inglewood family bloods
SLOB kS.. BUSTA kS, I blank wit the Damu movement.

Centinela Park Family (Bloods) 3 Shares 210 Comments. ?

2 the bighoimek, A fam how do u thorw up ingelwood with yo hands ¿¿. f all nappsk,,30k40k60k90k100k111k ivck,rck,tck,…oh yeh I almost forgot u boo boo blank lucky charmsk,,lol all fam no frndz…, realer than most L.A. gang members…#1 crab k in the wood!

Dead Homies DVD, L.A. Street Life Vol. That’s all I know, keep shooting keep that check up. FAMM GANG 0R D0NT BxNG RESPEcKT DA cKHxIN BITcKH!!!! Yall quit dat shyt. FamiliesGangOrDon’tBang!! West Side (W/S) Inglewood Family Gangster Blood, Crip Killer, Rollin Sixties Crip / Rollin Ninties Crip Killer, Napp (derogatory term for "Neighborhood") Killer Blood. the big homies from ifg 77 came down and show me and the rest of my homies how to put in work .murder 1 is the first blood hood in oklahoma wit ties to california .

ker WS TEPA13 106 ST INGLEWOOD BANGING 18K LNXK, I dont like slobs guy this walnut blocc lynwood crip gang. IFGB IZ WHAT IT IZ IFGxCPF ………….. WS AVB IFG THO! whats next Inglewood hoova lol LMAO ? 52 hkoover and tramp bix ck tha fin world woop woop to all my B dawgz!!!! 10K9STRXco3gccK, FUnhcK naps uglys crispies slobk inglewood tongan crip cuhhss we active! In albany. I get money with gangsta.

started from the inglewood family gangster 77 . Nobody like a slob. the original sissy murder gang lmao!

It’s a lot of guys missing on that deceased list, 8 ball, baby KO, hugg, fat krab, just to name a few. ON some real ish,though……for those of us on the hood and ish,we need to quit bustin’ each other’s heads,and bust other guys heads….blood or crip. In 2015, Inglewood Monster, a rapper affiliated with the Inglewood Family Gang released a song titled “Suppose To Be Bloods” featuring June Dawg (of the Damu Ridas) with gang ties to the Denver Lane Bloods and Redrum 781 (Avenue Piru Gang) as well as G-Nutt (Brims). slob ain’t worth a quart of milk.

WORLD WIDE T’GANG GET ACTIVE!! We need to work on stopping these hispanic gangstas (like the Sur 13,for example) from taking us out. WEST UP BL80d. !you young brothas don’t ish about bangin’..just k your family and make money huh? young bruhs is soft homie!!! 98 MAIN ST MAFIA CRIP HK2.

The Inglewood Family Gang have several cliques such as 77th Street, Rollin’ 80s, 92nd Street, 94th Street and the Ransom Gang. this is your worst nightmare I’m a blood forreal. in North East Los Angeles, Lincoln Heights (LHTS) gang in Northeast Los Angeles, California, Lowell Street Locos | Northeast Los Angeles, Temple Street – 52nd Tokers – South Los Angeles, Varrio Junior Mafia (107th Street) in South Los Angeles, Clanton 14th Street – East Side – The Original Hood, Hickory Street Watts | Varrio Hickory Street, Varrio Junior Mafia – near Imperial Highway, Barrio Small Town – Long Beach, California, Mid City Stoners – Long Beach, California, 23rd Street Trefts – Long Beach, California, The City of Bell, California – Hispanic gangs, Hacienda Heights, California – Hispanic gangs, Santa Clarita, California – Hispanic gangs, Redondo Beach, California – Hispanic Gangs, Santa Fe Springs, California – Hispanic Gangs, Santa Monica, California – Hispanic Gangs, Varrio Choppers 12 Midnight – East LA / City of Commerce, Varrio Eastside King Kobras in East Los Angeles, West Rancho Dominguez (formerly Athens) -Unincorporated Los Angeles, Florence (Unincorporated Los Angeles County), Varrio Lennox (LNX) in Unincorporated Los Angeles County, Bell Gardens, California – Hispanic gangs, Canyon Country, California – Hispanic gangs, City of Commerce, California – Hispanic gangs, Choppers 12 in the City of Commerce (Bandini Side), City of Industry, California – Hispanic gangs, Hawaiian Gardens, California – Hispanic Gangs, Huntington Park, California – Hispanic street gangs, Freddie Fuiava’s opening brief, death penalty appeal, Freddy Fuiva’s Oct 31, 2011 supplemental brief, Monterey Park, California – Hispanic Gangs, Westmont (Unincorporated), South Los Angeles, 99 Evil Klan (EK) in Westmont (Unincorporated LA County), Night Crawlers (NC) in Westmont (South Los Angeles), South Side Locos in Westmont, South Los Angeles, Baldwin Park, California – Hispanic gangs, Street gangs in San Francisco, California, Eastside Four Deuce Gangster Crips (42 GC), Four Tray Gangster Crips (43 GC), Eastside LA, Grape Street Watts Crips – South Los Angeles | Jordan Downs | Baby Locos, Home Boys Crimino Gang in the West LA area, 65 Menlo Gangster Crips in South Los Angeles, Venice ShoreLine Crips in West Los Angeles in Oakwood Community, 46 Neighbor Hood Crips (46 NHC of South LA), NeighborHood Rollin 50s Crips, 55, 57 & 58 in South Los Angeles, California, 67 NeighborHood Crips in South Los Angeles, Rollin 30s Original Harlem Crips | OHC | Rollin 30s, Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips | RFCG | NH R. 40s Crips, Rollin 60s NeighborHood Crips in Los Angeles, California – Hyde Park area, Richard Lloyd “Boo Roc 2” Brewer Jr., RIP, Earl Dog, aka Lil Looney, aka Ripper, RIP, RIP Crafty 3, Antonio Riley ( – Aug. 27,2013), Shady Huc aka Hucc-A-Bucc 5, RIP ( – 2013), 90s Westcoast Crips in South Los Angeles, California, Crip gangs in the Mid City / Town of Los Angeles, Crip Gangs on the Westside of South Los Angeles, Crips gangs on Eastside of South Los Angeles, Crip Gangs in the West Los Angeles section of LA, Top Dolla Hustler Crip, 46 (TDHC) of South Los Angeles, Four Pacc Crips car alliance (42, 43 & 48), Original Westside Crips of South Los Angeles, 73 (Seven Tray) Gangster Crips (Eastside), The Original East Side Crips by Raymond Washington, Altadena Blocc Crip (ABC) in Altadena, California, Crip Gangs in West Athens, Unincorporated Los Angeles County, 111 Neighbor Hood Crips in South Los Angeles. WESTXSIDE The Chain Gang had been around long before the formation of the “Crips,” along with the LA Brims.Their Neighborhood stretches from Crenshaw Blvd to Van Ness Ave, around 77th Street to 94th Street. IFG k .. Ws legendz 92-doty guy !! crenshaw mafia gang B104dz.. Think about it,the more we k each other,the more hispanic gangs will laugh at us. BLOOD GANG R DONT BANG ILL DEAD FO THE SET. Connecticut homie, West Brakkink Fam Bam I’m OG Bl92dy Pxlx Frxm 92nd IFG I’m NK GA all Family’s get at me FSAP, I AM DOWN HERE IN WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA IS THERE ANY IF’s IN MY CITY GET @ ME OR HIT ME UP ON KIK @ SINISTADEMON THE IFG’z GO HARD. I dont like all slobs,y’all guy scary as I dont like33, f foos, yawl ain’t bloods, asking everyone for help, now yawl Inglewood foo swayhooks, 77 St Crenshaw is our blocc now .bk,borderrag is dead, chaingang rest in ish. the eses n familys runs the show on 104, TONGANZ IAM CUZ WE USE NO WEAPONS BUT ONLY THE ‘FIZZ’ CUZ SO STOP SHOOTING CUZ AND GET DOWN CUZ, CHKU ON NH6O’S YALL T’D FKUCC 18K N TRASHK CANS BKIGK 4^ NOTHIN blank NICCAS IFK BPSK 18K APGK MACGK TCGK. Fetti korleone IFG 77 blk luv to my Big homey hellraiza .

we have 3 genaration of mfg/murder1 family gangster 77 blk. They also share a close alliance with the Mad Swan Bloods, know as the Family Swan Bloods. For real though,open your damn eyes. Additionally, the Inglewood Family Gang are also cliqued up with the Family Swan Bloods and the Centinela Park Family Bloods. To murda1 and all of my hounds in tha ok. 77BLoCK INGLEW77D FAMILY GANG BL77D from Oklahoma Bity Napp Bashin to da grave shout out to da Big homie SIDEWALK B77ZY, f you krab blank sissy nappy head ericket, Already 5^ Popin 6 Dropping B Queen Hea Hit A Crip In The Lip & Watch That Blood Color Drip B’s Up C’s Down True Blood To The Death Of Me, Real Blxxds/Pirus Dx Nkxt Bang 5 & cKrabs DxnKt BanKg 6.

ckz Fz Up.!!!!! They used to rival the Eight Tray Gangster Crips as well as the 99 Mafia Crips, but are currently involved in an unofficial three-way truce to take on the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips and the Rollin 90s Neighborhood Crips.


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