only dropping games to the undefeated Pacers and talented Colonels, but Cleveland needs to find a way to beat an upper team if they want to be labeled anything more than a good team. In a neat addition, Nance Jr. will get to play alongside his dad. Upgrades: Anthony Davis, Jrue Holiday, Tyreke Evans. Buffalo (1-5) Tendex: .578 — Week: L vs. Mia, L @ Char, W @ Ind  Previous: 28. Who knows where the win against the Pacers came from, but Buffalo will take it after the losing three of the previous five by at least 18 points. It’s not impressive to get a win against the worst team in the league, but the Jazz have at least been playing competitive basketball. Previous: #7. The brightest spot, though, is Calvin Natt, who averages nearly 25 off the bench. MVP: Andrew Toney: 35 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, Unbeaten No More: Cavs Hand 76ers First Loss, 2018-19 Card Additions in One Word: Giannis, Favorites Struggle in First Power Rankings, 2014-15 Cards Released: Teams Receive UpGrades and New Players, Day 4: Spurs Trump Lakers; Trailblazers Stop Slump, Conquistadors Shock. Buffalo has improved after giving up 150 and 172 in the first two games, but allowing 135 in a win is hardly a great defensive effort. Miami (3-3) Tendex: .651 — Week: W @ Buff, L vs. Sea. Watson, Alex English, C.J. Grade: D+    Not a lot to get excited about here, but some nice rotational guys. Phil Graham’s cards are out, which means the 2017-18 players can be added into the replay. Matthews becomes a great backup to Drexler and Lillard is much more effective. The Pacers ran their record to 3-0 with an impressive win over a good Cavaliers team. © 2020 by StatSportsGames. Charlotte (3-3) Tendex: .604 — Week: W @ NY, W vs. Buff, W vs. NY  Previous #29. It was the first two of the year for the struggling Mavericks, who must keep Tarpley on the court to compete in a division stocked with great big men. New Additions: James McElroy, Rudy Gobert, Derrick Favors, Spencer Haywood, Trey Burke. Grade: A  Curry and Thompson get the shooting upgrades you’d expect, but Curry is better in every statistical category. He’s not the defender he was in his youth, but his upgrades are bound to help the Cavs overall. NOT STATIS PRO - 2017-18 MARCH MADNESS BOARD GAME - (not Statis Pro) NCAA Tournament Cards built and released after the NCAA Selection Show in time for the NCAA Tournament. Bob Gibson pitched in 1968 when there were almost no runners, so his SR increases by 4 when calculated). Instead, the Bulls fell flat. After a 2-0 start, the Celtics could be forgiven in losing to the rival Pistons by 2 in Detroit, but the 20 point loss at St. Louis was more worrying. Grade: F   Webster is an okay front line guy and the only thing about Knight’s upgrade is that Carmelo Anthony may never see time on the floor now. Only Horace Grant has provided useful minutes beyond the top three. Vanvleet, much like his real life persona, will be a nice spark off the bench for the Squires. The Rockets raced out to a 12 point lead by the end of the first quarter and never looked back, cruising to a 16 point victory over the winless Mavericks. Even the 1978-79 Warriors added some significant depth. Analysis: Purely a stamina based scoring upgrade here as Evans is worse defensively and in shooting percentage. Analysis: Harden’s 16-17 campaign was better in terms of passing, 2pt shooting, rebounding, and foul drawing than his MVP one. Two wins against Magic-less Lakers and hapless Tams are still wins in the standings. 2001 World Series teams for Statis Pro Baseball: 06/26/2019: DaveP--116: 0--Arizona vs. New York. Grade: A-  Much like Seattle, the Bullets gained more from the current squad than the one that lost the 78-79 Finals. Grade: D-  At least their lone upgrade was in a position of need. Still, Antetokounmpo will dominate games, even in my super league. 2019 MLB Season (*.txt files) SP Basketball SPBInstall201819.exe 5 MB. In a real NBA league, these are the games you would expect Jordan to rise to the occasion, the referees to look the other way on a few calls, and the popular Bulls to manage a much needed win. Grade: B  The Pacers got help where they needed it the most. Worse still, Magic Johnson is hurt and will miss the next two games. GOP 22-2 in October Senate Polls Needed to Get fro... GAME 7! Atlanta can be forgiven somewhat since Dominique Wilkins left the loss at Kansas City with a minor injury. (Statis Pro Baseball, Statis Pro Football, etc.) Phil Graham has released his 2014-15 Statis Pro Basketball cards, and as you would expect, Golden St. is something to behold. It may be fleeting, but Charlotte enjoyed its moment in the spotlight. This weakness came through when James Jones got into foul trouble against St. Louis. Carmelo can’t shoot and his three point shooting is too pedestrian to consider. 4. Kansas City has managed to hide their defensive weakness through strong rebounding and shooting at an impressive .474 clip from behind the arc. It’s hard to tell. All future editions of the games will now use .txt files. Neither Ford nor Thomas are liable to make the final 15. The two swingman share a position and have so far combined for an amazing 41 ppg.

Excel format. Surprisingly, only Gasol looked intriguing, whose defense and rebounding make him an upgrade from Diaw. Enjoy playing and coaching all the Greats. This team may not be full of the sexy stars of other teams. Previous #5. San Diego (3-3) Tendex: .649 — Week: W @ Mem, L vs. Atl, L @StL. It was Mel Daniels, though, that the Cavs had the most trouble with as his 21 points and 15 rebounds caused significant problems in the front court. Previous #6. Grade: B+  The Jazz definitely needed help for Karl Malone. Imagine this team if Boogie Cousins comes back to full strength.

New Additions: Bill Robinzine, Darren Collison, Rudy Gay. More. Magic had missed three games, all losses, but his 11 assists and court presence were the difference in Denver. Horford doesn’t solve their problems in frontcourt depth as much as Boston would like, but Irving will pair nicely with Dennis Johnson while Brown and Tatum bolster the bench.

Two losses by a combined five points have put Charlotte in an early hole.

Teague is all around better. Virginia (2-3) Tendex: .589 — Week: L vs. Bos   Previous # 22. 1. MVP: Larry Bird: 28 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 blocks, 1 steal. The average is a little less than one balk per card, so just giving each pitcher one balk is pretty accurate if you don’t have that stat handy. He’s averaging a league best 39 ppg. Andre Toney – Philadelphia (.821) The early league MVP leader may be Artis Gilmore. Charles Barkley – Phoenix (.982) Two points is all that separates the Bucks from a 3-0 start. Before being shocked by St. Louis, San Antonio had laid its claim to being a force in the west with wins over both the Lakers and Suns. STATIS PRO BASKETBALL is a statistical board game that recreates a professional basketball game and, in a broader sense, an entire season. With the release of the cards, I will go through and upgrade or add players as needed for the replay. Hakeem Olajuwon, Moses Malone, Ralph Sampson, and Charles Barkley give the Rockets unprecedented depth, something they needed when Olajuwon got into foul trouble in route to Houston’s win at Seattle.

113 of their 130 come from just six players. So what’s the deal? The Supersonics are suddenly 1-2 after being shocked by the Conquistadors.

They are now the only unbeaten left in this replay. He suddenly becomes a scorer, as 1978-79 was the beginning of some very powerful Malone years. The Jazz, stymied with foul trouble to Karl Malone, leaned on John Stockton to led the way. A 20 point drubbing at the hands of Houston marred the four game homestand, and it’ll be interesting if St. Louis can keep the start up when they begin some road trips. The biggest problem facing the Nuggets is finding time for its two biggest scorers, Alex English and Calvin Natt.


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