iron county school board districts

We also need to have benefits that are on-par with the rest of the state. There was a 6% increase scheduled for education this year and it was cut to 2.5% — barely enough to cover cost of living increases. Jeff Corry: The heroic efforts of teachers, staff and administrators dating back to March is commendable.

Though everything often feels essential, especially when education in Utah is already on a very tight budget, you can always find ways to cut. Our next school board needs to open a thorough and candid dialogue with our current teachers and with teachers who left the profession early, to understand both the positive and negative dynamics of the teaching culture in Iron County.

I have a lot of experience in this area, and believe I could contribute effectively as an experienced board member. They’ve continued to adapt and respond to the difficulties caused by COVID as in-person classes have resumed. The previous request for a bond looked like a blank check and there was very little communication with the public. I taught for 43 years and know that collaboration, intervention, meetings etc. Cedar City News asked both candidates the following questions. Tiffiney Christiansen: We are in a teacher crisis in Utah. The current schedule is not practical. We already have a teacher shortage problem, and have an especially difficult time recruiting teachers for certain subjects. CEDAR CITY — Tiffiney Christiansen and Jeff Corry are seeking to replace Stephen Allen for the District 3 seat on the Iron County School District Board of Education. Transparency equals trust. That’s to be commended. It was turned into a racist issue by those who claim to oppose racism and who wanted to erase that Native American honor from our culture and tradition. If the state of emergency continues unchallenged by our state Legislature, I favor county school boards taking coordinated action to make their voices heard. I will strive to create a culture of respect, trust, high expectations and love.

I cannot end this answer without giving a special shout-out to our incredible teachers! I will not flip education back 20 years. Jeff and his family enjoy swimming, camping, sightseeing, reading, and taking pictures. Responses were provided via email and are included in their entirety. I am a working parent and I get it.

A bond is a good way to fund capital improvements. If we go back to a system where teachers no longer collaborate or have trainings during contract time, or students have to try to come before and after school for help (especially our New Harmony and Beryl students), we are in danger of taking Iron County schools backward.

Our taxpayers win because they aren’t paying more each year in order to make these improvements happen.

If the state of emergency continues unchallenged by our state Legislature, I favor county school boards taking coordinated action to make their voices heard. An ability to collaborate with others is hugely important in order for a board to be effective. The school board must regain the trust of the community. They are our innovators and are preparing our students to be the problem solvers of the future. Copyright St. George News, LLC, 2020, all rights reserved.

I would visit our various schools and teachers regularly throughout the year to ask questions and to show appreciation for their work. This issue motivated me to run for school board and I plan to invest in our teachers.

I will deal fairly in that area within the budget.

We won’t. And it’s something that takes time to educate the public about, so it needs to start now.

As a school board member, what would you do to help attract and retain high-quality teachers, and provide consistent support to personnel across the district, including educators, administrators, and support staff?


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