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September 4 Convenes agents for appointing a court to hear South Carolina-Georgia boundary dispute.

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Despite the resolution to help Massachusetts, the lack of federal money still weighed heavily on the Federal Government. The October military measures passed by Congress decidedly increased the military fed­eral forces for the purpose of “Indian defense”. The present mode of appropriating the import and excise. Then became the father of nine children. August 16-23 Debates John Jay’s instructions for negotiating Spanish treaty. To understand the seriousness of post war finances, let us take a paragraph or two and examine the facts behind the public debt of Massachusetts. The probability of those men combining themselves into an armed body for the purpose of executing their designs. Voted, that Mr. Caleb Weft be desired to transmit a copy of the proceeding of this convention to the convention of the county of Worcester.

This would give protection to the Magazines during the ensuing win­ter and if they should not be requisite for the same purpose the next spring, they might be marched to the frontiers, or disbanded, as Congress should think most proper. June 30 Responds to Virginia appeal for protection against western Indians. 25. By 1786, under Nathaniel Gorham’s presidency, the people’s private debt of Massachusetts amounted to over 1.3 million pounds plus 250,000 pounds owed to the officers and soldiers of their State’s militia.

He was the son of a small boat operator growing-up in a family of modest means.

GORHAM, Nathaniel, 1738-1796 (Biographical Directory of the US Congress) Nathaniel Gorham (National Archives -- The Founding Fathers) Nathaniel Gorham (Soldier-Statesmen of the Constitution -- Center of Military History, United States Army) Nathaniel Gorham (Colonial Hall) I therefore conceived, it would be proper, previous to my taking a measure that would hazard the government, to communicate fully with Governor Bowdoin on the subject, so that if necessary, he might obtain Legislative authority to raise a consider­able body of men for the protection of the stores and to curb the insurgents.

September 11 Receives South Carolina appeal for congressional intervention in hearing boundary dispute with Georgia. The Journals of the United States in Congress Assembled reported on June 6th: “Present, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia; and from New Hampshire, Mr. [Pierse] Long, and from Delaware, Mr. [William] Peery. Time flies over us, but leaves it shadow behind. Unless the States make great exertion the very appearance of the federal Government must cease; the civil list being without their pay for almost two quarters. August 28 Debates John Jay’s negotiating instructions. Enclosed is the report of the Treasury Board on the subjects of the Mint. Deficiency in the funding of the Federal government continued to plague the United States and the Presidency. After receiving a public school education, Gorham worked in various small businesses in his birth­place of Charlestown.

To sum it up, 1786 would end with the Federal government financially insolvent, the leading revolutionary state of Massachusetts in rebellion, the Ordinance of 1784 still on the shelf and no President to direct the affairs of State.

The General Court sitting in the town of Boston.

He was the husband of Rebecca Call. Due to a depleted treasury and a host of other unpaid claims this debt remained unpaid until the 19th Century. In 1775 the Massachusetts Colonial debt amounted to approximately 100,000 pounds for 240,000 people who rebelled over the “high” British taxes levied to pay off the French and Indian war obligations. The unsettled economic conditions were manifested in the people’s distrust of socially prominent politicians. Relationships Nowadays Writing Happiness

The officers of government not being annually dependant on the representative of the people, in General Court assembled, for their salaries. Monroe”. Nathaniel Gorham, in 1786, was considered by many delegates an esteemed veteran of the United States in Congress Assembled serving 1782, 1783, and now in 1786. In New York that same fall, President Gorham’s September Congress selected judges for hearing on yet another State boundary dispute. 3. May 22-25 Debates Connecticut cession. August 9 Appeals to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia for land cessions.

Many Colonial merchants and manufacturers skirted these laws and future President Gorham’s business was no exception to circumventing these British Laws. Voted, that it be recommended by this convention to the several towns in this coun try, that they petition the Governor to call the General Court immediately together, in order that the other grievances complained of, may by legislature, be redressed.


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