justice yes or no

Here, Justice is warning you of this very thing. When Justice is in the present position, it is a sign that you are at an impasse. As a person, Justice is also practical and cautious, but remains a romantic at heart. Maybe you prefer gardening. Additional instructions on the ballot made clear that "no judge listed is running against any other judge" and that voters were able to vote "yes" on both, "no" on both or "yes" on one and "no" on the other. At night you are shattered from all this rumination and finally as your head hit the pillow, your mind decides to chat, chat and more chat. I prefer to offer a YES here, because I like to think those who go forth with this life changing decision are ready and filled with love and hope in their heart. Justice is a reminder that work isn’t the most important thing in life. Justice is dealt to inform you that whatever the outcome, it will be fair and balanced. With such a big commitment, pregnancy is something not to be taken lightly. A probable YES. Balance and sound judgment are necessary now. If you feel as if you are being sabotaged or taken advantage of, Justice is a reminder to approach the situation calmly and with logic. All information provided by TrustedTarot.com is for entertainment purposes only. The Justice card appears in readings in the reversed position when there is an aspect of your spirit that is unwilling to seek out the meanings behind the events that take place in your life. History California.

Maybe it has been endured for too long and its about time the past was forgotten in favour of a much more blossoming future. All Rights Reserved.

Celebrating over 10 years online. What is in your hands, should be met with integrity. Set up a meeting with your supervisor and ask for fairer treatment. This card indicates that all events and all people are connected to each other. Tell the truth and face the consequences of your actions. Balancing your emotions will pay off and bring you harmony in relationships. When the Justice card shows up in reference to love there is a promise that one's needs will be met and if there are those that are behaving negatively or against the caliber of your relationship then they will be met by the sword of Justice. Now is the time to be decisive because the Justice causes you to be touched in the heart and in the spirit. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

For example, if you have been indulging in unhealthy habits like eating too much or drinking and doing drugs, the Justice card will come through and try to even the scale again and this can be manifested in the form of an illness, disease or sickness of the lungs and heart.

Important choices should be thought out with great care and integrity.


This means that you are not being wholly honest with yourself about the way that you are treating others or you are trying perhaps become successful by taking advantage. The justice card is reaping what is sown in life. Very often, when this card appears in the context of money, it can mean that there will be some surprise coming your way, usually a small one. Those who have hurt you will face justice, and you will emerge victorious with the respect and admiration of your community. So in searching unfairly, you will be reminded that you are, in essence, searching with an unpure heart. If you have been unfair, abusive, or otherwise shady and immoral in your dealings, though, pay heed. In pairings, Justice tones down the meaning of the other card and infuses responsibility and morality into the reading. The teacher will not give you any easy answers, but will allow you to learn the "thought" process to arrive at your own answers. When you have mental balance then you experience tranquility, you know the right way to behave. It can be quite daunting to think about where to start, so spend some time thinking of a few things you would like to start with. So go about your duties with kindness and harmony, and what you reap, you sow. Copyright ©2010 - 2020. The feelings are normally balanced about love - and they are wondering if the relationship is worth the “time taken” on their part. The Ten of Cups represents total emotional fulfillment. A reversed Justice card indicates dishonesty and an inability to take responsibility for one’s actions. If you have a secret desire or you no longer feel as strongly about them as you once did, it is imperative that you tell them now. The Justice Card’s sole interest is in perpetuating neutral grounds.

While this can be true, as Justice does symbolize in some forms the legal system or the fine-tuning of business; something else to consider is that the Justice card lays everything out for you exactly as you have prepared for it too. Justice is dealt to inform you that whatever the outcome, it will be fair and balanced. Good people will be rewarded for their hard work and sacrifices, while unkind ones will be punished.

As a footnote because I am an old fashioned romantic and believe in timing, you could end up meeting somebody special on the day. The Justice card represents judging a situation fairly. Take care of what you want most from these unions, and probably it will happen much sooner. As a symbol of balance, the Justice card is neutral. Also in combination with other cards represents fairness, integrity, legal disputes. Are you being fair to yourself?

Moving is such a huge task, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. On the other hand, if you are a lonely person, it is a time when you can get involved in a relationship soon.

You must close unfinished business. It’s almost as if your scale are completely out of whack and you are wondering why.

The scales represent balance and fairness, their gold coloring serving as a reminder that even the rich must abide by the law. If you have serious problems, speak to a professional. It is possible that your boss or coworkers are taking credit for your accomplishments, or that you are being overworked and underpaid.

You will get some gift or advice, or you will lose your debt. The Magician may represent an individual who is trying to sell you something or convince you to act outside of your moral boundaries. In a relationship reading, reversed Justice means that you are being dishonest with your partner about your true feelings. Will this happen soon?”. If advice is what you seek, it is to lay low and let the dust settle before making any huge decisions because they are likely to be misinterpreted if you go ahead with plans right now. The eleventh card in the Major Arcana, Justice (XI) is a tricky card to interpret, as its meaning is often dependent on your past behavior. You have been over-engaging in drugs, alcohol, or other compulsive behaviors. There is an overarching concern that it can indicate that there will be some kind of negative repercussions, or perhaps even legal issues in your future. In fortune telling, The 6 of Pentacles card can be a symbol of charity. Live virtuously and you will eventually achieve the results you desire.

This is also a good time to take care of financial affairs that involve the law such as writing a will, filing for child support, or going to small claims court. Any negativity that your current circumstances accrue is representative of the action of swiping the plate clean so as to bring your situation back to neutral. However, if you have not paid close attention to the legal side of your business venture, then you want to do so now. Drawn in the future position, Justice means that any past wrongs you have suffered will be righted. Whether through stealing, lying about your spending, or borrowing too much, you have been acting unethically with your money. Lots of money needs to be exchanged and other people are usually in some kind of chain also waiting for the ‘OK’ to pack and book a moving date. In neutral cases, it may simply be telling you to seek out balance in your life. Someone you trust is misleading you into making a poor decision. YES or NO. Justice: Yes or No Questions. Key Dates, Timing, and Astrology. Pending lawsuits Negotiations and lawsuits, judgments won, reward, marriage pleasures in family. The Heirophant might be saying to you that you are seeking a "dogma", a "decree" and there is none- because you are asking the wrong question or … The hidden meaning for Justice is karma. Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricornus Aquarius, Daily horoscope Tomorrow horoscope Weekly horoscope, Free Tarot Online Today tarot Tomorrow tarot Love Tarot Birthday horoscopes Zodiac Love Compatibility Signs of the zodiac Chinese horoscope. We are sorry that this wasn't fun for you! Therefore if you are concerned that your partner is cheating on you, Justice will bring this out in the open. If you have been stingy with your finances lately, find some room to lend money to a friend in need, or donate to a charity you believe in. Yes / No Key Interpretation. The Justice card depicts a woman in a red cloak with a crown on her head. The justice card is positive in regards to how someone feels about another. Act in haste, and love will be a waste. The most acclaimed illustrated palm reading guide. Margaret Stanton McBride, Yes or No. Knowing you should share your life with somebody equally as loving has led you to make some decisions, decisions without haste. If this is the case for you, then consider the fact that you may need to experience some level of injustice for things to right themselves again. More About Justice Learn More About All The Meanings Of Justice Tarot Card Upright Justice Meaning. Fortune telling meanings and interpretation for Justice in general, love, feelings, outcomes, future, positive and negative readings and as a yes or no.


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