longtail and mousefur

Longtail formed a close bond with his fellow elders, Mousefur and Purdy, but was killed by a falling tree.

Swiftpaw,[8] Ferncloud,[9] Sootfur[10]

He was saddened when Mousefur was killed by a Dark Forest tom and killed him in turn.

Names Bluestar's Prophecy, The Prophecies Begin, Tigerclaw's Fury, Firestar's Quest, Mothwing's Secret, The New Prophecy, Leafpool's Wish, Power of Three, The Fourth Apprentice, Fading Echoes, Field Guides Unknown[5] Official art Kin

Patchpelt Unknown[blog 1]

Longtail was a ThunderClan elder who lived under Firestar's leadership in the forest and lake territories and previously served as a warrior under Bluestar and Firestar. Dominokit dies from Deathberries and Cloverpaw is hit on the Thunderpath.

As a senior warrior, she received a second apprentice, Spiderpaw. Half-sisters: Mother:

Mousefur[1] Warrior:

Living "Y-yes" Mousefur …

This list shows the victims Longtail has killed: Warriors Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Longtail[2]

Thornclaw,[9] Spiderleg[10]

never had kits.

Current: Half-siblings:

She continued to fight for her Clan against Brokenstar, all the while training her first apprentice, Thornpaw.

Rabbitwing, Rosefeather, Dominokit, Cloverpaw, Leaffern, and Wrenshine. This section summarizes Longtail's significant Super Editions appearances. She has been mistakenly described as light brown. Warriors Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Half-brothers:

Apprentice: All Rights Reserved. He was born to Robinwing and Patchpelt and was later apprenticed to Darkstripe.

Mousefur was slain during the Great Battle and the whole Clan grieved her loss, and later gave Bramblestar a life for pride in ThunderClan.


Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? Elder: ThunderClan[2] LionClan[3] After his apprentice, Swiftpaw, was killed by Tigerstar's dogs, Longtail further turned his back on him.

Affiliations Alt.StarClan resident Names

She was born to One-eye and Halftail as Mousekit alongside her brother, Runningkit. Kit: Senior warrior: She cultivated a strong friendship with Longtail and Purdy.

Living Runningwind


Elder: Killed by a Dark Forest tom[5] As a young warrior, Mousefur participated in a Sunningrocks skirmish.

As an elder, Mousefur retained her sharp tongue. Mousefur[7] The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

Senior warrior: How long will the footprints on the moon last? Looking for a longer overview?

If you are 13 years old when were you born?


Book appearances When the battle is over, Longtail helps guide Mousefur into StarClan, along with the others that fell in the battle.

"Mousefur do you like me" Longtail asked seriously. Ravenpaw, Dustpelt, Swiftpaw Book appearances In the turmoil of the destruction of the forest, her temper shortened and her frustrations grew. Before he knew what it was he jumped down startling Mousefur.


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