miniature irish terrier

Other Irish Terrier owners take their dog to the groomers to have the coat clipped. Today it is widely known which dogs carried the disease and respectable breeders do not use those bloodlines any more. They're social dogs too, loving all the members of their human family, getting on well with children in the home. DogTime recommends this dog bed to give a good night’s sleep to your medium-sized Irish Terrier.

Rugged and stouthearted, he has the advantages of a convenient size. Apartment dwellers and those who must leave home for long hours of the day may have a hard time meeting the Irish Terrier’s physical needs. Breed isn't the only factor that goes into affection levels; dogs who were raised inside a home with people around feel more comfortable with humans and bond more easily. High-energy dogs are always ready and waiting for action. You may also want to ask if your shelter or rescue has information about the physical health of your potential pup's parents and other relatives. Its popularity increased only in the second half of the 19th century when this breed appeared at a dog show held in Glasgow by the name Irish Terrier for the first time. The ears are small and folded forward just above skull level. He's a fairly active dog so you want to make sure that you are attending to his exercise needs. The foreface must not fall away appreciably between or below the eyes; instead, the modeling should be delicate. A tenacious ratter, of course, but a dog with this much spirit and cleverness can’t be contained by a single job description. Condition him gradually, and wait until he's fully grown before you start jogging with him. More than their appearance, these canines were bred for their working skills and strong prey drive. The Irish Terrier was created to be a companion, guard dog, and hunter. As they are small dogs, the breed has a very low incidence of hip dysplasia. Here are some great treats for training your dog to get you started! Dogs come in all sizes, from the world's smallest pooch, the Chihuahua, to the towering Great Dane, how much space a dog takes up is a key factor in deciding if they're compatible with you and your living space. Socialization helps ensure that your Irish Terrier puppy grows up to be a well-rounded dog. His dense and wiry broken coat hugs the body and creates a tight, water-resistant jacket. If you intend showing your dog, the coat will need to be stripped a couple of times a year to maintain the texture and color.

Immediate veterinary intervention is required. He was a dog of the common, used as an all-around farm dog and hunter. You should also pick up this dog de-shedder for your high shedding pup!

Breeds that were originally used for bird hunting, on the other hand, generally won't chase, but you'll probably have a hard time getting their attention when there are birds flying by. Trim his nails once or twice a month, as needed. The hopelessly ill can pull it off and live much longer than the healthy one. For a pet, this should be done at least twice a year. Coat should be quite dense and so that "when parted with the fingers the skin is hardly visible".[4]. The obedience training required at a certain level in most dog sports is fairly easy, though the precision and long-lasting drive needed in the higher levels may be hard to achieve. Failing this, they require walking—always on a leash—several times a day to maintain mental and physical fitness. Even though these are purebred dogs, some may still end up in the care of shelters or rescues. The expense is well worth it, though, admirers say.

However, shedding does vary greatly among the breeds. He emerged as a recognized breed in 1875 or thereabouts, at a dog show in Glasgow, Scotland, of all places. Irish terriers have less of an eagerness to please people than some other breeds but have mental ability and enjoy puzzle solving. Keeping the skin above the stripped section taut with the other hand helps especially where the skin is looser, i.e.

The Irish Terrier has a longer body and longer legs than the other terrier breeds.

Note: While the characteristics mentioned here may frequently represent this breed, dogs are individuals whose personalities and appearances will vary. Never cut the coat – use your fingers or a non-cutting knife. Irish Terriers are wonderful watchdogs, barking to warn their owners of anything new.

He's not a true running breed, but he's a good companion for joggers who go at an easy to moderate pace. He has a sturdy body with a dense, wiry coat which most people prefer to have stripped. Take him for a walk every day, and if you've got a good sized garden, throw a ball for him. monitoring_string = "c1299fe10ba49eb54f197dd4f735fcdc".

Nobody is too sure of the Irish Terrier's history but it is one of the oldest terrier breeds. There are however some common dog problems that you want to be aware of such as cataracts of the eye and hypothyroidism. Sturdy and strong in substance, the Irish Terrier is also active and lithe in movement. Neck-Should be of fair length and gradually widening toward the shoulders; well and proudly carried, and free from throatiness.

Younger generations are closer to the ideal, but there is a downside to this: when an Irish Terrier is very small and light-boned, it loses the correct racy type. Large dog breeds might seem overpowering and intimidating, but some of them are incredibly sweet! That's balanced by a reckless spirit that can be blind to consequences, so it can be necessary to protect him from his sometimes intemperate desire to guard his loved ones.


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