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What was unique about Pluto was his facial expressions, so if you’re planning on naming a particularly expressive frog, Plutoad is an option.

Weird things about the name Frog: The name spelled backwards is Gorf. Fargo Phraugh, Fatso, Fatty, Fatter Frog, Fatty Arbuckles, Fearless Freddy, Felix, Fern, Fergie, Fido Plankton, Fiddles, Fillmore, Filbert, Fen-Fen, Ferdinand, Fibi, Fidel or Fidel Castro (Cuban), Figaro, Fire, Flashy, Flabbergaster, Flatter Frog, Flibbit, Flip Flop Hip Hop, Floatie, Flubber, Fly, Flying Monky, Francis (aka - Frannie, or Fat frannie), Freak, Freaky Frog, Fred, Fred Baby, Fred Da Frog, Freddy the Frog, Freddo, Fretta, Frogaincia, Frogen Das, As a result, we have the name Lollihops – it works well for frogs or any animal that hops from one place to the other.

Lady Michigian, Lazypea, Leaper, Leapy, Leaping Lucy, Leaping Frogger, Leafy, Legs, Leo, Leroy, Lilybet, Lily-Pad, Little Bit, Little Guy, Long Legs, Long John Silver, Louie Louie, Lucky, Lumpy, Lyra. Gamabunta: This is the name of a giant frog that helped Naruto fight another character called Pain. Paku-Paku: Considering the common name for this frog species is derived from the popular videogame series, Pacman, it makes sense to give a frog a name that’s related to the game. If you are struggling to find the perfect name for your frog, go over our list of cute and funny names for frogs to make your decision. The Spruce Pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Pacman got its name from the onomatopoeic Japanese word, paku-paku. Plutoad: This name is a play on the name Pluto and the word toad. So, we figured that it would be funny to make a pun out of the word lollipop. Here’s a list of some excellent pet frog names that you can opt for for your frog. Tad and Pole The name Gamabunta works well for a giant frog. African Dwarf Frog Names If you have an African Dwarf frog, here are some names … Think about a name that you will like for dozens of years. The great thing about frog names is that you can think of various puns to make the names entertaining.

It’s the name of a character from the sitcom Futurama. ), Cups(treefrog), Curmet, Curtians.

D Xarcus, Xena, Xena-warrior frog, Xorcon. When thinking about a name for a pet, most owners think about its looks and its characteristics. The Japanese manga series, Naruto, features several different toads throughout the show. Karma , Keret(girl frog), Kermi, Kermit, Kerroppi, Kermit Klein, Ketchup (Tomato frog), Kilroy, King, Kirby, Kieko, Klack, Kokomo Joe, Krebbit, Kroppy. It’s not easy to determine which frog names are the best. Or, perhaps you fondly remember a frog from your childhood. Gamakichi, Garfield, Gadzookie, Gherkin, GF Legs (great frog legs), Glossy, Goble, Godzilla, Golem, Goliath, Gomez, Goober, Gooey, Gordo, Gorf (Frog spelled backwards! Sparkle and Glitz Some gather inspiration from songs like Three Dog Night's "Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog" or characters like Kermit from "The Muppets." Smiley & Grinner Learn more. Here’s a list of some more famous fictional frog names. Frogs are green, and in some universe, they could possibly be superheroes too. Gin and Tonic Here’s a comprehensive list of funny frog names. (The Frog), Tater, tammy tomato (Tomato frog), Tamoto (Tomato frog), Tapioca, Tex(Texas Speckled Toad), Tiggle, Tiny Tim, Thor, Tibbir(Ribbit spelled backwards! Giving an animal a funny name is a great way to enhance the mood because everyone will end up laughing when you say the funny name out loud. Here’s a list of female frog names that you can use for your pet frog. Trevor was given to Neville as a gift from his great uncle Algie.

Y Echo, Einstien, Edgar Frog Burrows, Eden, Eddk, Evita (for an Argentinian horned frog).

C This is a list of names that other kids have named their pet frogs!

Kermit was a funny character and a host of The Muppet Show. Polly and Wog Icky and Sticky Here are some more cute names for frogs that you can use. Van and Halen Well, now you have Gwen Stefroggy. Claw: The African Albino Clawed Frog is white in color and is the only frog that has claws on its feet. ), Tommy, Tommy Boy, Tommy the toad, Thomasina Toad (when we found out Tommy was a girl), Tooth, Tricky, Trixie, Tubby, Tuesday, Tuffy, Twiggy, Twister, Twizzler.

C.J., Callisto, Candy, Casper, Caffiene (for hyper or nervous frogs), Castro (Cuban Tree Frog),Carmine, Catoddus, Capone, Chandler, Chica (My sweet one), Chicken Little, Chops, Chubby, Chubber Flubber, Chubbs, Chubella, Chuck, Chunk, Chunko, Chunky Monkey, Chutney, Chug-A-Room, Claude (Clawed), Claude the Claustrophobic Aquatic Dart, Claw, Clawde, Clawdius, Clawdya, Clawed, Cling, Cloie, Copper, Conan, Conno, Cool Frog, Cooley, Cosmo, Cozmo, Cricket, Cricket Juice, Croaker, Crunchy (from the Monty Python Cruncy Frog sketch. Salacious Krum, Santoes, Satchmo (a fat frog), Scientist, Schnozzle, Se�or Frog, Se�or Speedy, Shamrock, Shirly, Shorty, Shoe, Sir Croaks alot, Skippy, Skippydippy, Skittles, Slappy, Slimer, Slimmy, Slinky, Slippy, Slick, Slub (After that little tiny bit of tail that's left), Sluggs, Sluggo, Soupy, Frie, Smeagol, Smerft, Smiles, Smiley, Smittey, Smoart, Smoochy, Smudge, Snow, Snowball, Snowflake, Snoop Froggy Frog, Solstice, Speckles, Speedy, Speedy Ginzales, Splat, Splash, Spot, Spock, Spotty, Springer, Sprite, Sprocket, Sprog, Sproing, Spud (a fat frog), Squiggy, Squirt, Sticky, Stinky, Stomper, Stone Cold, Stoney, Stubby, Stumper, Stupid, Squishy, Strawberry, Sunset, Sun-Dried(Tomato frog), Squee, Squeeky, Squirmy, Swampy, Syxx.

Several species of frogs and toads make good pets and they come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Hip hop works perfectly with frogs because they hop and don’t walk. Trevor: This is the name of the pet frog from the fantasy novel series, Harry Potter. Costa and Rica However, we’ve compiled a few names: Kermit: Many children were familiar with Kermit the frog when they were growing up.

Ribbit: If you’ve ever heard a frog croaking, you know the sound it makes. Madalynn, Mancha (means "spot" in Spanish), Man-o-War, Mantis, Marian sarian, Marina (marine toad), Marie (marine toad), Mark McGwire, Max, Maxster, Maxie, Mellow Yellow, Mermi, Merlin, Micki (Michigan J. Frog), Midget, Midnight, Miss Piggy, Mr.Croak, Mr. Frog, Mr. Fribble, Mr. So, we figured that the name Ribbit would be an appropriate name for a frog. ), Nosey, Nozy. Take a look at some other chuckle-worthy selections. H Prince Naveen was featured in the 2009 film The Princess and the Frog. Apple and Banana Froggy and Boggy So, here are a few names of toads in the show that you can use as a name for a frog.

Smoochie and Smoochette Here are some more toad names from Naruto: Here are some creative, unique names for a Yellow frog.

Da'Bomb, Dapylil (Lilipad spelled backwards!

Unique Frog and Toad Names .

Lily: Many frogs tend to sit on lily pads that float in the water. Therefore, the name Claw is apt for an albino frog. Hip and Hop Caster and Polex (from the gemini constellation)

If you want to share a good chuckle with your friends, giving a frog this name is not a bad idea at all. Hump and Bump Salt and Peppa. Giving an animal a name is an excellent way to show respect and identity.

Hi, I am Elise McDonald, a wildlife blogger, and author. Skinny, Mr. Speckles and Spot

T Hypnotoad: The name Hypnotoad is a hilarious play on the words hypnotize and toad. Here’s the name of a famous fictional frog that you might spark your interest. ), Daphne (the greek godess of hunting), Darty, Darwin, Dennis Hopper, Dennis the Menace, Dirty Little Lips (from a Frank Zappa song Frogs with dirty little lips. What ls the Difference Between Frogs and Toads? You are a unique individual.

Determining the sex of your frog or toad can be confusing; if your frog continuously tries to climb on the backs of other frogs, it is likely male. Cookies-n-Cream Mob and Bob

Here’s a comprehensive list of girl frog names. Mail me. Pleiades and Orion (after the constellations) Ann and Phibian Checkers and Speck How unique is the name Frog? These suggestions have been sent in by Frogland visitors (like you)! This word means to gobble something up – which is what Pacman does. X inky binky and bonky Hide & Seek Jim Henson played him, and he was used as the logo for The Jim Henson Company. Yoda is a Jedi Master who, despite his small size, is one of the most potent fighters that have ever existed in the Galaxy Far Far Away.

Shark and Shriek Also, remember when you go to the vet, they might need to call out your pet's name, so you might want to pick something that you're comfortable uttering in public.

), Yippee-Skippy, Yoshi.

Peanut butter & Jelly Double Trouble The official name of this genus of frogs is ceratophrys, but they were given the name Pacman because of their resemblance to the characters from the popular game, Pacman. Shadow and Shade Heck, Herbert, Herby, Hercules, Hector, Hippyfrog, The Hobbit, Hopkins, Hopper, Hoppy, Hoppity, Hoppity-Hop, Hopscotch, Hopps-alot, Hopson, Horus, Hot-Toad (for a fire-bellied toad), Hugo-A-Go-Go, Hype. Take a look at 100 names for frogs—male and female names, funny choices, and fictional frogs and toads—to get some ideas for naming your coldblooded friend. Froggy Names! Hoppy, Jumpy, Skippy, & Loopy

Trog and Froad


Angus and Agnus Jumpy and Bumpy T.F. Pickle: A lot of frogs are green in color. Just like the names Swamp and Lily Pad reflect the animal's natural habitat, the name Goliath refers to a particular type of bullfrog.

This dog first appeared in 1930 and has become a pop culture icon ever since.


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