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Zuko attempting to impress Mai with his doltish gift.

the Moon has been restored after he killed Tui, the enraged Ocean Spirit decides to avenge the death of its mate by obliterating the Fire Nation forces, culminating in Zhao being dragged into the Spirit World for eternity as punishment for his crime.

Mai a finalement révélé à Zuko l'implication d'Ukano dans la Confrérie de la Nouvelle Ozai et elle a été attristée de devoir le dénoncer, malgré sa duperie. [13], When a Fire Nation drill was heading toward Ba Sing Se, Mai expressed her boredom by twirling a shuriken around her fingers. Profession Votre accent est différent ? 85 85 19. In "The Deserter", Aang's taunts infuriate Zhao to the point he burns down his entire fleet in a blind rage. Azula interrompit leur moment, souhaitant parler seul avec Zuko.

Mai était un maître tireur d'élite, capable de frapper habilement des cibles à distance. Prononcez Avatar en Allemand, Vous pouvez l'améliorer ? The spelling and phonetics of the real world are irrelevant in a fictional world. She was recruited by Azula along with Ty Lee to capture the princess' brother and uncle, as well as the Avatar and his friends.[6]. Zuko attempted to explain himself, saying that it was necessary to save his country, but Mai did not agree with his intent, saying he was betraying it instead, and turned away from him as he tried to protest.

Zuko was annoyed that his father would invite Azula to the meeting as opposed to his true heir, despite the fact that Azula assured him that he was wanted there. Elle possédait une précision mortelle avec ces armes et les utilisait pour repousser ses adversaires, même si elle ou la cible bougeait, ce qui a également aidé contre les maîtres car ils avaient principalement besoin de leurs mains et de leurs bras pour utiliser leur maîtrise. Il a répondu en disant qu'elle n'a aucune passion pour quoi que ce soit et qu'elle est "un grand coup". She also berated him for leaving only a letter as a good-bye, rather than having the courage to break with her to her face. Pronunciation of Mai with 3 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning, 1 antonym, 14 translations, 37 sentences and more for Mai. Due à son éducation méticuleuse, Mai était constamment blasé. She and the other girls pressured Zuko, asking at whom he was angry. En considérant ses paroles, Mai a théorisé que Ty Lee avait besoin de "dix petits amis" car elle voulait compenser l'attention qui lui manquait dans son enfance. Quand il poussa Ruon-Jian à travers une pièce, brisant un vase, Mai le réprimanda pour "son impatience, sa tête chaude et sa colère". [8] Unwilling to hold a grudge, Mai happily reunited with Zuko after the Hundred Year War ended.[9].

Afterward, she returned to her aunt's flower shop with Tom-Tom and stared at a picture of her and Zuko.[25]. Avant l'arrestation d'Ukano pour son rôle dans de tels enlèvements, elle a juré qu'elle se souviendrait de son éventuelle bravoure. Her parents were strict and they constantly required her to stay silent and behave perfectly, which in later years led to her emotional distance. Angered that she was being kept out of the loop of everything, Mai broke up with Zuko, saying "You love your secrets more [than you love me]".[10]. Mai persuaded Jin to give it a try.

[23] When the two met unexpectedly, Mai was in her characteristically irritated demeanor, but she had clearly been deeply hurt, and argued with Zuko about his motives for leaving. Most of them serve as antagonists to Aang and his friends.

The power-hungry and glory-seeking Commander and later Admiral of the Fire Nation. Mai leaving her defeated father, taking Tom-Tom with her. Mai and Ty Lee were locked up at another prison, where they met the rest of the Kyoshi Warriors, until the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai during the coming of Sozin's Comet.

I know Luna isn't English, but it's not like the language of Avatar couldn't have evolved from something different in the past.

Though some are implied to still feel awkward around her, and Sokka isn't comfortable with the idea, Ty Lee surprises everyone, including herself, by blocking Azula's chi to save Mai.

Top 10 Reasons The Last Airbender Film Is Hated Subscribe: and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Once Katara mentions it the Gaang then start listing off possible bears she may mean such as "platypus bear" and "armadillo bear". Lorsque Kei Lo a établi que Mai était abattue depuis qu'elle avait rompu avec Zuko, il l'a conduite à une réunion de la Confrérie de la Nouvelle Ozai. Malgré sa nature stoïque, sa forte relation avec Zuko avait tendance à faire ressortir son côté plus passionné. By the time of Korra, no one even recognizes his name. Mai a été dévastée par le départ soudain de Zuko de la Nation du Feu et a donc ressenti un certain ressentiment envers lui, comme en témoigne son amère confrontation avec Zuko dans sa cellule de prison au Rocher Bouillant. Later, as Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee were leaving the city, Mai impassively confirmed that their mission was to "track down" the now-fugitive Zuko and Iroh, though she did smile at the thought of seeing Zuko again. Prononcez Avatar en Espagnol, Vous pouvez l'améliorer ? Votre accent est différent ? It's probably just a mistake, but "Mei" (sounds like "May") does mean "beautiful" and "younger sister" in Mandarin (depending on the tone used), so it could be retconned in as a complimentary nickname from Zuko, and a tease from Azula. B) There are only humans, regular animals (well, regular as the Avatar World sees it), and spirits (who are in another realm). "So this is how the great Commander Zhao acts in defeat? General Iroh demonstrates firebending form for Fire Prince Zuko / a duel between Zuko and Admiral Zhao.

Homme … Mai was born in the Fire Nation.

Zuko a dit qu'il aimerait bien qu'elle ne garde pas ses émotions emballées; Mai a expliqué à tout le monde que le contrôle de sa mère et la carrière politique de son père signifiaient qu'elle ne pouvait pas se démarquer comme elle le souhaitait en tant qu'enfant. [1], She encountered Azula once again and they engaged in a confrontation, during which Azula commented that Mai had practiced her skills. Cricket Leigh Naissance Ty Lee's usually all smiles, even as she's chi-blocking people. Hybrid animals are more common, yes, but that doesn't mean non-hybrids don't exist. Après avoir déplacé Zuko devant une fontaine et placé un poisson sur un stand de fruits de mer, elle avait déjà ciblé le poisson avec un glaçon. Mai knows, however, that you don't defy the princess — Azula could have easily killed Tom-Tom and engaged in. Mostly Avatar uses intuitive anglicized pronunciations for names. ", She has a quick one of these decisions at the very end of "The Boiling Rock," being caught in the middle of what would have been a fight between Azula (Lawful) and Mai (Good). Before leaving, however, Azula appointed Mai, in lieu of her father, to oversee a pre-arranged hostage trade: King Bumi for Tom-Tom, her baby brother, who wandered out of the city with a group of fleeing citizens and was subsequently assumed "kidnapped" by the resistance. Mai is the Cantonese pronunciation of 袂 meaning "sleeve of a robe", which is where Mai conceals her weapons. Après une pause mesurée, Mai a accepté et a déclaré l’accord rompu, entamant ainsi un combat entre les deux parties. Suki explains that she earned her way in by teaching them chi-blocking. Ty Lee angrily asked for Mai's story, saying that all she saw with Mai was a "dingy, pasty, gray" aura. She confronted Azula, declaring that her love for Zuko outweighed her fear of retaliation.


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