hydro dip scope

All rods longer than 6.5′ may not be fully printing on the butt area (the last 3-6 inches), this is due to the length of the rod and will not affect the finished product when built up. If your bow or bow parts have a rubberized or soft feel coating, additional charges will apply If you are unsure about your rifle scope and whether it can be submerged in water and still perform, then going to the experts for hydro dipping is quite an in order. Starting at $150.00. Don't usually do shout outs, but when the product is this damn good, you have to. FIREARMS SENT ASSEMBLED WILL BE RETURNED.

I removed the finish from a AR that I believe was factory dipped and it was a miserable messy job.

Once you have thoroughly applied the base coat to your satisfaction, leave the rifle to rest for up to 24 hours for the paint to dry evenly.

Does anybody here have experience removing hydro dipping from a scope. We do not warranty rubber items due to the possibility of adhesion problems and longevity, Standard Rifle Stock Only – $125.00 Most importantly, before you dip your rifle scope in water, ensure that is water resistant and can withstand staying underwater for a couple of minutes. It's not that it's not worth the effort, it just sounds like the risk is too high of resulting in something that looks worse than a camo scope. If skull is submitted for service uncleaned/unprepared it will be returned. I can tell you any skeeter spray with DEET will take off camo dip in about 2 seconds. *NOTE – We cannot accept Bow’s that are not completely dissembled. Copyright ©2020 Opticsvilla.com. Hydro dipping allows you to personalize your rifle to your liking. I am thinking of keeping the scope and selling the rifle. *Target and Thumbhole stocks will need to be “dipped” twice to reduce pattern distortion and complete coverage. Use a starring tool to mix colors evenly to your satisfaction. We spray Genuine Cearakote CLEAR COAT over top of all of our objects requested in a flat/matte finish! *NOTE: REEDESIGN CONCEPTS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY TYPE OF DAMAGE TO OPTICS THAT HYDROGRAPHIC DIPPING MAY CAUSE. However, the process takes time to learn and master, depending on your rifle. They warrant their scopes to be waterproof. When rinsing, you should not scrap the rifle with your hands as this could remove all the paint. Quiver Hood (Top) – $45.00 Before you dip the rifle, ensure to wear gloves to protect yourself from getting the paint on your hands. Guide sets (Not warranted) – $40.00 Spinning/Casting- I'm betting they've had a re-do or two, themselves. If a bow comes to us assembled, a $25 charge will be applied to disassemble it, and it will not be re-assembled afterwards. All Things Fun Hydrographics 1,299 views. Considering that not all scopes are water-resistant or even how long your scope can stay submerged in water and still perform excellently. Elk or Steer Skull – $120.00 Shotgun Forearm Only – $64.00, Shotgun Buttstock and Forearm set $144

After hydro dipping your rifle and it completely dries, it is time to apply the topcoat. Cerakote is the leader for the strongest finishes in the firearm industry! Fishing Rod Blank* – $50.00 (includes Tactical Buttstock, Cheek piece, Chassis, Hydro dipping is a hydrographic printing process of applying patterns on to three dimensional products. Check your scope prior to sending it to us. (includes Tactical Buttstock, Cheek piece, Chassis, Scope – Large or complicated* – $125.00, Scope covers – $35 set  – Plastic or flexible types are not recommended and will not be warrantied, Scope Set (Standard Scope*, rings and base) – $130.00. After starring, you should notice the paint resting on top of the water in a pattern. . If it was just a gun barrel/receiver, I'd say a heat gun. Place your rifle under a shed to allow the paint to dry evenly by air. Instead, put it under a shed where it will dry gently for a couple of hours.


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