joan elan davis
Plus get exclusive members only sales, new product info and more! I left a lot of white space and continued to work it on the floor making some daring pours and hard marks a bit each day. © 2002-2020 Area of Design. promo codes are not combinable. We'll send you a promo code to apply to your order. Joan elan Davis showcases hundreds of works of art at the San Francisco Design Center and creates commissioned works for any space.

As far as creating art, the importance of line and color in my work is clearly stronger than solid forms or three dimensional images. © 2020 All rights reserved. Believe in the value of your work and don’t paint for what you think a gallery wants to show. This increased the popularity of framed Joan elan Davis art. JOAN ÉLAN DAVIS: This gifted artist has become a much sought-after talent after exhibiting successfully throughout the USA. She likes to study small objects that she finds or researches and she draws the curves, the cylindrical parts, the tendrils and the veins– all the small details. It had all these amazing colorful pieces that looked abstract to me but were clothing, clouds, purses and other things. I don’t use water with them. Joan is a New York-born Artist who has stashed the experiences of her many travels around the world into a huge collection of impressions and images that eagerly find their way onto her always-fascinating canvases. Email address is invalid. For 6 years, she worked as a docent at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art until finally she had to stop to give herself more time to paint.

Its almost a challenge to stop thinking about it and doing it. Joan Elan Davis. If you have a talent for realism take it a step farther and make it different. We'll send you a promo code to apply to your order.

Please enter a valid email address. 25. off our guaranteed lowest price. Email address is invalid. Become an member and enjoy. My father is a professional artist and writer and because of this I was exposed to museum quality art at an early age. Discount shown at checkout. AOD: JOAN ÉLAN DAVIS: I was born and raised in Long Island New York, in Huntington just outside of New York city. Take us through the process of one of your favorite paintings.

JOAN ÉLAN DAVIS: We joked around and made some silly “scenes”. AOD: There was a profound interest in painting and drawing in my immediate family.

There was a profound interest in painting and drawing in my immediate family.

How do you think your painting style developed? I try not to look at my drawings but ingest the rhythm of the lines created by the study of leaves, flora and foliage as well as the negative space between object. Don’t give up and take full advantage of opportunities to exhibit your work. Do most, if not all, of your artworks express your mood at the time of creation? I love water-based paints. The next day or so I began to draw some of the shapes of these pieces directly onto my canvas.

I am constantly looking at artists that are better than me to push my technique and my quality. I worked as a docent at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for six years until finally I had to stop to give myself more time to paint. I had played a puzzle game with a very little girl (a friends daughter) on the gym floor during one of my sons basketball games.


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