leprechaun chronological order
When Cody is reluctant to part with the coin, the only thing that is keeping the Leprechaun from harming them, Bridget turns on the charm and kisses him, so Cody hands her the coin. Knocking Emily off the roof and leaving her barely holding on, the Leprechaun taunts her, but is shot several times in the middle of his speech by Rory, who had fixed his gun. Before he can cause any fatal harm, Scott immediately appears and a showdown commences between the two. After ramming the truck with his specially-made car, the Leprechaun terrorizes the gang until Ozzie reveals that he and Alex found the pot of gold.

What is the one true way to kill a leprechaun? The police arrive where Tory is reunited with her father as the police investigate the remains of the well, where the Leprechaun vows he will not rest until he recovers every last piece of his gold. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After shooting the Leprechaun several times, they try to leave the farmhouse when the truck breaks down, due to the Leprechaun biting all the cords. The Leprechaun appears and Morty challenges him to a drinking contest in honor of his wedding. Postmaster P. then distracts the Leprechaun, allowing the bullet-ridden Mac Daddy to hit the Leprechaun with a wooden chair. When he manages to fell the skeleton, he is encased in a tangle of tree roots. Cut to a dark stage with much fog and a silhouetted Postmaster P. rapping about how he's finally made it. After terrorizing and killing a policeman, the Leprechaun returns to the farmhouse, searching for his gold, while shining every shoe in the house. After burying the gold, Daniel discovers the leprechaun and tries to kill it by showing him a four-leaf clover, the Leprechaun's weakness. He is an extremely sadistic, aggressive, bloodthirsty and dangerous Leprechaun who appears to crave mischief, death, destruction, chaos and gold. Scott, now a tall Leprechaun, stands up from his stretcher, subdues the medical officials observing him, and starts wandering around the hospital sensing that his "brother" is somewhere in the building. In order to gain entry they dress in drag. Mitch hears the Leprechaun on the television, making odd remarks in different commercials, and looks up to see the woman is actually a robot, which electrocutes him. Scott and Tammy spot the Leprechaun beside Mitch's body asking for the coin to be given back to him. The first two films were theatrically released. The Leprechaun's main motivation is his gold. When the Leprechaun arrives, Rory shoots him several times with the clover bullets, only for his gun to jam before he can finish the Leprechaun off. Rory and Emily are given the chance to run with the gold when the Leprechaun is distracted by Jamie, who is quickly wounded with a baseball bat to the leg, and Esmeralda dies in a magical duel with the Leprechaun.

Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood begins with the Leprechaun stalking Father Jacob trying to get his gold back, only to be dragged into the ground by demonic hands when the priest uses four-leaf clover laced holy water against him before dying from a heart attack. Tory arrives at the nursing home, searching until she finds O'Grady, who is actually the Leprechaun, who chases Tory to the elevator. He is an extremely sadistic, aggressive, bloodthirsty and dangerous Leprechaun who appears to crave mischief, death, destruction, chaos and gold. The police soon arrive, find Bridget missing, Ian dead, and a note from Cody at the scene, leading them to get an arrest warrant out for him. Jacob manages to banish the Leprechaun, summoning demonic hands which drag him underground while throwing at him holy water laced with clovers, but soon after dies of injuries inflicted by the Leprechaun during the fight. He is also shown to be murderously greedy and materialistic, as he holds his gold above everything else and is ultimately what sparks his murderous rampages that have taken the lives of so many.

In her house, Lisa is attacked by the Leprechaun and manages to fight him off for a short while, but is killed when the Leprechaun claws her in the stomach, with her friends finding her body. The Leprechaun grabs his pot of gold and runs from it and hides in the basement, where Gupta traps him inside. After the Leprechaun appears and kills the two officers, Emily and Rory escape and regroup with Jamie, only to be confronted by a machine gun wielding group of Rory's drug-dealing rivals, led by Watson and Cedric. Find out in this episode of Dumb Ways to Die as Dimitri recounts the events of all six Leprechaun movies in chronological order and tries to explain every continuity mistake and inconsistency.. As an aside, we’re desperate for affection, so please consider liking us on Facebook by clicking here. Gupta cannot resist taking the medallion, so he removes it from the statue. Tory returns home, and automatically starts searching for a clover until she is chased by the Leprechaun, who almost kills her until she is saved by Nathan and Ozzie. Postmaster P. and Butch then visit the club in which the Leprechaun has taken up residence. into a trap by imitating a cat, biting and injuring his hand. Leprechaun Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Introduced as Tammy, Scott becomes immediately infatuated with her and takes her to a casino where she works. In the present, in the year 2000, Father Jacob, a local pastor in Los Angeles, California, is chased through the construction site of the youth center he had planned on building with the leprechaun's gold Jacob had taken to fund the building project. He brushes the old four-leaf clover off the crate, letting the Leprechaun break free. Nathan goes out to see what is outside when he is injured by a bear trap set up by the Leprechaun. Everyone (minus J.D.)

Believing the worst to be over, they try to head out to the hospital.

After ramming the truck with his specially-made car, the Leprechaun terrorizes the gang until Ozzie reveals that he and Alex found the pot of gold. Confronting O'Grady and demanding his gold the Leprechaun is injured by O'Grady and sealed in a crate with a four-leaf clover, though before O'Grady can kill the creature he suffers a stroke. During his stay at the casino, Scott begins to undergo Leprechaun-like tendencies (for instance, quoting random limericks in an Irish accent). Searching for Rory the Leprechaun stops by his house and kills Rory's profligate girlfriend Chanel by tearing out her jaw, reclaiming the gold she used to make a tooth while Rory and Emily are stopped and harassed by Officers Thompson and Whitaker. He is also shown to be rather perverted and provocative when it comes to women. Gloating over the victory, one of the marines, Kowalski, urinates on the Leprechaun's body. The Leprechaun disappears, setting Cody up to take the fall for the brutal murder. In 1995, at a Las Vegas pawn shop, a decrepit old man with one leg and hand shows up and pawns the shop owner Gupta with a statue wearing a medallion around its neck. Beginning with 1993's Leprechaun, the series centers on a malevolent and murderous leprechaun, who, when his gold is taken from him, resorts to any means necessary to reclaim it. Mittenhand (who has mutated into a spider-like creature and assumed the name "Mittenspider") tangles Sticks in a web. https://leprechuan.fandom.com/wiki/Leprechaun_Franchise?oldid=1177. However, during his magic performance, Leprechaun shows up, and attempts to saw him in half. Tory recovers the bag from the old well, and gives it to the Leprechaun.


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