mccallum tv series cast

Can't find a movie or TV show? McCallum begins to crack up as the series continues on, and for good reason, he’s faced with a major life-changing vicissitude in nearly every episode. "Dead But Still Breathing", in which McCallum is tailed by an obsessed killer with an axe to grind against him, finds the protagonist being mysteriously poisoned, his adversary harassing him by phone and demanding that McCallum be lucidly aware of his own powerlessness against his own mortality. | Click here to login or here to sign up. Gerard Murphy Jack is quickly caught up in a complex web of powerful vested interests that stretches from his home town of Fitzroy to a remote village in the Philippines. Charley Fielding Released on Southern Lord to mark the US election, Dead End America spit fire in the direction of Donald Trump on Crush the Machine.

McCallum is a British television series that was produced by STV Productions (Scottish Television) and ran from 1995 to 1998.. Dr Iain McCallum was the original lead character, played by Scottish actor John Hannah.McCallum is a forensic pathologist working in the morgue of St. Patrick's Hospital in London's East End, who travels by Triumph Motorcycle, is generally charming and solves murders. Find TV listings for McCallum, cast information, episode guides and episode recaps. McCallum's PM on her suspect leads to complications in his personal and professions lives. At this point in the series almost everyone in the department has a reason to have a chip on his shoulder against Dr. Gallagher, and so it’s almost definitely foreshadowed that this brief revival might end on a note of unprecedented darkness, with a main character succumbing to a sinister, maddened urge. McCallum (John Hannah) is shocked by the unexplained death of his friend, Clare. Gritty and realistic, McCallum stars John Hannah as forensic pathologist Dr. Iain McCallum. Dr Edward "Fitz" Fitzgerald is a criminal psychologist. View production, box office, & company info, John Hannah defends nudity and sex in Spartacus.

The character had romantic involvements with two of the other principal characters, Joanna, and later Angela. Angela Moloney Thus McCallum is just as addictive as the popular forensic dramas in the US, the show just requires a bit more of the viewer’s attention... and patience... much like an actual autopsy. The discomfiting autopsy scenes don’t hurt either.

McCallum’s group of co-workers, the affable aging British metal head Bobby Sykes (Richard O’Callaghan), the perennial good-ole’ boy Fuzzy Brightons (the late James Saxon), head pathologist Sir Paddy Penfold (Richard Moore), and the obvious potential love interest Dr. Angela Maloney (Zara Turner), drink together, fall for one another, and dig through human viscera to catch the bad guys in a drama that is fundamentally human in the midst of the irresistibly larger-than-life murder mysteries. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. McCallum was a forensic pathologist who traveled by Triumph Motorcycle, and solved murders.


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