innova halo leopard3
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The Leopard3 is a little more stable than the GStar Leopards out of the box as well.

The Leopard3 has a lower profile and is slightly faster than the traditional Leopard mold. My daughter(11) is just getting into disc golf and lovers her old, beat up DX Leopard. Would love to make the Leopard3 a part of my bag. One of them is super beat in and I like using it for rollers a lot. A go-to disc for some of the slower arm speeds, the Tern has a nice turn to get it flipped up and a ton of glide to carry it over on the line. I’m a big fan of Leopards and would love to try this one.

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I have tried a few champ/star leopards out in the past couple years and just as you stated they seemed to be more on the stable side out of the box very close to my teebirds. Anticipated the leopard 3 and would love to have one.

Use single quotes (') for phrases. Never tried a Leopard.

Would be great to have a chance to compare this Leopard3 with it!

© INFINITE DISCS 2012-2018. With a smooth throw the Leopard 3 will fly lazer straight. @disc_dye_guy. Love the leopard and a slightly less dome is nice, reminds me of CE.

The Leopard is my all-time favorite disc!

The Leopard was the first disc I ever bought.

Halo TL3 – The TL3 is a super, super straight fairway driver that has a ton of glide.

Free shipping . Would live that Leopard because my game needs it! The Innova Leopard3 is the faster less glidey version of the popular Innova Leopard. Got my first leopard 12 years ago. Haven’t tried any of the “3 top” discs from Innova yet, but if they’re flatter than the normal ones, I’d like them. I forgot to include my website on my initial post, I added that in this reply!

i started with a leopard and always have liked it, would love to give the leopard3 a try. looking for slight turnover tunnel shot discs. I play a few rounds whenever I get the chance (which isn’t as often as I would like). I would also show this disc off to my friends because it’s one of the sexiest discs I’ve ever seen. Love the “3 top” discs! Luster discs are only available for special tournaments.

I’ve been looking for something a little less stable than my usual forehand discs and this might fit into my bag. You mentioned it might fly like a FD for people in my power range.

Thanks for the giveaway.

Luster Champion discs feature a pearlescent glow and special shine that give the discs a distinct look and feel. I love my Leopards and I’m over eager to try this one out! Pretty shots! Halo Leopard3.

I would love to get this as it almost sounds like a nice season champion Leopard out of the box. Along with the new disc, players get a handful of other Innova items. Powered By: Linez Technologies, Recommended Skill Level: Beginner, Everyone, Plastic grade(s): Basic (Cheapest), Durable, Premium. I would love to win this disc to expand my arsenal, as I really believe it could help make a difference in my game!

im just now getting my drive figured out and it would be great to grab this disc and start to learn it too. I would estimate that nearly 8 out of 10 people tell me about how great the “Pre-Barry” leopards were back when they were being produced. It’s another great review from ATDG! Have hit few aces with my star plastsic.

Would love to have a chance to throw this disc. Berkeley Aquatic Park Stamp Innova Only (4) Box Set (2) Collectibles (30) Discmania (33) Discraft (76) Drivers by Innova Discs (369) Boss (5) Corvette (18) Destroyer (83) Eagle (1) Firebird (17) Firestorm (12) Halo Star Shryke (17) Halo Star Teebird3 (57) Halo Star Tern (27) Halo Star TL3 (27) Halo Star Wraith (37) Katana (2) Leopard3 … Barry Schultz Gets 20th Win of the Season .


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