memo to the president essay

Letter to President Persuasive Essay . However, the National Security Act was placed in 1974 for America’s citizens to be protected from the people around us and from other countries that could pose a threat, briefs the President of the United States and other relevant White House officials (Office of the Director of National Intelligence 2015).

Don’t hold grudges.

In fact, your biggest communications problem as president-elect may be “high expectations.” You campaigned on a platform of change, and voters expect dramatic breakthroughs. Second, as modern societies including the militaries that mirror them have continued to evolve, they have become ever more dependent. Preventing the PCAOB from complying with its statutory mandate means that investors cannot have confidence in the financial reports of audited companies and creates significant risks to investors in the securities listed on United States stock exchanges.

Write an essay (introduction, main points/body, conclusion) of MORE THAN 1100 words; 2. Employ Technology as a Game-Changer: Consider transforming the executive branch through technology just as you transformed campaigning. According to Wadhia, (2015) “Prosecutorial discretion in immigration law refers to the decision the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)1 makes about whether to enforce the immigration law against a person or a group of persons.2 When an immigration officer from DHS chooses not to bring legally valid charges against a person because of the person's family ties in the United States or other equities, prosecutorial discretion is being exercised favorably, Privacy is a respectable notion that most of us ask for.

That approach has proved largely ineffective. NCAA waiver of initial academic eligibility requirements pursuant to NCAA bylaw 14.3, application instructions. Madam, the recent events that have brought our university within the media’s limelight may possibly give problems to the University, if no immediate action is taken. Franklin Roosevelt was an exception.

In other words,

You employed social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace to identify supporters and organize events. Preceding agencies

Without reversing any of your major pledges or sacrificing the vision and inspiration you bring to American politics, you need to lower expectations about how quickly you can turn things around.

Improving transparency will help reporters, watchdog groups and the general public keep track of where government money is going. Moreover, the enlarged Democratic majorities in the House and Senate give you and congressional leaders the flexibility to build broad coalitions in support of these measures. Madam, it is also bothersome that the coaching staff hid these from the school administration. The fact that five juniors, two sophomores, and five starters on defense have averages from 1.60 to 1.75 goes against the academic standards set my NCAA. The time has come to take firm action in an orderly fashion to put an end to the practice that has tacitly permitted companies with significant Chinese operations to flout protections United States law requires for investors in United States markets.

The above template will speed up memo writing time. His chances of success would be greatest, I wrote, if he stayed focused and recognized from the outset what could be realistically accomplished in four years.”, Read more of Darrell West’s update on his memo », To: President-elect Obama From: Darrell West, The Brookings InstitutionDate: November 7, 2008Re: Lead With Confidence.

Sec. You can either center it on this line or left-align it.

Formed (c)  Recommendations for additional actions the SEC or any other Federal agency or department should take as a means to protect investors in Chinese companies, or companies from other countries that do not comply with United States securities laws and investor protections, including initiating a notice of proposed rulemaking that would set new listing rules or governance safeguards. Get Your Custom Essay The essay is very brief in length but it does address many points that can be take farther. Article Summary according to The Chicago Manual of Style and NOT APA/MLA.

You hold strong majorities in the Senate and House, but you must make sure that your party’s control of the federal government does not encourage complacency within your administration. Label the page “MEMORANDUM” 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) from the top of the page. Note the body language of the two.


Purpose. on, A Memo to the President of the Big Private University. Today, trade and information flow instantly around the globe, and the United States has by far the world’s largest economy and unsurpassed worldwide influence.


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